Reflection – The Day the Wall Came Down

The day the wall came down – There are events that take place that we just remember. Some of them maybe do shock or surprise, especially at a young age. I remember Elvis passing away in 77, and Lennon in 80 just before my birthday. I remember Thatcher coming to power and the recession in 1980 that lasted for years and destroyed Scotland. There was Dunblane and the shock of that, I had just started my first post-Uni post based in a Primary School that very week. Of course, we have had 9/11 and 7/7, as well as, Covid-19.

But there have been events that I remember bringing with them a degree of hope. The first one for me was Live Aid in 85, the start of my political awakening in so many ways. The big ones that provided real hope were the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 that signaled the end of the Cold War and the Nuclear threat that had always been there, another would be Nelson Mandela being released from Prison in South Africa in 1990, hope at last. September 2014 also being a day of hope that while it ended in sadness there was optimism that Scotland had changed, that real change was in sight, we just needed to reach out and take it.


You might be wondering what is this about, what is he banging on about? Well, Lorncal commented on the blog yesterday and it got me thinking about hope, and the lack of hope I feel right now in so many ways, for Scotland, the UK, the EU, the wider world I guess.

Both hard left and hard right are a menace in their own ways, although their totalitarian approach often converges, and we are probably going to see a shift towards the right here in the UK, and in Scotland, even if that is New Labour. I’m no fan of extreme right or extreme left, and the stupid hard left always pushes things too far, allowing the hard right a foothold. They thought they could sneak their insanity in, under the radar via their Denton’s document. (Lorncal)

Events like the Berlin Wall, Live Aid, even going back as far as Tommy Sheridan, and the Anti-Poll Tax march in Glasgow demonstrate what we can achieve when we use the power we have by sheer numbers and determination to bring about change. I wonder where that hope has gone now, on reflection have I just been grasping at hope in the face of what appears the inevitable state of things right now. The Public Order Bill passed into law just a few weeks ago to protect the good and great brought in thought crime, just the act of the Police knowing you might attend a protest is now enough to detain and arrest you whether you protest or not, wow.

Even blogging gets harder and more difficult as we go around in circles talking about the same things and the betrayal of us all from all of the politicians but in particular the Scottish Labour Party and the SNP. When I read the blogs, and think about my own little blog it feels like we are circling the wagons against a growing right-wing nightmare that we appear unable to stop, and that far too many people are either indifferent about, welcome as we have seen with Tory votes down south, or are plain ignorant to what is going on around them and are more interested in the sex life of Philip Schofield, it is all so sad.

There is hope though, a tiny little bit I guess, I read Pete Bells blog yesterday and thought that provided hope. Robin McAlpine provides hope, either way, though Lorncal is correct the extremes of left with things like GRR and right with the Hate Crime Bill and Public Order Bill are issues that when put all together should be frightening all of us and especially those that will come after us. The shift to the right in Scotland, the UK, the USA, Turkey, Isreal, the proxy war in Ukraine, and the profiteering of the cost of living crisis should be a real wake-up call to all of us.

How we get the message out there I don’t know when there is no media or real journalism nationally anymore but something has to give and soon. We face a crisis on every front, environment, freedoms, living standards, it’s a long list and those of us in the middle I guess have to try to keep going as best we can even though it is tiring, and in many ways depressing.

The one good thing in it all is that independence is holding up against the drop in popularity of the SNP. The moral? When in politics, never go for the easy option because it will not remain the easy option for long. (Lorncal)

Time will tell where we all end up I guess but the wall can come down, we need that tipping point right now and the politicians to bring it about. The current lot is not the answer and I know before I vote the next time I will have a serious look if there is no one to vote for that is willing to go all the way it will be a spoiled paper for me, maybe that is part of the answer, none of the above.

Just some personal reflection, not very uplifting, just trying to keep going as best I can by thinking out loud.

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Odds and Ends Sunday 28th May 2023

Russell weaponizes the word woke – I was never a huge fan of Mike Russell. I remember he was an advocate for real Tory policies back in the day like selling off the NHS. His latest intervention is just NuSNP and denial all the way with the wee implication that if you miss use the word woke you are of the right.

It should be obvious, but you can’t solve a problem until you admit that such a problem exists.

I would agree with this if Mike Russell actually acknowledged there is a problem. Even today he is still implying the blame for the SNPs problems is everyone else’s fault when he notes

I admit to my own share of that complacency, of course, but in mitigation, I would argue that the need for change has often been hindered, rather than helped, by constant, wide-ranging, self-interested, often entirely inaccurate and frequently cruel and personal attacks on the party and its leadership by those who were grinding their own axes.

He then goes on to talk about the Police Scotland racism issue and the use / mis-use of the word woke. He believes  “the word has increasingly become a term of right-wing and tabloid abuse which has almost replaced that old mantra about “political correctness gone mad” which was regularly and offensively trotted out as an excuse for what used to be called, euphemistically, saloon-bar prejudice.

Given I am a cynic I believe that this article is also a veiled wee go at those who have spoken against things like GRR, Hate Speech Bill, Bottle Deposit Scheme, and SNP corruption, if you talk about these things is the implication you are a right-wing woke, just my opinion.

Of course, it will have been an honest mistake – While I had a wee laugh when I saw this there is a serious side to it also.

Dave Doogan, the SNP MP for Angus, was named in an investigation that revealed IPSA approved more than £1000 of expense claims for driving penalty charges between 2019 and 2022.

It appears that “IPSA covers the work travel cost of the London Congestion/ULEZ Charge for MPs from constituencies outside London.

Do those bloody MPs pay for anything, we pay their meals, we subsidize their booze, we pay for the fittings and trappings to their second homes, we pay their council tax and heating bills on those homes, and now we pay their fines. They really are taking the piss and why in hell are we putting up with this crap in this day and age.

THE SNP has challenged Labour leader Keir Starmer on “Scotland’s democratic right to choose.” – SNP MP Mhairi Black challenged Sir Keir must outline the exact terms under which the people of Scotland can decide their own future.

Playing the British game, as long as the SNP keep asking for permission then Scotland remains a colony until the oil and gas have run out, so another 70 years at least. There are those on the left who argue that a full fiscal autonomy option should be on the ballot of any future referendum, there won’t be a referendum because Labour like their sister party the Tories know that Scotland the cash cow can never be allowed to leave with permission taking the credit card with it, and people like Black know that asking for permission is just giant carrot dangling, we are truly F if we do not take the independence debate into the hands of the yes community and get the politicians well gone until we need to USE them for our own ends, not the other way around.

A missed opportunity – Stupid is not just reserved for SNP MP/MSPs it appears councillors on North Lanarkshire Council have no strategic sense at all.

Eight former SNP councillors, who quit the party over recent months, have launched a new group in defiance of Scotland’s biggest political party.

Progressive Change NL has outlined their vision for North Lanarkshire Council with each member sharing their personal commitment to serving their community but without the constraints of traditional political party politics.

All they will do is lose their seats at the next council elections pretty much. If they had any brains at all they would have gone Alba or ISP, recognised brands that in the coming years will become more important, well I hope they do personally.

The councillors have stated that

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new group, which presents an exciting challenge for both myself and my colleagues,” Progressive Change NL elected leader, Councillor Greg Lennon told the Daily Record.

“Over time, North Lanarkshire has witnessed a significant lack of representation for our communities as well as within the council workforce.

“It is unfortunate that tribal politics has hindered progress on issues that truly matter – the wellbeing and prosperity of our people.

Where were they before when SNP members, or did local democracy not matter then, probably not but hey keep digging that hole.

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From Carrots to Threats – This is the NuSNP

From Ginormous Carrots to disgraceful threats – This is really the lowest I think the SNP has sunk in a while.

INDEPENDENCE is off the agenda if the SNP lose the next General Election, the party’s policy convener has warned.

Giugliano is really setting out to protect the gravy train big time with this rubbish. He goes on to say

“I’m up for a fight. I really am up for a fight, because we need to get match ready to win the General Election to put independence front and centre,” Giugliano said.

“Because if we don’t, and this is my message to fellow Yes colleagues who are hoping for a different outcome here. “If we don’t win the election, if the SNP weren’t to be in government, independence is off the agenda, and it is off the table.

While he goes on to imply that he is for “A very small organization on a structural level, but a real grassroots organization on the ground” when it comes to the next independence debate. I suspect the tweet from Stuart Campbell below might garner a fair bit of support

Giugliano, however, says the focus should be on winning a majority of seats.

“If we win a majority of seats, we have won the election, because it’s an election, it’s not a referendum,” he said.

Hard not to disagree with Stuart that this is implied blackmail. Vote SNP and if you don’t then forget about independence, that is as low as you get and while no doubt he will argue that is not what he is saying I am sure many won’t see it that way, personally, even though the SNP won’t ever see my vote again, that is how I see what he is saying. Yet another reason to get this party gone as soon as possible, they are even nastier than the Labour Party and that takes some doing.

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Where are the parties

There is not a huge amount happening in so many ways right now, cost of living is no longer news all that much as it has been normalised, Police Scotland are well Police Scotland so who knows when we will get a conclusion to the long drawn out alleged missing money. Ukraine / Russia War is now so old we are now all used to it and the fact that the media don’t really want to report how much it is costing us or even to educate us about the complexities of the origins of the conflict has become just another war in another country. So I was kind of thinking today about the political parties in Scotland and thought I would give my opinion of them.

The Conservative and Unionist Party – For as long as I have been politically aware, at whatever level of personal ignorance that may be, I have hated this party. I grew up in the 80s and watched as they threw my Dad on the scrap heap with their deregulation and wiping out of industry using Scottish oil to fund it, removing our main source of family income, and plunging my family into what was basically 7 long years of poverty. While I did not understand what Thatcher was doing, or even why, I saw the results of it around me every day for many people, not all, but I hated them for it. I still hate them today, now while their talent pool has shifted downwards big time, they are as hate-filled as they have always been. For me they despise the poor, they despise minorities, they don’t care if you are poor English, poor foreign if you can’t offer them something or have anything they want, they pretty much despise you. They are liars, thieves, and cheats. I cannot for the life of me get my head around poor people, mainly down south, voting for these toilet stains, I just don’t get that. These people are the enemy of the poor in every way, but even of ordinary hard-working people. If you don’t have money they don’t value you.

The Labour Party – Growing up most people I knew voted Labour in the hope that things would get better. They came close once in the 80s but then the Falklands War happened and Thatcher scraped a win and that was that. I never liked Kinnock the more I saw of him, he was a snake oil salesman although it took me a while to understand that. The party still had some socialists then but the longer it was out of power the drift to the centre began. People in Scotland put their faith in them, and have always been betrayed. I was never a fan of Donald Dwyer, John Smith, despised Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Jeremy Corben, while being a mentalist on the Scottish question, at least had some principles. But New Labour became the new Tories and under Starmer, with his lies, and purge of the left, they have become a Conservatives and Unionist Party in every way, chasing the same racist and ignorant votes that the blue ones want. There is no love for Scotland, only its resources, and while the Scottish branch is seeing a lift in the polls any voter in Scotland voting Labour is voting Tory, of that there is no doubt. This is just another right-wing party full of too many toilet stains and bereft of any real principles and talent.

Scottish National Party – My Dad voted for Gordon Wilson, one of the few MPs they had in the ’80s. I never thought much about them and Gordon Wilson used to just be a guy who did the rounds in Whitfield when I was young delivering leaflets. I first became more aware of them when Alex Salmond got thrown out of the colonizer’s parliament during a budget, he was also pretty active in the anti-poll tax marches and campaigns. As my politics took shape and I learned more about our colonized situation they became my party and I joined around 2012. Never really active but did go on some marches, delivered some leaflets etc. Like many, I had faith in Alex Salmond, and even in Nicola Sturgeon briefly, but when Alex Salmond stood down as leader I had resigned within 5 months when it became clear what Sturgeon was going to be like. All women shortlists were the final straw but the power grab by the NEC etc made it clear that the party was changing and not for the good. The damage that Sturgeon has done is unbelievable and done so quickly. She has betrayed all those who put them where they are today and they are now a joke of a party, they are incompetent devolutionists at best but I suspect there are a few unionists in there as well hiding for the paycheque. I think they are now over as a major force, they have a poor leader, an even poorer cabinet, and no strategy, but they will struggle on for a while yet.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats – Joke of a National Party. Neither Liberal nor Democrats as far as I am concerned. Under Charles Kennedy, they had hope, a politician with principle and stature but in Scotland they had Wallace, a clown but smart, they then descended into the abyss with the likes of Willie Rennie, and the bloody awful, and ignorant Alex-Cole Hamilton, there is just nothing likeable about him in any way. I was briefly a member as I consider myself a social liberal, if Scotland were ever to end its colonial status then that is where my politics will lay. Nationally they just don’t really matter and they will stand still or lose ground under Hamilton. They do have some decent members and in Dundee some very good local councillors in my opinion but right now they are just not relevant and have adopted the gender warrior mantra that they will pay for I suspect with many of their voters.

Independence for Scotland Party – I must admit I find a lot in common with them on the constitutional issue, as well as, education, NATO, EU etc. Collette Walker I think is impressive as a leader and they deserve more credit than they are given for keeping the flame alive before Alba came along. I think they have an important role to play going forward but I also think it will be very difficult for them to make a major breakthrough due to their size.

The Scottish Green Party – I used to always give them my list vote before they went all mental and full of crap. When they were a socially left environmental party I found I had things in common with them, now I just find that they appear to hate women and are just using the independence community to get votes. They are, like most of the other parties, bereft of any talent and in Patrick Harvie truly have a leader who like Alex Cole-Hamilton is loathsome and that is being nice and in Lorna Slater have one of the worst politicians I have ever seen in Scotland, I wouldn’t even want this person on a community council let alone in Government. No doubt the carrot eaters will keep them relevant but they are just bloody awful.

The Alba Party – Now I am a member of the Alba Party although not active as I don’t want to embarrass them with my blog. The party is growing and will become the 3rd largest party in Scotland in the next year. In Alex Salmond, they have by far the best political thinker overall as far as moving the constitutional question forward is concerned but they also suffer because of that. For me, Alex Salmond is the greatest Scottish politician I have seen, but the SNP, the unionists, and the media did a real number on him with the courts protecting those who accused him of horrible offences meaning the truth will probably never get out and that will mean that Alba will take time to get a foothold. I do think if they can get that foothold they will grow as a party but they may lose their 2 MPs before they find their feet. I think the right people are involved in the party and I wish them well, as I do ISP. Alba is the future in many ways if the carrot eaters can open their eyes and see the SNP for what they have become.

Overall though Scottish politics has never been so poor and bereft of talent. Holyrood has become a 5th-rate Westminster, with poor policy, poor debate, poor legislation, just bloody awful in every regard. While devolution was an opportunity to do things differently within its tight constraints the current lot are demonstrating that they can’t even manage the few powers the colonizers have allowed them and that sets the whole independence debate back. Things will get a lot worse before they get better that is for sure.

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Comment: This is what happens when you are mired in abject failure –

This is what happens when you are mired in abject failure – when you have no policies, no talent, and zero competence when you have contempt for the voters. This is what happens when you morph into Scottish Labour.

Labour could gain almost two dozen seats from the SNP in Scotland in the next Westminster election, research which could give Humza Yousaf’s party “serious cause for concern” has suggested.

The potential for this scenario is not down to the Labour Party finding competence and revolutionary policy ideas, this failure, at a time when the UK has the most debt it has ever had, is in year 13 of austerity, when companies that make things are leaving when we have the most corrupt Government in the colonizer Westminster in my lifetime when our social structures are breaking when anti-strike laws are being introduced that put the UK on a par with Russia. When we have record levels of food bank use, child poverty, energy poverty, cost of living crisis, where nothing works, where most things are shit.

When you have the most fertile set of circumstances to grow the independence narrative, to demonstrate to voters that there is an alternative, there is another story that can be written, that there is hope for a better future, what do we have?

We have the Scottish National Party.

The failure of the last 8 years will be written by historians in the future, the missed opportunity, the Sturgeons, the incompetents, the gender warriors, the sycophants, the deniers, the failure, and the betrayal, all lie at the feet of the SNP. I for one will never forgive them, and while I understand the calls for reconciliation, for finding common ground, I just don’t share them. I don’t believe that for one minute the Scottish National Party are interested in what is best for Scotland, in trying to heal the wounds that they blame everyone else for but that they have caused because they put their faith in Sturgeon and allowed her to surround herself with incompetents to protect her own ego and hide her even worse level of incompetence.

Scottish Labour winning seats in Scotland, irrespective of Labour winning or losing at the next General Election will herald another 5 years of imposed Tory rule on Scotland the colony, that is down to the Scottish National Party and no one else, and personally I will despise them for it for as long as live, I will despise the carrot eaters who find their home in the Wee Ginger Dug columns because you facilitated the Scottish National Party through denial and you still do, are you any better than the Tories?

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Odds and Ends Tuesday 23rd May 2023

This witch hunt makes me sick – The hounding of Margaret Ferrier, the double standards of the SNP, and of Westminster really highlights everything that stinks about our politics.

Margaret Ferrier lost her 30-day ban appeal at Westminster, the Parliament of our colonizers, our oppressors,

It brings the possibility of a by-election in her Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency closer, though a recall petition must take place first before this can go ahead.

While Margaret Ferrier made a mistake traveling while having Covid symptoms during the pandemic you would expect the SNP to support her. But no, in true SNP fashion, they hang her out to dry as the colonizers do.

An SNP MP has said he is “confident” his party can win a by-election in Margaret Ferrier’s constituency if one is called.

It was ok for Bofoon Johnson to party at Downing Street with Sunak and his mates, get found guilty and fined, ok for Charles Windsor to travel to Scotland with his taxpayer entourage infecting god knows how many people, no demand for him to be arrested, charged, and to abdicate from the SNP. They blustered over Johnson and did nothing, didn’t even try to bring a vote of no confidence. The SNP and Westminster make me sick and I really hope Margaret Ferrier gives them the middle finger and stays on as an independent.

MeeToo – I totally agree with Aamer Anwar when he says

 “It is all very well having politicians, who have never spent a day in court, wanting a system that reflects the needs of modern-day Scotland.

“But they then arrogantly ignore the views of those who have given a lifetime to working in our courts and if that’s not palatable then why not ask real jurors why they acquit, why cherry pick the views of victims that suits a political agenda.”

In true SNP fashion as with GRR,

“But when you read the small print nobody has ever actually talked to real jurors in rape trials.

“The evidence it turns out is based largely on interviews and studies of mock trials conducted by Glasgow University.”

I don’t agree that trials for serious crimes may go ahead without a jury as I have noted before, I just don’t trust people like Dorian to give a man or a woman accused a fair hearing based on the evidence of the alleged offense but this whole concept is SNP/Green woke crap that undermines an already tainted justice system in Scotland. MeeToo has gone mad if you ask me, bad enough that you can’t say a woman is a woman in the new Scotland without the potential for being imprisoned without being judged by your peers. The Sooner this SNP Government is gone the better.

Labour are getting frightened and it shows – As Starmers lead in the polls diminishes week by week we have an article by Bruiser Baillie of Scottish Labour Today which harks back to both the 1979 lie that the SNP brought in Thatcher and that anyone would want to keep the Tories. Baillie says

That is the message from two senior SNP politicians. They do not care if it is a Labour government and they would actively oppose one and allow the Tories back in.

To be honest it makes no difference to Scottish voters whether the colonizers in Westminster are Red Tories, or Blue Tories, not a jot. I have been saying in this blog for months that I thought Starmer would blow it, Labour’s lead in the polls is down to 42% now from the high 50s not that long ago. They now lead the Blue Tories by just 12% rather than the nearly 30% 6 months ago when Tory Truss destroyed the economy. Baillie is showing Labour fear in all of its glory and in attacking the easy target of the SNP wearing that fear.

There needs to be a debate about local government – but why didn’t McConnell do something when he was First Minister. Now I have made clear in the past that for myself the most important part of Government is local Government. I would have full-time Councillors and far more powers and responsibilities devolved to a local level, to meet local needs, especially around education and the economy and to make them far more answerable to local voters. Now in Dundee for example we have 4 excellent Scottish Liberal Democrat Councillors even though the national party is a basket case.

I also agree with

Willie Sullivan from the Electoral Reform Society.

“We agree with much of what Jack Mcconnel writes here. Local Towns and villages are much more capable of running their own places than current structures and powers allow and of pooling that power where necessary. 

I am totally passionate about local people being involved in decision-making, for me it brings about a knowledge of what happens locally, it helps foster ownership of the communities we live and an awakening of the responsibilities we have to deliver the kind of local community and services that suit or needs. We can’t get to that point until we reform local Government and the sooner the better we do, it really is the way ahead.

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A vote against the SNP is a vote for independence

It is clear now that a vote for the SNP nationally is no longer a vote for independence for Scotland so another way has to be found. I appreciate that many of the bloggers out there like James Kelly and Pete Bell may not agree with me, both good writers and strategists, but the waiting on the SNP to sort itself out, for the members to regain control and get rid of the grifters and the unionists who conned many into electing them has to be over. We need to put country before the party if there is to even be a slither of hope for a better Scotland.

The Alba Party has called for

the Scottish First Minister to follow through on his promise made to form an Independence Convention. The Convention would bring together key representatives from political, civic, and independence groupings to establish the way forward in regaining independence for Scotland. This convention will act as the steering group of the independence movement.

That is not going to happen under the SNP. I take Pete Bells’ point that the SNP one-day coffee morning in Dundee in June is for SNP members only, but being on the same day as

the AUOB march in Stirling tells the wider YES community everything it needs to know about the SNP. As I blogged the other day, it is time to move on and end the SNP. Many will think I am crazy and naïve but it is my opinion.

An independence convention is a start and it needs to happen, without the SNP, in my opinion. This convention needs to have the space to discuss the way ahead but for at least the Alba Party, Independence for Scotland Party, and the Scottish Socialist Party an agreement needs to be reached.

These parties need to sit down, and agree to have a candidate in every seat at next year’s General Election for our colonizer’s parliament, only one candidate, and as

ALEX Salmond says pro-independence parties should agree to stand a single Yes candidate in each constituency in the event of a “de facto” referendum at the next General Election.

The SNP of course is never going to agree to that, or the disgusting Scottish Green Party, that’s fine. This will allow the wider YES community to check out the strategy, and see if it works, it is also a serious chance to get the SNP grifter and trougher unionists out of the colonizer parliament milking it for all its British worth and elect representatives serious about at least fighting for Scottish independence, setting their own rules and not playing by the British ones as the SNP do.

This would be a start to putting pressure on our colonizers, get rid of many of the SNP grifters as I have said, reigniting the movement and moving forward. I really hope that we take this opportunity to grasp the nettle as they say, to move on from the SNP NOW and not wait 70 years as we did with Scottish Labour.

The time to act is now, the time to organize is now, if we don’t then it is all over bar the shouting I really believe that. We’ve been fed enough carrots, enough is enough.

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Odds and Ends Sunday 21st May 2023



Disgusting beyond belief – £160 million pounds to bury one unelected accident of birth head of state and possibly as much as £250 million pounds to crown another accident of birth unelected head of state, potentially just under half a billion pounds to reinforce the disgusting nature of the UK where we are nothing more than colonized servants to the establishment and the thieving political class. Who pays? Well, it is not the Windsors, it is you and me, wither we like it or not. It’s ok for people to go hungry, to go cold, to not have basic medical care, but we can’t allow the sycophants their days out to worship a family that wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. If there was ever a reason for a wealth tax it was this disgrace given this parasitic family doesn’t even pay inheritance tax like the rest of the dirty unwashed.

Catching Up on Marvel – I have fallen behind with the Marvel movies the last little while due to not really watching all that much tv of late, in fact in the last year, other than a couple of shows, I have hardly watched it at all to be honest, been reading and listening to podcasts more often than not, maybe it’s my age or the non-stop British indoctrination pish that we have been served up since Covid. Anyway.

Black Panther 2 – From what friends had said to me who had seen it I was fearing the worst, and while it wasn’t great, it wasn’t terrible overall. The story wasn’t the best, basically more vibranium has been found, as well as a new race of underwater people, King T’Challa is dead and Wakanda is under threat. I don’t want to give much away but while the story is weak it was all changed with the passing of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman and it shows in the story I think. While not near as good as the first film it was ok. I would give it a 5 out of 10.

Ant Man 3 Quantumania – I liked the first two Ant Man films, while not everyone’s favourite they have been better than some of the Marvel movies to date. Basically this sequel introduces the next baddies in the Marvel movies, Khan or does it. As you would expect there is some humour , Michael Douglas, while not in the film as much, is excellent. We don’t make actors like that anymore. Anyway Ant Man and the Wasp battle Khan in the quantum realm. The film was good and more along what I would expect from a Marvel Movie. I would give it a 7 out of 10 and worth a watch and sets me up for seeing Guardians 3 and the Guardians movies are by far my favourite Marvel movies but I do think they are starting to all wear a bit thin now to be honest.

F brass neck with little shame – These clowns just make me more determined every day to see them end. I know people out there like James Kelly believe we need them, we don’t what the f can’t people see. The elected in the SNP in far too many cases are parasites .

THE SNP’s minister for independence has raised questions about marching for the cause after Humza Yousaf snubbed a major Yes movement rally.

AUOB held a rally in Glasgow on the day of the Coronation earlier this month, which was attended by Alex Salmond and the SNP MP Joanna Cherry and MSP Ash Regan.

Asked why he didn’t attend when it was his job to bring independence about, Mr Hepburn said: “Well, look I’ve nothing against going to marches, I’ve nothing against going to rallies. That can be an important part of demonstrating that we’re not going anywhere [not abandoning the cause].

“But, look, we’re not going to win independence by marching and rallying alone.

He was probably having lunch with his unionist pals somewhere. What have the SNP done to further the cause in the last 8 years, sweet FA. I am so sick of going on about the SNP but we have got to until the carrot eaters wake up and see these clowns for what they are. The yes movement are very aware that marches won’t do it alone, but they keep the pressure on, they keep the issue alive, the keep spirit alive, more than clowns like Hepburn have ever done, all they are good for is milking us for all we are worth for their life styles. People please wake up and end this bloody British SNP.

I was going to highlight a couple of other things but you have probably had enough of the Grumpy this week, I have and it’s me. Weather rubbish as well, oh well, I did have a lovely lunch with my friend yesterday in their garden but got my arse handed to me on a plate at Connect 4. I will respond to comments from yesterday tonight.

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* the SNP

* The SNP – This party has to end, no more chances, no more hoping for change, no more patience, end them.

The SNP has announced a so-called ‘independence convention – but has snubbed Scotland’s other pro-Scexit parties, angering activists. The event will take place on the same day as an All Under One Banner rally in Stirling, on June 24.

There is no working with the SNP to secure independence, there is no common ground to be found, and there is no hope. They are worse than Scottish Labour and they need to be over as soon as possible. No one serious about independence will vote for the SNP any longer.

The event is set to focus on how the SNP can win a legally binding indyref2, suggesting Nicola Sturgeon’s de facto referendum plan for the next general election is dead.

One annoyed Nat said on Twitter: “SNP Members only hardly a Independence Convention. The same day as the AUOB Indy March”. And another wrote: “An inhouse Independence Convention for SNP does not represent the bigger and broader `YES` movement.” Another called it an “echo chamber”. (The Express)

the SNP’s deputy leader Keith Brown said: “The SNP, under the leadership of Humza Yousaf, is laser-focused on ensuring the people of Scotland have the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights. We have won election after election and have a cast-iron mandate for a fresh independence referendum – but the Westminster system is refusing to respect Scotland’s democratic wishes.

“As the only mass membership political party in Scotland we are calling on our members – the lifeblood of our party and movement – to help us secure that key vote that our country needs. Members from every corner of Scotland will join Humza Yousaf, Stephen Flynn and representatives from across the party for the one-day independence convention event in Dundee.”

Honestly, this has got to be the final straw now for the wider yes community. This is carrot growing on an industrial scale and all about keeping their British pound and pensions for as long as they can on the backs of the poor and vulnerable in Scotland who badly need change. I’ll be honest if the likes of Ash Regan, Joanna Cherry, Angus MacNeil remain in that party then they have to be abandoned as well as they are just as big a part of the problem, and don’t deserve any consideration, it has to be over for them also.

I am only catching up with this disgusting story now as been away today and disgust is myself being nice, the SNP are as British as Labour, the Liberals, and the scumbag Tories and they deserve nothing more than the same fate.



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Odds and Ends Friday 19th May 2023

Stephen Flynn has reportedly suggested the SNP could back Labour after the next general election even if the party is not granted indyref2. – Of course, they would, it is what unionists do, they support each other and at best the SNP are devolutionists but they act like unionists now.

The SNP has previously called for the devolution of employment law, migration, and energy and for Scotland to be given access to the EU single market, none of which will ever happen when employment law keeps wages down, migration wins the Tories the racist vote, Scottish energy is the only thing keeping the UK afloat, and the EU is not going to happen for fear of the same loss of the racist vote that the red and blue Tories are chasing.

Flynn goes on to repeat the same flawed strategy of the Sturgeon shambles when he says “A hung Parliament offers us the chance to make that happen – and it goes without saying that it will be ‘key’ for us.” The SNP are a joke and they never learn.

Carrot Alert – INDEPENDENCE will be “front and centre” of the SNP’s Westminster election campaign, the party’s depute leader has said.

Compare Brown to Flynn above and you get the mess the SNP is in, no clear message, Brown goes on to say, and contradict Flynn, the SNP have said a Section 30 order, or allowing the Scottish Parliament the powers to legislate for a referendum, would be their price if Labour needed support to form the next UK Government. The SNP are leaderless, clueless, tired, out of ideas, bereft of talent, and their time is up I suspect if they don’t pull it together very soon no matter what Alex Salmond said on unionist Question Time last night. I would also suggest to that child on QT last night representing the SNP, Mairi McAllan, reign in your kneck lassie, you looked like a petulant teenager sent to her room for being naughty every time Alex Salmond spoke, the look on her puss showed a Sturgeon cult member in all of its glory, all the more reason to just give up on the British SNP with the likes of 2-year-old McAllan as a Minister.

THE arguments being put forward by opponents of independence are increasingly being couched in language which seems to suggest Scotland has no role in the UK other than to do what we are told – This has always been the case for the last 400 years.

Nigel Biggar, emeritus and regius professor of moral and pastoral theology at Oxford University. Unionists increasingly refuse to recognise that Scotland is a nation and not a region in the same way that England’s largest cities are regions.

The argument was most recently put forward by the LibDems’ Scottish leader Alex Cole-Hamilton during a debate on Scotland’s independence at Oxford University when he notoriously said Scotland “can never and should never exist again”.

For me Scotland is not a nation as long as we remain a colony but I know many don’t agree with me. Blair McDougall, former head strategist of Better Together, said SNP politicians engaging in “dog whistles and disinformation” around what Cole-Hamilton said had provoked an “anti-English pile on”.

That’s what the unionists do, they pull the racist card out at every turn, like the SNP now pull out the transgender card at every opportunity, both designed to stifle debate and make people afraid to express an opinion, at the start of the union they used soldiers and fear, now they use fear, theft, and SNP stupidity with the help of the red and blue Tory quislings of the North.

Sarwar only ranks 91st as a Conservative Politician according to YouGov – I am surprised by that, to be honest, I would have thought that he was top 20 at the very least. I know this is a bit of Freudian slip by YouGov but sometimes they present more truth than we realize. Labour and the Tories are on the same side of the same arse with the other cheek being the rest of the yoons. The next set of elections will come around quicker than we think and while I will vote Alba and I would urge anyone who supports independence as their priority to vote Alba. It is time to ditch the SNP, they are over, they have been bought and sold for British Gold, they no longer represent the serious side of YES.

But the worst bit for Sarwar? His ranking puts the man who wants to be Scotland’s next first minister well below Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng, the short-lived dynamic duo who just about drove the UK economy into a ditch. LOL.

The SNP is losing the support of people who believe in independence, according to a new poll. The poll also found First Minister Humza Yousaf is not popular with SNP members or the wider Scottish public, and almost a third of SNP supporters are sceptical of the partnership with the Greens. (John Curtice)

They are F at it – One of my weekly rants to family and friends is after I have to go shopping. The supermarkets are at it, it is my opinion that we are being ripped off left, right, and centre. These bastards need investigated and not by some Tory committee but independently to see what is really happening. I am not saying that NATO’s proxy war against Russia is not having an impact, Tory pals profiteering is definitely an issue that needs to be looked at, not paying the proper tax, all of it needs to be investigated but that will just not happen if people vote for the Red or Blue Tories, they will bend over and protect their pals.

I did watch Question Time today on the Iplayer. First time in about 3 or 4 years I think I have bothered to watch it and only because Alex Salmond was on. It is still as crap as it has always been but he was head and shoulders above the rest of the panel and for Baillie to be the least worst of the rest says it all. Fiona Bruce is still as shocking as ever though.

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