Sorry Nicola but the focus just feels wrong

Nicola Sturgeon is being reported as being willing to work with any unionists to stop Brexit.

Nicola has said that, while all options remain on the table, she hoped to convince the Labour leader to join with other parties in pushing for a fresh Brexit referendum.

Unless Nicola Sturgeon has a cunning plan I just can’t see what the point is of this anymore. The so called people’s vote is a waste of time, it’s playing into certain unionists hands and I believe we should have nothing to do with it.

Nicola goes on to say There is a certain scepticism that a People’s Vote is the salvation for Scotland given we voted Remain the first time round and there’s no guarantees that in a second vote you wouldn’t have the same outcome, but I still think that if we’ve got the opportunity UK-wide to stop Brexit, given the shambles that has been made of the negotiations, then that’s something the SNP should support and that’s the view of the group.” a People’s Vote is the salvation for Scotland given we voted Remain the first time round and there’s no guarantees that in a second vote you wouldn’t have the same outcome, but I still think that if we’ve got the opportunity UK-wide to stop Brexit, given the shambles that has been made of the negotiations, then that’s something the SNP should support and that’s the view of the group.”

At least Nicola is acknowledging mine and many others opinions but her end game for me is pointless now. Playing the unionist game takes us further away from indy2 and does nothing to further the cause of independence. We will never agree our independence with the unionists we will have to take it. I have been clear on my blog that I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the slow creep of the SNP and Nicolas intervention in London today does nothing to change that view.

My independence vote is based on democracy and not what unionists like to portray as an anti English vote. I also know that playing the game by unionist rules means that Scotland remains a colony well beyond my life time.

I accept that I am not as smart or astute as Nicola Sturgeon and she continues to have my support as first minister but not in this. I really believe this strategy takes us further away from independence than closer, my frustration is growing by the day.


The Mans a Tube

Richard Leonard, Manager of Scottish Labour, and the man partly responsible for selling out female Glasgow council workers when in the GMB if reports are true is having a Gordon Brown.

According to Leonard people are increasingly hostile to an Indy2, he must have been talking to the Tories, and the other Tories in the Labour Party membership.

Leonard also thinks that securing a debate on mental health is a major shift in Scottish Politics while asking for a wealth tax breaks new ground. A wealth tax has been something bloggers have been talking about for years and wasn’t it SSP policy for years as well. Leonard believes in regards to independence:

“Given the extent to which we are in a highly integrated level of monetary, economic, social and political union with the rest of the UK, I think the challenges would be huge.”

That would only be the case if rUK decides to throw the dummy out of the pram, given how desperate they would be for any money to stop going bankrupt a deal would be done, oh just like the Brexit one.

Leonard and Labour really are a joke, not even a funny one and he even thinks they can win a general election, save me. England are not going to elect Labour and they rely on Tory votes in Scotland just to keep what little they have. A party whose day is past.

Someone Put Shit Through My Door This Morning

I woke up to an awful disgusting surprise today, I mean really mingin.

Apparently the scumbag Tories are leading the fight back against the SNP in all those communities they have taken for granted. The kind of granted that alleviates the bedroom tax, provides a carers allowance, and with rubbish powers helps the low paid pay less tax.

Only the Tories can beat the SNP, I think Colonel Tankstraddler has been smoking some of the shit she is peddling. Apparently their increase in seats was partly due to people loaning their votes to beat Nicola, I think what she means is some Labour and Liberals voters hate the SNP and Scotland that much they would vote for scumbags, liars and vermin.

The questionnaire is a good laugh, no mention of social security or Brexit anywhere but my favourite is who would make the best First Minister? Ruth Davidson or Nicola Sturgeon lol. Well one is talented, smart, cares, fights for Scotland and one is thick, talentless, a joke, hates Scotland and kisses ass.

The voting one is good as well. How are people likely to vote, one option is Not decided, but possibly the Scottish Conservatives. I would rather dig my eyes out with a rusty spoon.

Craig Murray

Craig Murray in his latest blog has voiced the opinion

I totally agree and have said as much myself. I even favour UDI, but the SNP should put it in their manifesto for what might be a soon to be called general election. Put it in there that if Scotland returns a majority of SNP MPs then that would be a clear vote for independence, and Scotland would therefore begin negotiations with the rUK.

They could even run it past the EU and the UN, make it as legally strong as possible. Then hammer the publicity to be clear with every voter that is what they are voting for, and if it’s a no then fine it’s a no, jockholm syndrome will have won but it’s time SNP it’s time. No more being nice, no more playing the yoon game, no more slow and steady. The U.K. is screwed and over they just don’t know it, time for us to leave this privileged dung heap of a union.

We’re a Joke

This country is a joke, end of.

Yesterday the world, or a lot of it, paid its respects to those who have died in war. We can argue all day about the idea of a just war etc and we all pay our respects in our own way, I don’t wear a poppy , stand for the Windsor song or attend a ceremony but I take two minutes to remember my Dad and thank those who gave their lives to defend mine.

What really gets my nose up is the total nonsense that is this country. Jeremy Corbyn demonised for wearing a coat, it wasn’t dark enough, it wasn’t posh enough, he’s too scruffy. What a total joke that this is what is reported to us.

And just when I thought this rubbish makes me sick I see this bollocks in my twitter feed that sums up how broken and warped this country is.

So I replied

This stupid country has lost its collective mind.

It’s not Rocket Science

My Dad once said something along the lines of ‘ if you don’t have money you can’t buy things, if you can’t buy things then people don’t make things, if people don’t make things people don’t have jobs, and if people don’t have jobs then no one can buy things ‘. I don’t know where he heard it but it’s true.

Allegedly 14 stores are closing everyday in the U.K. it’s not rocket science is it, when you slash and burn the social security system, when people in work don’t get paid enough to even pay their bills then they don’t have money to buy stuff.

I know personally that even though I earn an ok wage I have cut back, I’ve had a 3% rise in 9 years while inflation in that time has been around 5% on average. There are no splurges now, household electrics don’t get replaced as quickly anymore, the car will have to last longer, Christmas will be leaner, savings don’t happen.

What do people expect, since 2010 the Tories have waged financial war on the poorest and the public sector. It’s estimated that by 2020 1 million workers from the public sector will have lost their jobs. But don’t worry the high rate of tax has come down and Charles Windsor actually believes he will be a King some day and Donald Trump is mental.

It would be easy to blame the EU vote but that only hides the absolute incompetence of this Tory Government and the coalition before it. Labour made huge mistakes in government, they were pretty shit, but they didn’t cause this the Tories did and yet where is the pressure being put on them, where is our media.

Things are sadly going to get worse, a lot worse but the wealthiest will be fine. We just don’t make much anymore, we don’t have much money to spend, personal debt is back at 2008 levels and growing, we are sitting on a Tsunami.

You YES yet?

This is wrong, another reason why I hate the Tories

I saw this article today and if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye and a fair bit of anger nothing will.

A nine year old girl calls a charity to ask for work so she can feed her family and get a Christmas present for her younger siblings and why, because her Dad who is a single parent following his wife’s death and redundancy waits five f weeks for his first payment.

I despise the Tories and everything they stand for, and I don’t care who I upset, they are the scum of the earth. The charity who took the call noted:

A girl of nine begged for work to feed her family after ­Universal Credit left her jobless dad skint.

In a heartbreaking phone call, she told how her mum had died and there was barely any food at home.

She said: “I’ll do anything. I don’t mind cleaning floors, making beds.”

The desperate nine-year-old girl revealed her mum had died, her dad lost his job and they were going hungry as delays in his Universal Credit had plunged them into poverty.

What kind of so called country allows this to happen. What kind of so called decent society elects Governments that enact these kind of policies. The charity also noted what the young girl said

“She told me, ‘I don’t mind cleaning floors, making beds. My daddy has always worked and he says you have to work to get things. I’ll do anything I can so I can buy my brother and sister a Christmas present. I can cook and I don’t mind working on a Saturday and Sunday or after school.’ After the call I just cried. Hearing that is like we’ve gone back to Victorian times.”

I can’t believe that we are coming to this, this country is a joke. Pander to the useless Windsor’s, give billions to the bigot DUP and we are left with nine year olds begging for food. This country makes me ashamed it really does.

The Tories are scum, end of.