Liberal Democrat Conference

I went home for lunch today so caught Willie Rennie speaking at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton, so just in case you missed it here is the interesting part for you to read.

Conference, SNP Bad, Nicola must, SNP Bad, SNP Bad, SNP shite, the Liberal Democrats are winning again. SNP Bad, no to another divisive independence referendum, SNP Bad, the peoples vote is a good thing. Let me just say conference Nicola must, SNP Bad, the SNP Bad , SNP failure, SNP Bad, Nicola Bad, SNP Bad, SNP Bad, the people voted in 2014 but the 2016 referendum the people must have their say because I don’t like that result. To conclude conference Vince Cable (slurp slurp) SNP Bad SNP Bad, Jo Swinson conference (slurp slurp lovey lovey) SNP Bad , Nicola Bad Bad Bad , SNP Bad. Thank you.


Nat Fact Check

I get the occasional email from the mentalists at Scotland in Union (stupid name) sometimes and got this one today.

WoS has beaten me to it and far better lol. But anyway I had a laugh at this one. They must be getting desperate to say the least. I might start sending them stuff for a laugh.

Dear Jackie


Here is a wee open letter regarding your comments, and demand for an apology, today in The Hootsmon in relation to the estimated benefits of oil put forward by the SNP during the 2014 referendum.

Can I just express where I think you should actually stick your request for an apology, it’s somewhere dark and depending on how you stand, potentially painful. Jackie you have said that “It was nothing more than snake oil. Nicola Sturgeon should be apologising for the people of Scotland for misleading them on an industrial scale. Jackie, have you actually read the vow, are you aware that you are in the Labour Party, Jackie are you even self-aware?

You see Jackie, no one can ever really predict oil, and even Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t predict the part that Gordon ‘ Vow ‘ Brown and the Labour Party would play in the biggest economic disaster since the great depression, in fact Jackie many people actually believe that your party’s deregulation of banking actually helped cause it. The estimates given for oil during the referendum were based on valid estimates at the time, but you and your party, by your incompetence, stupidity and hatred of independence,  made sure that didn’t happen due to your open warfare on the economy that led to austerity, the collapse of the economy and the decimation of the oil industry that has continued from the referendum until today, ending any hope of greater wealth from the luck that is oil.

Now Jackie I don’t like to bang on about oil because my vote for Scottish Independence has nothing to do with it, you see unlike you, I am actually a democrat and believe that Scotland would be best served by governing itself, unlike you who prefers to be governed by England. Now I would put it to you that in fact, you and your party, should be on your knees begging for Scottish forgiveness given the lies that your party told to keep the benefits of oil a secret in the late 1970’s, that staunch socialist Tony Benn was involved and your very own Chancellor Denis Healey who said that,

so not only should you be begging for forgiveness for lying to the Scottish people but you should also beg for forgiveness about how bloody stupid you lot were when it was discovered in the first place. What did you say at the time, ” they have discovered oil in the north sea”, ” oh that’s good “. Blind leading the blind I suppose, but hey it did pay for Thatcher to decimate the Scottish economy and bring about mass unemployment in every village, town and city so your work was done.

Jackie you should maybe also apologise and explain why the UK, you know the place you love to be in servitude to, has somehow managed to actually become poorer as a result of oil, be a trillion pounds in debt, how we have no savings. Jackie, were you and your party, supported by your masters in the Conservative Party, just giving the stuff away, or maybe some people, you know your pals, have gotten rich while Scotland has gotten poorer. The only country in the world to have discovered oil and become poorer, a Labour record to be proud of there Jackie, well done, you’re a legend and a master at incompetence.

So Jackie to conclude, if there is actually a black hole in Scotland’s finances then ask yourself, or get someone to read it and spell it out to you as I know you find things hard to understand, you should ask yourself about why after 300 years Scotland is still in this state. You should ask yourself why Scotland has become poorer as a result of the union and the discovery of oil, you should ask yourself what part you and your disgusting party of non socialists played in that, you should ask yourself why you haven’t sought help for your obvious intellectual condition and you should get on your knees and beg for forgiveness for the harm and destruction that you , your party, and your Tory masters have brought upon Scotland.

Yours insincerely


What then?

Robbie Dinwoodie in an article in the IScot Magazine this month noted that Nicola Sturgeon has to take into account the ” now is not the time” factor. If, as seems certain, Westminster declines to give permission for a second independence referendum, what then? While the article is about the growth commission report I found what Robbie said about indy2 the most important part.

Now in July Westminster debated a motion put forward by Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader , That this House endorses the principles of the Claim of Right for Scotland, agreed by the Scottish Constitutional Convention in 1989 and by the Scottish Parliament in 2012, and therefore acknowledges the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs. The motion was passed without a division, but it will mean nothing.

Does anyone think for one minute that Westminster will agree to another referendum on Scottish Independence? I don’t. I think they will fight tooth and nail to make sure it doesn’t happen anytime soon, they will fight for as long as they can, and if we are somehow able to force a vote they will try to put stupid conditions like the rubbish spouted by Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, this week and covered by WoS . Labour of course will not back another independence referendum no matter what happens as a result of Brexit. Scottish people could be starving in their millions and Scottish Labour will blame the SNP and join with their masters in the Conservative Party to deny Scotland its democratic rights.

Now back in 2016 I blogged about UDI-The Ghost in the Room! This blog opened up a debate and a half with some arguing I needed to be patient, that indy2 would happen after Brexit was passed in 2017, some commented about wording and others about opinion polls. All valid points and even today the polls have not shifted from 2014 all that much in the face of the most vile Government in my lifetime, that just makes me despair to be honest but what do we do when Westminster says no?

Now Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory. The opposite of independence is the status of a dependent territory. The opposite is pretty much what we have now isn’t it, unionists call it a union but the reality is we are just a territory of England as far as they are concerned, most of them believe it and some even say it. Now the SNP will hold their conference in October and many in the party, and the YES movement, will be looking out for some idea as to how we move forward because we have to move forward, we can’t stand still.

So what will they propose? A time line for another Section 30 order, I just don’t see it. Will they propose a consultative referendum, again I can’t see it, and even if they did you can bet your arse that the unionists would make sure that as many unionists as possible did not take part to make the result nil and void, and able to be ignored by Westminster and pretty much the rest of the world, as it surely would be. Do we continue to march until we have marched to the top of the hill and back down again 500 million times. Do we continue to vote in a majority of SNP MPs that can be ignored at Westminster or do we get Holyrood to declare UDI? The Scottish Parliament in 1706 passed the Act of Union so surely the Scottish parliament today can revoke it? Probably not as some lawyer would tell you, and Adam Tompkins from the Tories screams until he gets as red as a beetroot, but who cares, why don’t we. Scotland is going to be impoverished either way so we might as well just revoke the bloody thing, stick it in the SNP manifesto, and take the lead from Dr Tim Haughton of Birmingham University and guess what, the Tory Party and

‘Take back control’ effectively combined not just a sense of a positive future albeit never defined or elaborated, but also suggested a sense of rightful ownership. Moreover, it helped to mobilize the anti-establishment support of voters who felt let down by their politicians. The Brexit referendum, as referendums are so often, was only driven in part by the question on the ballot paper. Frustrated by the sense that the political class had failed them, many ordinary citizens took the opportunity to vent their fury.

Dr Tim Haughton

I appreciate many, or most of you, will not agree with this blog so please, and I am really interested, tell me what you will do when Westminster says ” now is not the time”.

What then?

Something Different Special Edition: Sorry Neil time to go

Dundee lost 4-0 to Rangers this afternoon to make it played 6 lost 6 drawn 0 for 2 against 14 . Neil McCann must go, no giving him the Hibs game next week or the Hamilton game the week after, go now. Only Dave Smith, Ivano Bonetti and Alan Kernaghan have worst records, defeat next week will see McCann slip to second worst and 6 straight defeats will be the worst start to a season since the 1920’s.

Neil McCann, when he was a Dundee player, was one of the better ones that I have seen but he is by far the worst manager, maybe not statistically yet, but as far as I am concerned he is. He will always have respect for his playing days with the club and the help he gave during the defiant season but history can play no part in the decision that now has to be made. Something has to be done now and an experienced manager brought in before we are down before Christmas. McCanns signing overall have been poor to say the least. Jack Hamilton has had a poor start, Genseric Kusunga is never a defender in a million years, Sofien Moussa up there with Colin Harris as being pretty much a rubbish striker, the list is actually too long to type up.

Dundee FC are in serious trouble, Neil McCann and his assistant have made it worse. The board have made bad appointment after bad appointment, time to get rid of this one and have a serious go and making a decent appointment. I would even be happy to put money into buckets to get Neil McCann gone as manager of the Dees. Always be well regarded as a player, but Neil that is now at risk also, time to go.

Something Different: Bullseye

I have blogged before about how much I like Darts, I enjoy it as much as I enjoy watching Scottish Football (now don’t get cheeky). Anyway I don’t watch a huge amount of tv, probably watch the Parliament Channel more than anything to be honest (yes I know). But a channel I flick on from time to time is the Challenge Channel and it’s to watch Bullseye, when I was watching an episode last night I was reminded that Jim Bowen sadly passed away last March. The show was also co-hosted by Tony Green, one of the first professional darts referees.

Bullseye ran from 1981 to 1995 and pulled in 17 million viewers at it’s peak, no show would get that now. The things I loved about the show was how bad the darts players were, how bad most of the prizes were but most of all how bad Jim Bowen’s jokes were but I loved that sometimes he would slip and say something really inappropriate or borderline racist/sexist and no one gave a crap, a show of it’s time I suppose. Its great to watch it now and see all the old darts players, like Jocky Wilson (sadly not with us) but a true legend, John Lowe, Eric Bristow (sadly gone as well). You would also get Bob Anderson and many others, the show would also highlight female players which didn’t happen anywhere else. The Christmas Specials were always particularly bad with the likes of Frank Bruno, Linda Lusardi etc.

My favourite bit of the show was always when Jim asked if the contested wanted to “gamble what they had won for the star prize that was hiding behind Bully”, and when they didn’t win he would say “let’s have a look at what you could have won”, absolute classic and a bit sick lol.

I will continue to watch this show, admire how bad and brilliant it could be, and lament when tv was actually ok.

I hate the Tories

HATE is a horrible word, it’s a word my parents would always tell me off for using. Use the f word and I would get a warning about swearing, use the H word and I got a lecture. But when you read an article like the one below it’s hard not to use the word hate.

This Tory Government are the most disgusting excuse for a group of human beings I have seen in my lifetime , even worse than Thatcher. This party have conned people for years.

They are full of crap end of. A party that pretends they give a shit are sometimes shown up for exactly what they are. Read the story in the link and I dare you to not get angry and hate these people for what they are.

We are often advised by the thought police in the yes movement not to use the words hate, or scumbags. But you know what I can’t think of any other words that would adequately describe my feelings about the Tory Party. They are a stain on humanity because they don’t have any.

This country is broken beyond repair, this government has nothing but contempt for its citizens, it holds us in such low esteem that it puts in place systems to not only starve people but beat them up for the audacity of needing help and support after a lifetime of paying their way.

This is not new though. This government have been emboldened to do whatever they want and I am partly to blame. My leave vote, no matter the logic of my thinking, helped release that hate and loathing that has always been there in the Tory Party, I’ll always regret that. And where is the rage at this situation, we rage at plastic, we rage at Spanish police assaults on Catalonians, we rage at love island but when people get assaulted at a benefits assessment by an employee of the assessors it doesn’t even make the news. We should be ashamed,as well as, angry and people will still fall for those clowns below who want you to stay in this disgusting hell that is the U.K.

So yes folks, after reading this story I hate the Tories and I hate the U.K. and I cannot wait until we are out of it for good.

@SaorAlba59 posted the story so thanks for that Craig.