What next?

So Mayhem lost her vote as everyone and their auntie knew she would. Labour have called for a vote of no confidence. For what it’s worth here is what I think could happen.

Theresa May wins a vote of no confidence.

Tories vote against a so called people’s vote.

EU come up with something like a 10 year limit on backstop.

Tories cave in and vote for Brexit deal.

Independence is off the table for the next 10 years and we will have missed the opportunity we had.


Pensioners Forget Things?

It’s often said that as you get older you forget things and today in Scotland the Tories are hoping that you do. You see on the day of the so called meaningful vote a wee bit of bad news for older people was sneaked out by the nasty party for British Nationalists.

This change means couples where only one partner is over the state pension age, which is now 65 for both men and women, will no longer receive the extra benefit. For couples losing thousands of pounds they will be advised to apply for Universal Credit.

Now it’s not that long ago, actually 2014, that pensioners were warned by the British Nationalists that if they voted yes to Scottish Independence their pensions would not be safe. Wow that didn’t take long.

I wonder once this rather large financial hit happens later this year if those No voters who were scared for their pensions will even remember, so I hope my wee blog helps them to.

British Nationalists cannot, and must not, be trusted on anything they ever say unless it is about making ordinary folk poorer, hungrier, more unhealthy, and destitute. Today is an historic day for the so called precious union and the headlines in Scotland are about an alleged SNP civil war, the British media in Scotland.

I keep writing that I wonder how long it will take before people fight back, this is just another for the list. I am however starting to think that the U.K. is full of shit bags because we keep accepting this crap and ask for more in how we vote.

I despise the British state, the British Nationalist Parties, and everything they stand for, but I’m also starting to despise how broken we have become.

I’m not making it up

If you explained the ministerial roles in the U.K. to someone from abroad they would think you are taking the Micky. Did you know we have a

Minster for Suicide: Jackie Doyle Price Tory MP.

Minister for Homelessness: Marcus Jones Tory MP.

Minister for Loneliness: Tracey Crouch Tory MP.

There are also demands for a Minister for Hunger.

This country is a joke, the reason we need Ministers with Titles that would shame a normal country is issues like the story below

But you have to ask yourself if these ministers are in post to prevent suicide, homelessness, loneliness, and possibly hunger, or Minsters with the role to CAUSE THEM.

Homelessness is up 49% and rough sleeping 169% in England since 2010. Food parcels given out in 2017/18 totalled 1.3 million. 49% of people who have to endure the fit for work test (Labour introduced it) have attempted Suicide

Around 350,000 people are sanctioned by the DWP every year. While we see headlines such as this below

While the true story about fraud goes unreported and our glorious MPs continue to look after themselves and their own.

I appreciate that some of this is old news. But it certainly puts things into perspective when people on social security are going hungry, losing their accommodation due to Universal Credit, committing Suicide due to having disabilities payments refused, living lives of loneliness due to cuts in social care. Local government workers continue to lose their jobs due to cuts and all of this before the shambles that is Brexit.

I am writing this blog in the hope that some people will share it, we cannot lose sight of the real issues in this country, caused by the British Nationalists in the three Tory Parties (Tory, Labour and Liberal). If there is a general election soon,and you live in Scotland, think very carefully before you vote, any vote for a non Independence Party is a vote for hunger, death and homelessness, and I am not joking.

Making the case for Indy 2

So the Governor General of Scotland David Mundell thinks it’s now ok to ask the same question again in regards to Brexit.

That should make his support for indy2 a dead cert. please save this tweet and in fact ask the Governor to support indy2 as he does appear to be for asking the same question twice. Kevin Hague has hanged his tune as well.

Peter Grant SNP MP sums it up perfectly.

No wonder the Brit Nats are all over the place, their hypocrisy knows no bounds.


I haven’t really talked that much about the Alex Salmond case but saw this tweet today from Craig Murray after the Scottish Government case collapsed.

I think there has been a total witch hunt against Alex Salmond in the media and I do think the SNP have form in hanging people out to dry. Michelle Thomson, Alex Salmond, and Grouse Beater in my opinion were wrongly found guilty before any investigation or case was held.

Know I don’t understand why the allegations regarding Alex Salmond are taking so long to investigate and like the Michelle Thomson case it does start to feel like a witch hunt. It also does look like Lesley Evans the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government should resign as her job has become untenable.

If Craig is correct, and there are emails that show a political witch hunt, then they should be released. When I think back to the Thomson case the investigation took forever, she was smeared all over the media, hammered by yoons in the Parliament and then found innocent. At that point her political career was over, the SNP looked weak and unsupportive of their own members and this smacks of the same.

The longer the Police take to reach a decision, it starts to feel weird and Alex Salmond will be ruined if it turns out he is innocent. If there is a case to answer then anyone has to face the consequences of the law but, and I don’t think of myself as a conspiracy theorist, this case just smells.

Talking Pish to a new level and no it’s not me!

Ed Husain has an article in the Torygraph that shows a serious lack of self awareness about Britain.

Ed says that:

For centuries, Great Britain has guided the globe. Now, the world needs us to do so again. We must stop apologising for the past, and start advancing again as a free nation at home and abroad. The self-flagellation over Brexit and begging for European acceptance is unbecoming of this great country. Britishness is about values, ideas, history and an attitude, not skin colour. It is time to be proud of Britain again.

When I read the article my first though was Ed must be English as his vision of Britain is very much an article which conflates England with Britain in every way in my opinion. Ed was also a senior fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations a somewhat controversial American think tank or what many of us would call a propaganda machine for the state.

Ed has been travelling the globe and What I saw was a world crying out for clarity and leadership“. You can’t make this shit up can you. Ed notes that Britain ended slavery, no mention that Britain also helped sustain the European slave trade for hundreds of years. Britain, according to Ed, also obliterated Nazism, again no mention of how sympathetic the ruling elite were to Hitler and the Nazi movement, esp the Conservative media.

These kind of articles are what feeds the lazy in this country, those who know nothing of England’s history and it breeds ignorance and prejudice in my opinion, the whole England and its empire nonsense that sadly the BritNats in Scotland also aspire to.

This is the kind of article that we will see more of this month, more British pish that is really all about England. Ed needs to remember that there are many of us who will never be British no matter what our passport says, being British as far as I’m concerned is a stain and nothing to be proud of.

If you want to find out more about the real British history then follow Crimes of Britain on twitter, a real eye opener and maybe Ed should check it out.

The People’s Vote : Will you vote?

As the vote on the Brexit deal edges closer we are seeing a little more mention of the so called people’s vote.

Now I personally think that the people’s vote is a nonsense if it doesn’t include an option to stay in the EU. The deal that Theresa Mayhem has agreed , by all accounts, is the worst deal possible. The question though for me is that I seriously doubt I would vote in a people’s vote on the deal as it feels pointless.

Now I do think, and I’ve said it from day one, that the plan has always been a no deal Brexit and nothing has happened to change my mind. I also think that a people’s vote to accept the deal, or parliament voting to accept the deal, will kill off independence in the medium to long term.

The only way to secure another Indy ref in my opinion is a no deal Brexit as was the leave vote. It’s horrible to think of the pain the country will have to go through but it will be the only way to indy2 in my opinion.

However, any people’s vote has to include the option to remain in the EU for the very purpose that another leave vote in England will make it abundantly clear to even the most fervent Scottish Britnat that Scotland has to leave the U.K. or it really is just a colony. A vote to remain in the EU, while killing independence in the near future, would at least be the sane choice.

But for me I just don’t think I would feel like voting in any vote on Mayhems deal, I am interested in what others think because I know a few folk who have said they won’t vote in a people’s vote.