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Heard it before, same shit different year!

The Scotsman, or the Hootsman as otherwise known, goes with a headline today from David Davis MP, Brexit Minister, saying that significant new powers will come to the Scottish Parliament after negotiation with Westminster. We have been down this road … Continue reading


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A report today in Welfare Weekly found that 4 million people in the UK are classed as in food insecurity.  1 in 4 poor households regularly go without food and struggle to have even basic nutrition. 17% of adults surveyed … Continue reading

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The Governor General Lays it out for us dafties

David Mundell MP, Governor General of Scotland and the only Tory MP in Scotland, yesterday started his own diplomatic relations with Scotland.  We know where we Stand now, under the jackboots of a Tory Government we did not elect, a … Continue reading

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Hypocrites and Liars

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, the Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats voted against an ammended to give EU Nationals and 16 and 17 year olds a vote in any future Scottish Independence Referendum.  Changed days from … Continue reading

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Sit Down and Shut Up

Today Ruth Davidson, more unpopular than even Margaret Thatcher, and Manager of the Branch Office of the Conservative and Yoonionist Party in Scotland told Nicola Sturgeon to sit down during a debate today. Ruth Davidsons attitude totally smacked of the … Continue reading

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Zipped up the back

Theresa May is to offer Scotland some new powers.  According to the Business Times Theresa May will offer guarantees over EU nationals for example, but wait for it, these new powers that will head off another referendum will be only … Continue reading

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Something Different: The World Cup

Scotland play Slovenia on Sunday night in what has been dubbed a must win game. The current group position makes for very grim reading that I actually don’t think it matters either way.  While there may well be six games … Continue reading

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What England wants England Gets

We have heard a lot this week about the EU Referendum being a UK wide vote wither Scotland likes it or not, Scotland just has to accept that decision and accept it is coming out of the EU. That is … Continue reading

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Blast From The Past or Is it?

I was having a wee skiffy through Wings articles and revisited one from 2014 that made me chuckle and got me thinking about the debate in Holyrood about another Scottish Referendum on Independence the last two days.  Here are a … Continue reading

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I have been blogging for a few years now and I must admit I still enjoy it. I have learned and tried to inform  in my own small way. This blog has always been about expressing an opinion on a … Continue reading

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