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The Welfare Cap, my opinion for what it’s worth.

As many of you will have picked up, not from the mainstream media of course, but from blogs and serious news sites like MPs in Westminster voted to cap social security other than pensions and unemployment benefit. Only 22 … Continue reading


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That Bloody Woman

As everyone knows I am not a fan of Johann Lamont in any way, shape or form. I find her to be a vacuous and nasty piece of work more interested in her career and her broken political party / … Continue reading

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No will mean NO additional powers that mean anything.

What a title but I suspect true. There has been much debate the last couple of days around Gordon Brown and Ming Campbell’s intervention to the constitutional arguments of Scotland. But before I go on, the Scotland Act 2012 will … Continue reading

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A Nuclear Submarine and £120 Million Pounds

HMS Vanguard is to be refueled with a new nuclear core at a cost of £120m. This was reported on the BBC last week and confirmed by the Defence Secretary. There is no way that this can be justified in … Continue reading

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Fear, Fear, Fear and oh more Fear

I have been bored with the FEAR for a long time now and it’s going to get worse over the next six months to the extent that Scotland might just be returning to the dark ages sometimes soon. If you … Continue reading

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There are a few blogs discussing this today following the revelations that 47% of children in Glasgow live in poverty. One of the best blogs to check out is . Poverty is wrong, especially in a world as wealthy … Continue reading

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