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Scotland’s Shame

Alex Salmond today finds himself having to consider legal action yet again in relation to the sexual misconduct allegations that he was found innocent of on every account by a Jury of his peers in the highest Court in the … Continue reading

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The Cryo Chamber has been Opened

The Union isn’t under threat, there is no referendum on the horizon, YES isn’t ahead in the polls so I was somewhat surprised when I read the article by Tom Gordon about the latest thoughts of Gordon Brown who has … Continue reading

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Kevin McKenna is 100% Spot On

Kevin McKenna writing in the Herald has encapsulated everything that new media bloggers have been going on about for months, and been called liars, unionists, Sturgeon haters, the list goes on. Read Kevin’s article and find anything to disagree with. … Continue reading


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He’s At It Again, Pontificate Ian

So I had to reply

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The Green Illusion

Governments won’t stop drilling for oil, companies won’t stop needing oil, people won’t stop buying things made from oil, that is the fact of the matter and when people are saying different they are promulgating¬† a Green Illusion end of … Continue reading

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When I saw this headline today it reminded of what I had heard earlier in the day regarding my little bit of Dundee, Dundee West. Nearly half of families with children in Dundee West will be hit by planned cuts … Continue reading

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Unite – The Right Result

I am a member of the Unite Trade Union and recently voted in the leadership contest for who would replace Len McCluskey, I voted for Sharon Graham after emailing her about her views on Scottish Independence, funding to the Labour … Continue reading

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Moderation Again

As you know I had to bring in moderation to comments on the blog a couple of months ago and have been looking at this since then. Due to also starting to get busier in my work/home life I am … Continue reading

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Firing the starting pistol

David Green, CEO of Civitas, a right wing think tank, linked to Michael Gove and whose mission is opposition to green regulations, to legislation designed to reduce climate change, and to greater reliance on renewable energy, all under the disguise … Continue reading

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Here’s an Idea

The rise in Covid – 19 cases, and the potential of restrictions being reimposed, should make us all take stock today. A third of cases are in young people so hopefully more young people out there will have a serious … Continue reading

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