Why are we funding these failures?

Funding Failure – That appears to be the other cost of living crisis that we are all pretty much paying for right now as well in colonial Scotland. The scumbag Tories are allegedly facing a £5 million black hole, the scumbag Labour Party had a £4.8 million deficit at the end of last year, and the carrot growers of the SNP had as little as £97,000 in the bank.

The Liberal Democrats, looking at the Electoral Commission tables, look like they are in just as bad a state as the rest of the main political parties. It looks like they have a deficit of over £1 million.

All of these parties rely on taxpayers pretty much. In 2020 Labour received 7.8 million pounds from the taxpayer, the scumbag Tories £435 thousand, the Fiberal Democrats 1.6 million pounds, the carrot growing SNP 1.2 million pounds, basically, we are funding the failure of the very people who make us poorer and the rich richer while they are all pretty much broke as political parties.

There has been some debate about the public funding of political parties, given how crap they all are maybe they should be forced to all wind up and we start again, they are all crap.

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There are carrot growers, carrot eaters, and carrot danglers.

I totally welcome Neil Hanvey’s motion in our colonial master’s parliament – I appreciate that this story is two days old and I am not just getting around to it I have kinda been following some of the views and blogs on the Bill being put forward. I was impressed with how Neil has approached this even though we all know that it will lose in the English Parliament, the UK is broke without Scotland’s taxes and resources, they will cling on to the last colony for all they are worth.

A lot of people have been singing the praises of SNP MPs Joanna Cherry KC MP, Douglas Chapman MP and Angus Brendan MacNeil MP, in supporting the bill in Parliament. I just don’t have the same enthusiasm at all. There are carrot growers, the likes of Sturgeon and Robertson, carrot eaters like most of the members of the SNP, and there are carrot danglers and for myself that is the likes of Joanna, Douglas, and Brendan. I am not questioning their belief in independence, but I get so tired of the grand statements they they often make. I accept that they are lone voices in the SNP, that is the problem. If independence is the be all and end of elected members then the fact that they remain in the SNP, playing by SNP rules, and not really challenging the status quo makes them carrot danglers for me.

I admire Kenny MacAskill and Neil Hanvey for joining the Alba Party, for putting their heads on the block knowing that they will probably lose their seats at the next General Election, I hope they don’t of course as both actually do stand up for Scotland in the English Parliament, unlike far too many in the SNP who only stand up for their pensions.  So, while I applaud Neil and agree with much of what he says, forgive me for not getting over excited about any support from 3 SNP MPs, the rest will probably abstain or vote against the Bill anyway if it does not run out of time given the second reading isn’t until the end of March. I suppose at the very least it will yet again show the carrot eaters what their party actually stands for, as well as, confirm yet again our colonial status.

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Third World Britain with added apathy

Not so Great Britain is fast on track to become effectively Europe’s third world country – In the global GDP per capita tables, Ireland ranks 3rd of 192 in the IMF table and 4th of 187 in the World Bank ranking, the UK ranks 48th allegedly. GDP for the UK is 43K, Ireland 107K. UK ranks 161 for low taxes which means we have high taxes, 94th in fiscal health, and the national debt is 86.9% of GDP, and 119th on exports.

The UK’s economy will slam into reverse this year as the cost-of-living crisis hits households hard and will see the worst performance of all the advanced nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned. Every time the Tories are in power it always ends in economic crisis, recession, dishonesty, corruption, and decline.  The outlook is bleak


The UK is suffering from a few unique issues compared to the other advanced economies.

According to Mr. Johnson of the IFS, the inflation rate of more than 10 percent is “holding us back”.

Commenting on the impact of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s highly criticised, tax-cutting mini-Budget, Mr. Johnson said there are long-term consequences of “political instability, particularly in terms of international companies being happy to invest and the risk premium they might take on [with] the UK”.

“While most of the consequences of that mini-Budget have dissipated, the sharpness in the increase in interest rates that created, and the uncertainty that’s created, will continue to weigh on the UK in ways that aren’t immediately visible in the headline figures.” (George Lagarias)

Apathy – The SNP, allegedly, will cross the civil service picket line today at Holyrood along with the Tories and the Liberals while Labour and Greens won’t, says it all really doesn’t it. Clapping key workers just gets more hollow by the day as the Tories continue to attack workers with draconian legislation the Scottish Government will do what they do best, nothing. Last year it was reported that historically, Scotland has had poor economic growth rates, an appalling health record, and social problems rooted in high levels of inequality. Despite a blueprint for public service improvement issued a decade ago, Scotland’s impartial auditor general said last week that major policies have failed to deliver.

There is hope though even though I am a glass-half-empty blogger – Scotland could have a way out of this nightmare. We can chart a different path if we would just reach out and grab it, it won’t come from the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon that is for sure, you won’t find it with the Tories, or Tory Light Labour. The hope that keeps me going is the yes community, it’s the new media bloggers, it’s the hope that there is a tipping point and we can find a way to reach out to those who at the moment just can’t see third world UK for what it is, a shit hole but we just have to keep going or there is no point in getting up in the morning. I don’t know how we get there when we get there, but I have to believe, somehow, that we can get there. The UK is over bar the shouting, I even want in many ways for things to get worse as that may well be the only thing that wakes up enough people.

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Odds and Ends Tuesday 31st January 2023 – From Corruption to Incompetence

It’s a way of life for the scumbag Tory Party – Why am I not surprised by the article today in the Guardian regarding the world corruption index. The paper is reporting “woeful inadequacies” in upholding political integrity. Britain fell seven places to 18th on Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index, representing the biggest fall among the G7 countries. Britain’s reputation has been damaged by a string of political scandals among the Conservative party.

They go on to state that there was a “growing list of problems” in the UK. It cited the awarding of lucrative contracts for protective equipment to people with connections to the Conservatives, including Tory peer Michelle Mone. It also highlighted the appointment of politically connected people to public sector roles during the pandemic. How long have I, and the new media bloggers, been banging on about how our colonial status allows these scumbags, in my personal opinion, to basically steal from us left, right, and centre. They reward failure but services to the union, they reward their pals with our money, and they reward themselves while the so-called opposition parties lap up the crumbs falling from the slavers of their, and our, Tory masters.

Digging that hole deeper every day – She can’t help herself can she. The First Minister said yesterday “I don’t think you have to look very far, and I think most people can see – even opponents of this legislation, I think, would accept that there are some people who will argue against rights for gay people, they will argue in other contexts against rights for women. I was making the point that there are people who have decided to become so-called advocates for women’s rights on this issue who have never stood up for women’s rights before.”

The problem with this statement, and she knows it, is she tarnishes everyone who has opposed this legislation with the same brush. She can try to come across as diplomatic all she likes, she can deny she is talking about everyone who opposes this legislation but the implication is, as said at the weekend, if you oppose this legislation then you are transphobic, homophobic, misogynist and “possibly” racist too.

That’s her problem isn’t it, she doesn’t know when to quit. She can’t accept that she might be wrong and the public right. She can’t accept that many people who oppose this legislation are doing so not only for women’s rights but out of real concern for the challenges and difficulties that transgender people go through and want to maintain the protections that are in place for transgender people and that this legislation removes. She just doesn’t get it.

You can’t make it up can you? Boris Johnson calling anyone a liar really cheered me up today. Putin is maybe a madman and is definitely a liar, but Johnson is also a madman and definitely a liar in every way, the man wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face. This week he claimed that Putin threatened to kill him with a missile, and even if he did, who cares. The world has gone mad and we are governed by clowns in the UK but the rest of the world is in just as bad a mess as far as leaders go. These people just play games on a screen, or in their minds, the sad thing is that it is the rest of us who suffer the consequences of these nutters.

A storm is coming – I know I have banged on about this before in the blog but this is where the Scottish Government, the Holyrood opposition, and our colonial status have let every one of us down. Council finance chiefs have warned that Scotland’s local authorities are facing unprecedented financial pressures.

The damage this does to independence is even worse for me than the GRR debate. Dundee’s corporate services director Robert Emmott said the council had already tried to make some services more efficient, so increasingly the only option for significant savings was to do less. Why would anyone, who isn’t a political anorak, who sees their communities get worse, their services get worse, and their lives get worse, think that independence would be better.

Most people only see what is in front of them, what their day-to-day existence is like. Will they look to our colonial masters for our lack of pocket money and lack of control to make the important decisions for the main reason for the cuts that are on the way, no, they will look to their councils and they will look to the Scottish Parliament and that is who most of them will blame. The result, independence becomes less of an option for them, just surviving does.

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Odds and Ends Monday 30th January 2023

Playing a part in History or just sick servitude – Seemingl hundreds of people are coming forward to claim a role in the coronation of King Charles after a Coronation Claims committee, set up by the government, opened applications up to those who believe they have a hereditary or historic right to carry out ceremonial roles during the event in May. (Sky News)

This is the kind of thing that makes me not just roll my eyes, think oh ffs save me, and just think who applies for this shit and how desperate and brainwashed must they be. Seemingly this will involve, maybe, being able to give Charles ‘no inheritance tax’ Windsor a glove or a towel during the undemocratic enforced head-of-state ceremony. Previously claims in 1953 were to carry a towel for the Queen, give her a glove, and hold her arm. There was also a request for the right to hold a canopy over King George VI at his coronation in 1937. The servitude stinks to high heaven for me, it is just another example of people being encouraged to stay on their knees and for this crap colonial country to remember its place. It’s sick.

If the delusion is breaking then I am all for it – If this is a reality shot across the bows of the nutters, in all parties, in the English Parliament that the UK is not a military power anymore then fine with me. Too many who sit in that shit hole, including the SNP, love a good war. Appear to like nothing more than to sit in the comfort of their own homes, or the taxpayer-funded bars in the English Parliament, celebrating the deaths of innocent people in wars that are about money and resources 90% of the time and have nothing to do with actually doing something decent.

The sad reality though is that the nut jobs who sit in the nut house will probably fall for the crap that says Rishi Sunak risks failing in his role as “wartime prime minister” unless he takes urgent action given the growing security threat posed by Vladimir Putin, it has been warned, with calls for a significant hike in spending. (Sky News) These people can always find the money for death, or even deliberately not find the money for death when it comes to investment in the NHS. Still, either way, this colonial union can always find money to kill people, usually innocent people.

What grates on me are other statements like this “History will look back at the choices they make in the coming weeks as fundamental to whether this government genuinely believes that its primary duty is the defence of the realm or whether that is just a slogan to be given lip service.” The primary duty should be to ensure that people have enough to eat, that they can heat their homes, that there is a health service worth the name, and that we provide excellent public services and opportunities for the young people who come after us. That is the so-called defence of the realm for me, not killing people and making the defence industry even wealthier than it already is so that these pricks can play their silly games and the poorest continue to suffer the most.

Sad but true, or so it seems – I know it is the Telegraph, a right-wing unionist rag at best and only really good for emergency toilet paper but are they so wrong when they write

How then did their country become known as the wokest in the world? A place where a rapist was sent to a female jail after identifying as a woman; where it will be possible, if the government has its way, for people to change gender without a medical diagnosis; where social engineering has seen middle-class students seemingly outlawed by the top universities; and where the capital city regards meat as an evil to be eradicated from all public sector menus.

I accept that Scotland is not that so much different in some social attitudes to the rest of the UK, I would argue the main difference is that Scotland, or some of us in Scotland, have rejected the individualism that has been forced on us since 79 and Thatcher. The article goes on to say

‘Scotland is in many ways a ‘conservative’ – with a small c – society,’ wrote the Scottish journalist Neal Ascherson in the Observer just a year ago. 

‘The SNP’s faith that the Scots are naturally social-democratic is questioned by widespread values that are often repressive rather than liberal.’

I would agree with the above, Sturgeon has badly interpreted her own values and beliefs with the values and beliefs of many in Scotland right now, she has been wrong on many fronts for a long time and it is coming home to roost now. The sad thing on top of that is that Sturgeon and her government are right of centre rather than the left of centre they pretend to be, they just play the game with policies such as the Scottish Child Payment to keep the poor folk happy. GRR is about her popularity and legacy more than the well-being of transgender people for me. However, look at the Growth Commission, the Hate Crime Bill, the prosecutions of the independence activists they don’t like, and the Salmond trial. It’s a long list of tartan Tory policies and actions which for me are the true SNP leadership agenda.

Either way, her time is running out.

They are all a part of the stink in the Tory Party and Westminster – The papers down south might all be trying to sell us Sunak, and trying to imply that he is somehow innocent in the corrupt disgusting mess that is our colonial union. He might be trying to be the tough PM in sacking Zahawi but it is just all bullshit. Not that long ago, last year, Sunaks wife was using non-dom status to potentially avoid up to £20m in UK tax and pays just £30,000 a year to keep the status as reported in the Guardian. The sex pests, dodgy PPE contracts, parties, Brexit, the lies from hospitals to wallpaper in downing street to the billions lost by the invisible Truss Sunak was sitting around the table most of that time.

This clown is as complicit as Johnson in every way and don’t let the so-called media imply any difference, Sunak stinks as much as the rest of them.


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Smoke and Mirrors

The headline is unionist bullshit – but the article indicates the Britishness of Sturgeon and the SNP. This article is worth a read and captures the NuSNP but not the people of Scotland in the main but as Wings taught us the headline is never the story and that is definitely true in this case. As you all know I am more agnostic when it comes to the EU, it could be my age, or my politics, but either way I do believe that most people in Scotland are pro-EU, I don’t have a problem with it in any shape or form but reading this article it appears the SNP may not be as pro-EU as they imply, that just does not surprise me at all if that is, in fact, the case.

Anthony Salamone argued that while Scots were removed by the UK from membership of the bloc despite voting to remain, ministers in Edinburgh have done little to maintain close relations. That just really isn’t all that much of a surprise, External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson, SNP, noted “We continue to engage with EU colleagues on a regular basis through a range of forums – whether through ministerial dialogue, EU – UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement meetings”.

As long as the SNP play the game by British rules, within British institutions, and only when they are allowed to by the British State then Scotland will drift further away from the EU the longer the SNP sit on their hands and do nothing about independence. That is the SNP now, an establishment party who may as well be as British as the unionist colonial parties.

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Political Disasters

Political Disasters – We are surrounded by them at every level in both Scotland and the colonial UK. In Scotland from GRR, the Hate Crime, and Public Order Bill, and Named Persons, to no land reform, no reform of private and social housing, Police Scotland to the SNHS to Ferries, disasters in every way.

We have a First Minister who has not just been found to be a poor First Minister, but a poor leader of the SNP, a First Minister with an unhealthy obsession with gender to the extent that this week she called those who disagree with her basically of being transphobes, all on live tv. At the same time, she has done nothing to bring independence for Scotland even a millimeter closer, if anything she has taken us further away than we have ever been. A political disaster in every way.

Our colonial masters are just as bad, unelected and liars, or both. We are surrounded by people in our political establishment that should be nowhere near our decision-making, I wouldn’t trust these people to go to the shops to get me milk, they should be nowhere near running our colony from afar, and in Sturgeon’s case up close.

If there was ever a time for a model of participatory democracy it is now, there is no way we can trust the crap politicians we have to make any decision on our behalf. It really is time for us to be more involved in the decisions that are being made. I won’t pretend that this process is in any way easy to manage, or to bring about, but look at GRR. If anything needed a citizens’ assembly it was this, Police Scotland, who asked us if we wanted that to happen. The Hate Crime Bill that will become law if Sturgeon has her way is shocking law. The list in Scotland, and the UK is such a long one now that if we don’t do something then the UK will be nothing more than the equivalent of a third-world country where Scotland will be a wasteland robbed of all of its resources to the benefit of the thieves who we have allowed to grab control.


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The UK is broken in every way

Commonweal has an article that is so spot on today – Social Housing for me is just becoming as bad as the private sector as far as ripping off renters. Social housing for me should be about providing good quality homes at a fair rent to people who would never be able to afford to buy their own home or don’t want to. It is similar to council housing and often people can get mixed up in the distinctions like charitable status, zero accountability.

Scottish social tenants are supposed to access the lowest costs in the rental sector. So why is it that in 2023 they may be made even worse off than some private tenants in secure employment?

I rent my house from Home Group (formally Home in Scotland). My rent has increased more than my salary every year since 2010. It used to be that tenants would be able to vote on the yearly rise, now it is just imposed. This year I have been informed my rent will increase by 7%, the so-called consultation is a sham, Home Group consultations always have been. These so-called social landlords are not accountable to the tenants, they are often so-called charities, but what they are is empire building of the worst kind.

This is just another scandal in Scotland, all social housing should be handed over to local councils, at least there would be a degree of accountability for tenants via local elections. The SNP/Greens talk the talk but rarely walk the walk when it comes to real progressive social policy. I will forever support independence but for myself, the SNP/Greens are just part of the establishment now in the main, they are not progressive in any way, there is no progressive in the UK now only the establishment looking after the establishment, it is heartbreaking what we are allowing our country to become. The sooner the SNP are gone the better as far as I am concerned.

Conservative Party Corruption is not new in any shape or form but you have to wonder where people have been if they are only seeing it now, have their heads been stuck up their arse. According to the poll, 65% of voters now agree with the statement that Rishi Sunak’s party is ‘institutionally corrupt’, with just 18% disagreeing. Omnisis found that 72% also agreed with the statement that senior members of the Conservative party are “more interested in personal gain than serving the public” .

This Tory Colonial Government is the most corrupt in my lifetime. They put things like the expenses crisis to shame. English voters electing Boris Johnson was the lowest of the low and just allowed the impression of theft from the tax payer to be clear for all to see that in the future historians will write about, how could so many voters in England have been taken for the mugs they are. These people are lower than shit, English voters who imposed them on Scotland and voted them into power are as thick as, and the cowards in Scotland who can’t see our colonial nightmare before them are equally as thick as. Colonial UK is a nightmare in every way and I hate the UK more than I ever have.

The world has gone fecking mad when you find yourself agreeing with and hoping that right wing Alan Cochrane is right – Sturgeon has gone too far with all of this gender campaign and I really hope both members of the SNP and voters are now seeing through her failed leadership, and failed government. I blogged a few days ago that we just cannot afford more Sturgeon, the damage she is doing to the cause of independence will see us trapped in our colonial shit hole for generations to come. She might even manage to turn people against devolution at this rate.

Cochrane writes “this week has proved her egocentric view of Scottish politics – that her way is the only way on everything – is at last foundering on the rocks of voter disapproval”. I think and hope he is spot on, breaks my heart to agree with this clown but I so hope he is.

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Odds and Ends Thursday 26th January 2023

Yes and no – I agree that teacher numbers need to be maintained to give young people the best possible chance in life but what I don’t agree with is Nicola Sturgeon dictating to local councils how to spend their budget, there is too much top-down in Scotland as it is, this decision will only result in more cuts in other vital public services, many of which also add to the education and life chances for young people such as social work and youth work, services that have diminished over the years in virtually every local authority. We cannot keep making cuts at the local council level year after year. Not only does this damage local communities it damages the cause of independence as local people lose more and more of the services they depend on and therefor why would independence be any different in their eyes.

This should not have even been a discussion in the first place – So the guy convicted of a double rape is not going to be placed in a Woman’s Prison, you would like to think you were happy that common sense prevailed but this should never have been an issue in the first place. Sturgeon has only u-turned because this issue is now starting to sit at her door personally now. The whole transgender debate has not only damaged the SNP, but it has also divided Scotland to a degree and has unforgivably damaged the independence cause. The fact that Sturgeon only ever changes her mind, like the story above on teacher numbers, when it starts to impact on her perceived popularity tells you everything you need to know about how weak she is as a leader and how bad she has been as a First Minister, really is time she went before she does any more damage.

I’ve never been one for the polls even though I do take part in panel base ones – Polls in the SNP Fanzine The National have shown that 54% of people would vote Yes while 46% would say No. Results showed that 30% of people thought the BBC had done “not very” well at reporting accurately on Brexit’s impact. A further 23% said the BBC had “not at all” accurately represented how the decision to leave the EU has hit Scotland. Our poll revealed that nearly 55% of voters would back pro-indy parties if this was how the next General Election was fought as a de-facto referendum with 52% of voters would backing the SNP, while 2% would back the Greens and 0.4% would vote for the Alba party. The Tories were left languishing on just 12% while the LibDems recorded 7%.

Polling also found that Scots overwhelmingly prefer to see a Saltire on Scottish produce over a Union Jack and that 56% of people in Scotland point the finger at Westminster for the critical issues in the health service.

Yes and no figures will go up and down until there is an actual date for a campaign and a vote on Scottish independence. Surprised that only 30% of people believe the BBC reporting on Brexit has not been very good, bloody hell, the BBC makes North Korean News look impartial. Disappointed that Alba is still not making any inroads but hope the party keeps going and does not get too downhearted, their time can come if they keep up the hard work. The NHS is being set up for privatization no matter if it’s Labour or the toilet stain Tories in power. I did used to care about the labeling issue but now I don’t all that much as it is an own goal for the yoons and anything that keeps our colonial status front and center to remind people of how Scotland is seen by our masters is fine with me.

Poverty is a political choice – I hate poverty anywhere, Scotland, England, Ghana, the USA it doesn’t matter where it is it is a political choice. The fact that Scotland has a lower rate of poverty (18%) than England (22%) and Wales (24%) and around the same rate as Northern Ireland (17%) does nothing for me as it is not good enough either way. Poverty kills, it kills aspiration, it kills hope, it kills people and too many people have lived in poverty in Scotland for too long, we have generations of families in Dundee who have lived and died in poverty, all of this down to the cowardice and choices made by politicians who are not willing to make the hard calls everywhere not just here in Scotland.

The Scottish Child Payment and a temporary rent freeze in the private sector while obviously helping a little in the long run also does little. Social housing rent for those just outside the benefits range is crippling, as is the rest of the cost of living crisis, pushing many hidden families into poverty. It is not good enough.

I confess, I use Amazon a lot but I support the strikes 100% – Amazon is probably one of the online shopping sites I use the most for household goods and my clothes. I also support the workers in their strike 100%, a 50p an-hour pay rise in one of the wealthiest companies in the world, owned by one of the world’s wealthiest people was nothing short of a crime. We have all heard the stories from Union reps of workers penalised for toilet breaks, driven relentlessly to hit unreasonable targets set by algorithm, collapsing on the job, and requiring ambulance call-outs. Amazon is a disgusting company and I should hang my head in shame for using it, maybe we all should, I use it due to delivery via prime but good luck to the workers. It will be difficult for them to win, especially given the very low number of trade union members in the private sector.

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Are we talking to ourselves? What if we were radical?

For decades left and radical politics have increasingly followed a path of well-worn scripts and actions, the march, the rally, the speeches. These have reduced radicalism to a kind of performance theatre playing to an audience that knows the format, and a large part of the alternative radical political community have at times been no better. Scotland’s independence movement, like most radical political forces around the world, have too often fallen into this cul-de-sac. (Gerry Hassan)

I can’t help but think that we are talking to ourselves now, that minds are set and the only thing that can answer the question about our future, is for that question to be asked. The sad reality though right now is that both the SNP and the unionists are doing everything they can not to ask the question. The SNP for fear of potentially losing their access to the English colonial gravy train, and the unionists because they might lose and have to face up to the thing that scares them the most, just being left with England.

If we are just talking to ourselves then there is every chance that we lose the argument, the house jocks are not going to change their minds in any way I don’t think based on the arguments for yes. I know I have blogged about ground hog day before but Gerry Hassan is probably right as well, what we think is radical has become a cliché and as Morrissey said “Further into the fog I fall Well, I was just following you” “Dial a cliché” . I wish I had the optimism of Robin McAlpine but I don’t but that’s not to say I can’t, we need a campaign to fight.

Is the campaign even about independence? Is the campaign we need to fight about turning the clock back to the 80’s and fighting the Tories because Labour didn’t, or wouldn’t. Is the way to independence a fight about the corruption of the Tories, the ineptitude of Starmer and Labour, the incompetence of Sturgeon and the SNP. Is the path to independence a fight within the union, about the state of the union, but within the union, by fighting for it would we be demonstrating how utterly broken it is, has always been. Can winning independence be about not winning independence but about fighting for what we have right now in the hope that it educates the house jocks to what they are actually fighting for, what they are a part of. Would radical be joining them which would disarm them, scare the shit out of them by agreeing with them.

Have we got it all wrong and what would be more radical would be a bit of reverse psychology, should we be encouraging the behaviour and belief in independence by advocating its opposite, the union. We have struggled to get no voters to even think about the union, so by fighting for what we have in this shitty union is maybe the key to getting the house jocks to think outside the box and consider what their colonial status actually means, force them to confront it, face it head on, or am I way out there expecting them to actually care.

Maybe I am losing the plot, maybe I am losing my will, either way we need to do something, anything.

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