Project Fear: The Lies and The Smell of Panic. 

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag of news this weekend. First we saw the promised investment on the Clyde by BAE Systems, the investment promised that would protect jobs, be downgraded to a sticking plaster. 

The Sunday Herald are reporting that London has shelved any plans for a Scottish Six News Programme. Scotland the only country in the world that can’t produce its own hour long news programme from a Scottish perspective. 

The Sunday Times Scotland edition are informing us that we are the new Greece, again. If only, sun, warmth and little rain, I wish. 

I found the National Headline interesting and I  hope it comes to pass. 

Of course there is no way that Westminster and the Governor General Mundell will ever allow any deal between Scotland and the EU come to pass. It would result in the financial sector moving north, or might do, and Scotland doing well is not part of the plan is it. 

Project Fear Part 4 Million is well and truly up and running. We need to get moving ourselves now, YES will need to get moving soon , I will need to get more active soon. This is bigger than any political party it’s hope vs fear and hope must prevail this time. 

The yoons are starting to panic now, they have banged on about another referendum since they won the first one, let’s make sure they don’t win the second one and let’s see their real panic when it’s actually called. 

Something Different: Sc-Fi Movies

Last weekend I had a wee look at some of the Sci-Fi TV shows I liked so thought this weekend I would look at some of the Sci-Fi Movies I have liked over the years. In no real particular order.

The Black Hole


The first real sci-fi movie I got into and for a Disney movie it had a dark side, although I didn’t really understand that at the time. Basically a group of astronauts returning home to Earth after a long mission find a missing spacecraft orbiting a black hole. The ship is controlled by a scientist and a brutal robot who have lobotomised all of the crew and turned them into a mindless crew. The story becomes a battle for survival with a funny robot. Overall a decent sci-fi movie and often forgotten.

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back


Most sci-fi fans will like or love Star Wars. I am a fan of the first 3 but my favourite is Empire Strikes Back. Again a darker film with a more developed story and I think the best of all of the Star Wars films overall. The prequels weren’t that great, would have been better without a lot of the poor acting, esp from Hayden Christenson (Darth Vader), and a love story that made little sense. The Force Awakens I thought was ok but not great. Haven’t seen Rouge One yet.

The Thing


A remake of The Thing from Another World by John Carpenter and it was a really good film with fantastic special effects for it’s time. Kurt Russell is really good. The film is about an organism that infects humans and changes them into other things, horrid things and if it got out into the world would destroy it in a matter of weeks. Good film.

They Live


Aliens disguised as humans slowly taking over the world. You can only see the aliens with specials sunglasses. More a tongue in cheek movie and screaming out for a remake but overall I enjoyed this a great deal and another John Carpenter film.



The sequel to Alien and a more action packed movie than the first one and one that I enjoyed more due to that. Aliens 3 and 4 were poor but Aliens was and is a classic in the modern sense and I continue to enjoy it today. Ripley goes back to the planet in the original after finding out that it has been colonised and has lost contact with Earth. Possibly the scariest monster in any sci-fi movie even now. It’s a pretty scary movie in some ways.



Cheese fest in the extreme but a classic all the same. I didn’t see it when it first came out but a brilliant film all the same. Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando, two of the best actors ever. The special effects weren’t great and the story silly but just a lot of fun overall. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sequels at all and the remakes have been ok but you can’t really see past the original.

Star Trek


When I heard this was going to be rebooted I thought how are they going to pull it off and have it make sense to the original but they did. The story was very strong and tied in with the original really well, Simon Pegg is brilliant in it and the special effects are brilliant. The actors pulled it off really well and in some ways better.



Love this film and the sequel was also very good. It’s just silly enough and Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray steal the show. I haven’t seen the reboot, and don’t really want to at all, but when this is on I can watch every time.

I am going to finish my list with this one:

Star Trek The Motion Picture


I appreciate this wouldn’t be on many people’s list, I appreciate that it doesn’t have the strongest story but it was epic. For me this was more epic than Star Wars, it has a lot of faults but when you see the ship, the characters slowly coming together it was big. I have watched this a lot of times and it is up there as one of my favs, no doubt about that.

I hope you have enjoyed my little list. I know it doesn’t have Blade Runner, Terminator, Close Encounters, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Serenity, Starship Troopers, the list goes on and mines is not a list of the best sci-fi movies just ones I like.

Whatever Happened to the Tory Election Fraud 2015?

Back in 2015, just after the General Election, it was claimed that the Conservative Party had misallocated spending during their 2015 general election campaign. Channel 4 News at the time reported that they had uncovered receipts that showed that the Conservative Party spent money allocated as party campaigning, which should have been assigned as candidate spending.


Electoral Commission rules state that:

Party campaign spending on campaigning to promote the party and its policies generally. For example, national newspaper adverts for the party, or leaflets explaining party policy. It also includes spending on promoting candidates at elections where the party nominates a list of candidates for a region, instead of individual candidates for local areas.

Candidate spending on campaigning to promote a particular candidate or candidates in their local area. For example, leaflets or websites that focus on one or more candidates and their views.


Channel 4 News stated that these rules had been broken, and as many as 29 MPs were being investigated by 19 Police Forces in England. Why has it all gone so quiet? The Electoral Commission released this statement last July,

“The Electoral Commission has today (15 July) announced that as part of its investigation into the Conservative and Unionist party campaign spending returns it launched on 18 February 2016, it has withdrawn its application to the high court for an information and document disclosure order. This means that there will be no hearing regarding the order. The commission has made this decision because since issuing its application to the high court on 12 May, it has received sufficient material from the party to proceed with its investigation.”

The BBC at the time also faced a Twitter back lash for their total lack of coverage which as far as I am aware has continued to this day, anyone surprised by that? I’m not because they felt that going after Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-Semitic allegations within the Labour Party was more important, but where are we now with this case or cases?

It appears that we have to wait, but for how bloody long? The best I could find was a poster stating that the deadline is 9th May 2017 for Police action to be taken.


So basically two years after the election, and the original allegations, we still don’t know. Something as important as this to our democracy and something that could strip the present Tory Government of its majority and we still don’t know. What are the opposition parties doing about it? Are they also implicated or involved?

This democracy and this Government stinks.

Why are we waiting?


This is too important to be swept under the carpet!

Brexit or Exploitation (Both!)

The Financial Times (not my normal daily reading honest) ran a story today about how Brexit is now causing staff shortages, especially within the farming sector, factories and restaurants.


Now I have no doubt that many EU citizens have decided to head home given the xenophobia of many in the UK right now, mainly in England if BBC Question Time is anything to go by, but also including far too many politicians from the unionist parties down South but even here in Scotland. When you add in the refusal of the Conservative Government to guarantee EU citizens status in the UK, they would rather use them as some kind of EU migrant human shield in the Brexit negotiations, is it any wonder that many have decided to get out while the going is good.

The article also goes on to say that there will be price rises as a result of this shortage and I just thought, of course it will, when doesn’t anything in this country not result in price rises, and people go on about American business being money grabbing bastards.

The story also got me thinking that this isn’t really about Brexit, it is about poverty pay and exploitation by British employers, especially in the farming industry. The majority of this work is very hard, physical and back-breaking work, which pays the minimum wage of £5.30 per hour for those under the age of 22 years and £6.70 for those over 25 years, poverty wages by anyone’s standards.

On top of poverty pay you also have the disgusting practices that see employment agencies charging £7.00 per shift for transport. An investigation by the Independent found that some farms charged EU workers £31.22 for a pod or tent to sleep in, £35.00 for so called pastoral care, £2.75 for entertainment which consisted of access to Wi-Fi. The list goes but someone working a 40-hour week would be paid around £165, or £179 if over 25, after tax and breaks were deducted, how the hell does that pay any rent or buy you food. One worker described his job as “Welcome to hell. This is the worst job I have ever done. Your knees will kill you by the end of the day.”

I have commented before that too many scumbags in this country, including the current Conservative Government, will see Brexit as an excuse to further erode the gains that poor people made in the last 100 years in relation to terms and conditions of employment. The headline below will become all to real once the Tories really get going.


Whatever your views on Brexit it is clear that EU workers have been exploited, Brexit will no doubt continue that trend but now they will be looking at you, hell mend you if you are currently looking for work and having to access DWP in this country, your card will be well and truly marked.

Something Different: Sci-fi Shows

I like Sci-Fi, not a devotee as many are, but I enjoy it from time to time. Here is a wee list of the ones I like.

Battlestar Galactica Remake


While the story is similar to the original in many ways it got better with Cylons being human in look, as well as the robot kind. It was very dark in parts which I liked and the special effects were very good for a tv show. The first few series were excellent but then it all got a bit silly at the end, I know it’s sci-fi, but was a good remake.

Blake’s 7


Old late 70’s/80’s BBC show that was about a group of rebels fighting against the Federation. Pretty decent stories overall but awful special effects even for the time. Is screaming out for a remake to be honest as the story is a good v evil type narrative.

The Six Million Dollar Man


Loved this one to be honest as a kid, it also had really stupid moments, and the tv movies that followed were pretty dire. Who wouldn’t want to be bionic as a kid though! Had a few of the toys as well, and got the annuals at Christmas. They are making a movie which comes out next year, hopefully they will do the classic justice.

Star Trek The Next Generation


Started off a bit dodgy but got a lot better as it went on, Star Trek is a bit more the thinking man’s sci-fi in some ways. Picard was the do gooder but he had a dark side and Data the android was a cool addition to the show.

The X Files


This was ground breaking at the time and covered many of the main conspiracy theories and did it very well for about six seasons, but when the actors started to leave it became really poor and the return last year I thought was pretty awful. However the first few years were excellent, and was a not to be missed show for me for a while.

Flash Gordon


Loved this show as a kid. Episodes lasted 10 minutes and Flash and pals got into a lot of scrapes, for its time the special effects were ace and it was always on when I went to the Saturday morning show at the Odeon in Dundee, when it was in the City Centre in the old building. I still watch an episode when I come across one on the telly.

Dr. Who


My all-time favourite show and still one I watch, even though Stephen Moffat has done more damage to the show than even the zero money spent on it in the 80’s. The last few years, well around 5 to be exact, have been pretty dire. Still has good special effects, good actors and the occasional good story, but Moffat has pretty much turned it into a nonsensical cartoon that makes little sense anymore but he will be gone soon so hopefully back to it’s best. I don’t want to get into another Moffat rant, I loved it in the late 70’s early 80’s. Drifted away for a while with Davidson, Baker and McCoy but loved it when it came back in 2005.

Liberal Hypocrisy

Some of us have been following the Article 50 debate for some time and one of the things that has really gotten on my nerves has been the Liberal Democrats, in particular Tim Farron and Willie Rennie.

But one thing that really annoys me, and I think is just the purest hypocrisy, is their call for a referendum on any Brexit deal agreed with the EU. Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats has called for one on more than one occasion.



Tim Farron also went on to say it would be “utterly despicable for this Conservative government to impose on the British people a deal that nobody voted for”.

Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats said If they (SNP) were genuinely interested in the EU they would back the Lib Dems efforts for a Brexit Deal Referendum to keep the UK in the EU”.

Where were they when the Smith Commission proposals became the Scotland Act, where were they when every amendment put forward to the act by Scottish opposition MPs were voted down by the Tories, where were the Liberal Democrats when it became clear to all that the Smith Commission was a sham, a lie, and a big joke. For Willie Rennie and Tim Farron democracy and referendums are only on their terms, they are full of it.

I met some decent members of the Liberal Democrats, but the party does not follow what it stands for and has two leaders who are neither Liberals or proper democrats, just hypocrites and opportunists.


I appreciate that many of you will have seen the incident below in Parliament between Alex Salmond SNP MP and the Lindsay Harvey Hoyle, Labour MP and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

Contempt for Scotland

I also appreciate many other blogs will have written about this incident and covered this far more eloquently and in more detail than I can but the more I watch it the angrier I get. The contempt shown to the SNP, to the voters who elected them, and to Scotland as a whole I think is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in watching Westminster over the years. This video should become one of our centre pieces in the next Indy Referendum, it shows in all it’s glory exactly what Scotland means to the UK, nothing but contempt. They think when they won the referendum it was over, it hasn’t even started yet. I commented on a recent blog “Not voting in Westminster Elections has a strong appeal to me in the current climate, Westminster has become more and more a not for viewers in Scotland Parliament and if we send no one to Westminster then consent has been removed and Westminster would have no mandate over Scotland at all”

I am starting to really believe that we are at this point now, maybe it’s time to set the date. Lets go next year and if the Westminster public school girls and boys try to stop us then Nicola Sturgeon should remove all of the SNP MPs from that den of lies, cheats, and right-wing xenophobes and be done with it. Westminster can’t govern without the consent of the people, right now 56 MPs represent either the SNP or independence, they want a crisis lets give them a crisis. Lets be honest here, we are not wanted in any shape or form, even the ultra yoons are not wanted, the Oxbridge lot find them as palatable as pig shit. Do you think Westminster yoons care for the mob that descended on George Square with their hate after the referendum, of course they don’t, they wouldn’t wipe the shit from their shoes on them, they are cannon fodder for the glorious union.

It’s time to call the date, it’s time to get YES2 up and running, it’s time we took the gloves off and got started because they have never stopped.