Something Different: My take on the year and a Happy Christmas/New Year when it comes.

I am not going to blog anymore this year and will have a three-week break. I really do continue to be flattered by the number of people who both read and comment on this blog as it really is just my method of expressing my opinions and having a good old rant. This year has been an interesting year to say the least, and a pretty depressing one politically with the most inept Westminster Government in my lifetime and an opposition that is opposition in name only barring the SNP and the Greens.

What will next year bring? More turmoil I suspect, more attacks on the most vulnerable by a Tory Government and opposition bereft of any decency amongst them. Will there be an independence referendum? I don’t think so personally but I’m no expert. I think we might see moves towards one though and the start of the fight to come with Westminster but things move so fast now so who knows. Will Donald Trump start a War? He just might and will Kezia Dugdale defect to the SNP? I hope not. Will Willie Rennie demand that someone resign? Yes and will Murdo Fraser continue to be the most disgusting and obnoxious Tory in Scotland, up there with Colonel Tankstraddler Davidson herself, yes he will. Will David Torrance find new and more interesting ways to ingratiate himself with the yoons and slag off the SNP? Yes he will and we will all continue to have a laugh at him.

I continue to be optimistic for Scotland though, especially given the state of the yoon parties at Holyrood but the media, and the BBC in particular, are a huge barrier to honest and open debate. The protections afforded the yoons is disgusting at best and dishonest in the extreme. The media in Scotland, apart from the excellent blogs like WoS, Munguins, Scotland 2018, Scot Goes Pop, Craig Murray, No to Yes, and the National in part and IScot Magazine, make RT News look like the most impartial news outlet in the world.

I hope the holidays will see an improvement in the fortunes of Dundee Football Club on the park, Neil McCann was never the man for me and some of his players have been poor but what can you do, it’s the Dees. Supporting Dundee Football Club should come with a health warning. I would love Ritchie Blackmore to record a new Rainbow album of new material but probably won’t happen, I hope Dr.Who gets back to being good again now that Stephen Moffat has thankfully left the scene and I would like to have more time to read.

So really all this leaves for this year is to wish you all a really excellent and relaxing Christmas and New Year, good health and hopefully some good news this year. Again, thanks for taking time to visit the blog, read the rants and comment. I can’t believe how insightful and knowledgeable so many of you are and I sometimes think the wrong people sit in our parliaments, they really do. Thanks.


Scottish Budget Day: A Day for Belters, Stupidity, Ignorance and maybe a bit of the borderline Racism

Derek MacKay will deliver the Scottish budget this afternoon and it may increase income tax for some people in Scotland to help try to keep public services afloat given the damage being done by the yoons since 2010.

As we have come to expect on an SNP Bad day BBC Scotland opens up the comments section under politics, it will be a one day only anti-Scottish, anti-SNP, BBC Scotland Fest.

So I thought I would have an early skiffy at the comments, and you guessed it the belters, the stupid, the ignorant and even the borderline racists are out in force, here is a wee sample:

Standby for a manifesto breaking tax grab by the incompetent Mackay.
Keep your eyes on Mr Lentil who is pulling the strings.

What a shambles the SNP/Greens are.

Betty 43
Hooray! Everyone should pay more tax to help out those less fortunate, like MSPs.

Mr Chris P Bacon
The Scots have had years of freebies in order to buy their vote now you are going to pay for it.

Does this mean us English taxpayers can finally stop bankrolling Scotland through the Barnett Formula?

Scotland already has the lowest Higher Rate Tax threshold in the UK, now we are also going to have another tax band added.

Looks like independence is going to be very very costly for Scottish taxpayers, I’m sure the SNP will announce all the details prior to their next ‘once in a generation’ referendum.

I would give it 10 minutes if I were you
I don’t know why Scotland needs income tax at all.

Because the SNP said quite clearly at the time of the Scottish Independence referendum that the price of oil was heading ever upwards and would never fall to anything like the price it is today.

So Scotland was going to be mega rich on oil revenue – hence I don’t see why they need income tax at all.

Or were the SNP not right then ?

Now you see what independence would look like! more taxes more taxes and yes more taxes as the Economy isn’t strong enough to support the aspirations of wee Nicola… happy Christmas all !

The only positive to take from this is that it will put the SNP firmly onto the slippery slope to oblivion.

In a democracy there are always votes in to making someone else pay for free Beer & Buckfast.

However with most of the high earners being on the public payroll it is a form of pay cut for them – MSP included.

So the Scots are going to be paying more tax than me, all of which will be spent in Scotland. And are STILL going to be getting an extra 10% spending on each and everyone of them, from my taxes AS WELL.

It’s about time the English stopped being used as cash cows.

The love affair during and after 2014 really did just last 10 minutes, you could cry that so many are so thick in UK.

Corbyn, nothing short of inept?

I think most of us would agree that the current Conservative Government, and Conservative opposition in Holyrood, are the least talented and by far the worst Government and Scottish opposition in our lifetimes, so why can’t Jeremy Corbyn and Labour capitalize on this shocking and useless Government?

This Tory Government and Prime Minister should be there for the taking, should be fair game. U-Turn May, welfare reform, the state of the economy, the national debt, living standards, inflation, and Brexit have presented an opposition with more than enough ammunition required to put real pressure on the Government of the day, a Government so useless and morally corrupt that the fact they are still in power is beyond me.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have hardly touched them. Theresa May must wake up every day and pray to her God of meanness a prayer of thanks for Corbyn and the Labour Party. People talk of Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity, is that the integrity of abstention and bottling it. Brexit is the issue of the moment and yet no one seems to know where Jeremy Corbyn stands on the issue, does he support the EU or does he not? The Labour Party are all over the place and I just don’t think Jeremy Corbyn has a clue how to deal with it, they can talk about respecting the referendum result all they want but for me it smacks of fear of their members in the North of England while having little or no regard for the voters in Scotland and Northern Ireland. A UK wide referendum is never a fair referendum because what England wants England gets and the fact that two countries within the UK voted to stay should be used as a bettering ram by Labour. But it’s not.

Voting intentions and who would make the best Prime Minister both put Labour and Jeremy Corbyn behind the scumbag Tories and Theresa Mayhem.

How is that even possible given the current state of affairs? Now I can accept that many parts of England, and even some in Scotland, have shifted to the right, the Tories also grab the all too often selfish grey vote and I make no apologies for saying so. That still doesn’t explain the current situation for me. Commentators can talk about equal press coverage, and the perceived economic incompetence of Labour, but it has to be more than that. For me Jeremy Corbyn is not a leader, he is as much a unionist as any Tory out there and you know what, he is probably afraid of power given the state this country is in. I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn can win in 2022, and will therefore be gone soon after and we will have suffered 15 years of Tory Government and political austerity. Scotland has to wake up, Corbyn is inept and a failure, any lingering hope that he is our political saviour is misguided and delusional.

This is just wrong

I saw this story this weekend and had to do a double take.

Newspapers all over the country will receive funding from the BBC to fund so called local democracy reporters at a cost of £8 million pounds per year.

Scotland it is being reported to have been awarded the most reporters, there’s a f surprise. This deal is being couched as ending the rivalry between the BBC and mainstream media, no this smacks of the state now having a foothold in the so called independent media, and in particular Scotland, all in time for another referendum.

The BBC are reporting this as Local News Partnerships and it is a disgrace if you ask me and an absolute step too far with tax payer monies. This undermines the news even worse than it is now and could you imagine if this were RT News doing this in the U.K. Just when you think nothing new can shock you along comes this. This so called country is a joke.

The State of the Yoons

I often comment on this blog about how bad our politicians are now and they really are. The last few days and the shambolic negotiations with the EU, the fact that the DUP appear to be the real government of the UK has shown this to be true. So I was mulling this over today and just thought I would look at how far most of the parties have fallen in my lifetime:

The Conservative and Unionist Party

Margaret Thatcher 1979 to 1990
John Major 1990 to 1997
William Hague 1997 to 2001
Iain Duncan Smith 2001 to 2003
Michael Howard 2003 to 2005
David Cameron 2005 to 2016
Theresa May 2016 –

The Labour Party

Michael Foot 1980 to 1983
Neil Kinnock 1983 to 1992
John Smith 1992 to 1994
Margaret Becket 1994 to 1994
Tony Blair 1994 to 2007
Gordon Brown 2007 to 2010
Harriet Harmon 2010 to 2010
Ed Miliband 2010 to 2015
Harriet Harmon 2015 to 2015
Jeremy Corbyn 2015 –

The Liberal Democrats

David Steel / Bob McLennan 1988 to 1988
Paddy Ashdown 1988 to 1999
Charles kennedy 1999 to 2006
Menzies Campbell 2006 to 2007
Vince Cable 2007 to 2007
Nick Clegg 2007 to 2015
Tim Farron 2015 to 2017
Vince Cable 2017 –

Scottish National Party

Gordon Wilson 1979 to 1990
Alex Salmond 1990 to 2000
John Swinney 2000 to 2004
Alex Salmond 2004 to 2014
Nicola Sturgeon 2014 –

The Scottish National Party have definitely fared better than all the rest and you could argue that the Lib Dems up to 2006 didn’t fare too badly, but the rest is a list of diminishing returns to say the least. It amazes me that the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom is Theresa May, how we ever got to this point is beyond me. She makes David Cameron look decent as a leader.

Labour are in an even worse state, just when you thought they could not get worse than Ed Miliband along comes Jeremy Corbyn, the party of Keir Hardy and Michael Foot have stooped to this new low. Corbyn isn’t fit to be an MP let alone lead a party and potentially be Prime Minister one day. The Liberal Democrats are possibly in an even bigger hole with Vince ‘ I did not predict the financial crash ‘ Cable possibly only lasting a couple of years at best and the deputy is the Tory place women Jo Swinson, oh my God how bad can it get for the Lib Dems.

Only the SNP can say that they have competent leadership right now although I don’t think personally that Nicola Sturgeon is as good as Alex Salmond but at least they are in a better place. But really how did it get to this point in the UK that the people running the country and many of the parties aren’t fit to run a raffle.

As a country I actually do fear for the future, in Scotland there is Ruth Davidson, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie, really, it is that bad. They are as thick as shit with less ability and zero overall intelligence, so even in Scotland we are screwed. I moan that not enough people vote or express their opinion but when you look at the lists, esp in recent times, is it any wonder. I just can’t see how this country has a hope in hell without independence, we are not facing a new Victorian Age we are facing a new Dark Age, we should all be very worried at the state of the yoons.

Deal or No Deal?

So it appears the U.K. and the EU may have reached some sort of deal for Northern Ireland.

Now I won’t pretend to understand all the complexities of the situation in Northern Ireland, when the Good Friday Agreement was reached it was a good thing for Northern Ireland and it’s people. So I can understand the fear of many that leaving the EU and having a hard border back in place puts at risk that agreement and brings back the potential for the return of terrorism. However this afternoon it is being reported that Britain has agreed a deal with the EU on the issue of the Northern Ireland border that would effectively keep the province in the single market and customs union, EU chiefs have told members of the European Parliament.

In my ignorance, and for whats its worth, I just don’t think you can have a separate deal for Northern Ireland and pretend that the union within the United Kingdom has’nt then been altered, and is therefore no longer a union if one part is different from the rest. No doubt there will be many who will argue that nothing changes, and again in my ignorance, I just won’t accept that. If Northern Ireland stays within the framework of the EU then for me the union is over and Scotland should walk away. The Tories and their friends in the other unionist parties laughed and scoffed when the Scottish Government put forward proposals for Scotland to remain in the single marker, before they had even read the proposals they had rejected them, well the chickens are coming home to roost today, if it’s not good enough for Scotland then I’m sorry it’s not good enough for Northern Ireland.

Deal or No Deal? I’m afraid I suspect it will be no deal as not only will Scotland rightly demand the same concessions as Northern Ireland I suspect there will be those in London who demand them as those in Wales will also. Now what if a deal is reached for Northern Ireland, and what if a deal is reached for London? What do Scots do then, do we accept more of this shit from the unionists and just say yeah ok, do we surrender again more of our self-respect and dignity. You will certainly have the nut jobs in Scotland in Union coming up with their usual crap but again when is enough enough for us in Scotland. Now as I said I don’t think a deal will be done as the DUP won’t accept any and have told journalists at Stormont: ‘We have been very clear that Northern Ireland must leave the EU on the same terms as the rest of the UK, and we will not accept any form of regulatory divergence that separates Northern Ireland economically or politically from the rest of the UK.’

I don’t want to see the troubles return to Ireland, no one in their right mind does, but Northern Ireland has to look after itself and my concern is Scotland. What today says to me is that the Tories are a shambles, the EU equally are playing their own games, but there can be no different deal for Northern Ireland, there can be no deal that allows EU citizens to live under EU law while the rest of us live under UK law. Basically we have got to get out of the UK as soon as we can and then we can decide what we want to do. Lets grow a pair and stop listening to the threats from the yoons about the so called UK single market, the EU about brexit and lets chart our own path and take back all the powers and decide for ourselves what that all means. I have had enough of the UK and todays double-dealing just emphasises that even more.

Can you imagine if

Labour Chief Whip Lord Bassam has been caught wrongly claiming £41,000 in travel expenses.

Apparently he has been doing this since 2010 but will only repay the amount from the 2017 General Election. Bassam receives an allowance of £36,366 per year to cover his accommodations in London. But it has been found out that he has been claiming for trains and taxis to and from his Brighton home.

Can you imagine if this was someone on Universal Credit. They would be hounded by the Daily Mail, called a part of the something for nothing culture by Ruth Davidson and told by the local Sheriff they are stealing as they get sent to prison. However, as we all know this is a politician in Westminster. He will pay back as little as he can get away with, will say it was a mistake, Labour will say he has to take more care and tomorrow the papers will get back to demonising the poor.

This is another how much more are we going to take before we do something, sadly it appears we will take anything thrown at us and ask for more.