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Do we need a Labour Party?

I have been disgusted by the events taking place within the Labour Party over the last week and the on-going attempt by many within the Labour Party PLP to remove Jeremy Corbyn as the democratically elected leader of the Labour … Continue reading

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It’s not as simple as Ignorance and Racism

There have been a lot of things said about leave voters in the North of England, but also all over the UK, who voted to leave the EU last Thursday. But it is not as simple as just saying that … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Leave Voters

I’ve been reading many comments on Facebook, Social Media and watching the news etc as many of us have since the historical vote to leave the European Union. I feel that a lot of people, from those voting remain, the … Continue reading

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When the Time Comes

I’ll be voting YES again.

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Decision Time and I’m Leaning Leave

There is only one day to go in the EU Referendum, both campaigns have been woeful . We have not had one version of Project Fear, we have had two, and politicians from all parties are equally guilty of this. … Continue reading

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When You Have Nothing, You Have Nothing to Lose

Many of us have come to accept that the EU Referendum is about England, its England’s Referendum in virtually every way but I have started to think that it is not about the EU in most ways at all. I … Continue reading

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Why I’m Still Yes

It’s nearly two years since 55% of voters in Scotland decided to vote no to Scottish Independence. It remains one of the most disappointing days of my life, a wound that will only be healed by a yes vote in … Continue reading

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Duran Duran

A wee break from politics for this post and one that most of you will have little or no interest in but here goes anyway. One of my favorite bands of all time are Duran Duran, I have all of … Continue reading

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If it’s a leave Vote, the Politicians are to blame not you or me.

If in two weeks’ time the United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU, which is looking increasingly likely each day, then the politicians only have themselves to blame. The UK has always been Eurosceptic, even Winston Churchill while supporting … Continue reading

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It’s a Question of Trust

I was listening to the news this morning and a reporter noted to an interviewee that voters don’t seem to trust politicians anymore. I thought to myself, DUH, obviously you plank (not nice I know) but I give up with … Continue reading

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