This is what a Billion buys you

I work in the public sector, like thousands of others across Scotland. We are not well paid and we don’t have gold plated pensions, contrary to what the right wing yoon media say. We have also suffered as far as wage growth goes since 2008, while wages in the private sector have to an extent grown ours have not and we continue to be worse off year on year while the demand on services increases with less and less resources.

Today we saw the start of the DUP scumbag Tory deal in all its glory.

Inflation of 2.7% means that even if I get a 1% pay rise this year I continue to be worse off year on year, while my rent and all the other  bills increase by more than inflation.

I am not ashamed to say I am feeling it now, feeling the pinch. Every penny is a prisoner. Today’s vote should tell everyone what they need to know about this shitty Government supported by the shitty DUP. The fact that the Tories got some seats in Scotland should shame us, the fact that Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrats encouraged people to vote Conservative will be a stain that will live with us forever.

Of course those new stains, sorry Scottish Tory MPs stood up for Scottish Public Sector Workers, well maybe not.

There is a lot of need in Scotland, and the UK as a whole, it’s going to get worse. Thanks Tory and No voters, and of course those Westminster Tories in Scotland.

Tories find the Money Tree

But we’ll call it a City Deal, that will shaft the Welsh and Jocks. The Tory Government have reached an agreement with the DUP today for their support in propping up the disgusting Tories in Westminster.

The cost to the rest of us is £1 Billion pounds over two years plus another half a billion already agreed. The so called city deal, the DUP are saying, will be spent on a host of things that might or might not actually qualify as a city deal.

Just last week the Governor General of Scotland, no not Ruth Davidson, David Mundell said, he was “not going to agree to anything that could be construed as back-door funding to Northern Ireland”. Mr Mundell told BBC Scotland: “I certainly won’t support funding which is deliberately sought to subvert the Barnett rules.”We have clear rules about funding of different parts of the United Kingdom. If the funding falls within Barnett consequentials, it should come to Scotland.”

Lets see how long it takes for the Guv Gen to backtrack as Theresa Mayhem has said this deal does not come under Barnett, what it does do is make Northern Ireland even more subsidised than the rest of the home nations, I suppose we can argue the right and wrongs of this, but it stinks. The DUP support things like stopping women from Northern Ireland being able to get abortions in England, are climate change deniers, have strong historical links with Loyalist paramilitary groups, and are basically like the Tories not very nice.

Tommy Shepherd, SNP MP, has said ” this is a sordid deal that should not stand. If it does then the government have abandoned the notion of allocating public funds on the basis of need”. He went on to say that ” if the Scottish Tories do not oppose this they will be exposed as people determined not to stand up for their constituents for the sake of their party which is clinging onto power by its fingernails”.

The First Minister tweeted

It does make you wonder though, in 2015 we had SNP bashing and jockophobia, in 2017 we had SNP bashing and jockophobia from all sides. Obviously a deal with the DUP is better than any deal ever with the dirty nationalists from the Tory playground that is called Scotland. Is Scotland the dirty word? Is a deal with Scotland the line in the sand the Tories won’t cross for fear it breaks their precious union? I’ll tell them a wee secret, this deal with the DUP just took it a step closer.


We all know and understand that the Conservatives are the party of the rich and of vested interests but who funds them.

The Tories might be really shit at running the country but certainly very good at raising money. Now unless Munquins New Republic have given in to the begging letters he receives from the Tory Party it would be interesting to try to see who funds them as they are way ahead of the rest by sqillions of pounds.

From having a wee skiffy it appears that the Tories are mostly funded by bankers and hedge funds, many of the individuals involved have been elevated to the House of Lords, of course nothing untoward is going on there then. The Electoral Commission have reported that Wonga, a banker and two billionaire hedge fund managers head a list of Conservative donors in the final week before the general election donating £1.16m in the final full week of campaigning, is it any wonder that the Tory Party would rather hunt down benefit claimants than tax avoiders.

Now I have no love for the Labour Party, and there is a great deal of criticism about the funding they receive from the trades union movement, but it is clear that without it the Tories would just dwarf all parties in relation to raising money and they already do when it comes to the SNP, the Green party and the Liberal Democrats.

There have been arguments over the years about solely funding political parties via the public purse but when we are still buying nuclear weapons and giving tax cuts to the rich that is just not viable, plus most of the general public would have a fit anyway. We might however need to look at the rules again around disclosure and lobbying, because there is no way that anyone is telling me that those individuals are not influencing government, and I have no doubt the unions influence the Labour Party. Either way who really runs the country and who for, I don’t think it’s for the majority that’s for sure.


To block or not to block?

So it appears, according to reports today, that Holyrood could block or at least hinder the Great Repeal Bill that will take the UK out of the European Union and repatriate a whole host of legislation back to Westminster.

David Mundell, Governor General of Scotland, back in January said he was working on the basis that MSPs in Holyrood would vote in a legislative consent motion (LCM) on the Great Repeal Bill, which will end the EU’s legal supremacy in the UK, as it would have an impact on devolved responsibilities.

He also warned that if consent was withheld at Holyrood it would have “very serious consequences”. A wee threat there me thinks, and what would those consequences be me asks.

SNP MSP Joe FitzPatrick told Holyrood the Repeal Bill would be “considered” and warned: “It will then be for the Scottish Parliament to determine whether to give or withhold consent.”

Reading the various articles and info online it seems unlikely that the Scottish Government would withhold consent as doing so would not hinder the passage of the bill either way or stop the UK or Scotland coming out of the EU. Why the Governor General David Mundell would have felt the need to issue a threat is anyone’s guess, maybe his cahonies were a bit low with the cold weather back in January.

Professor Aileen McHarg said the effect of MSPs refusing a motion would be that “the relevant aspects of the Bill would not extend to Scotland” — unless Westminster tries to override Holyrood.

The Strathclyde University academic said: “I doubt the Scottish Parliament would want to do that, as they’ll want to ensure continuity of effect for EU law as regards Scotland, which is the main purpose of the Repeal Bill. “They could enact their own version of the legislation for devolved matters, but I haven’t seen any suggestion the Scottish Government is considering that. “We’re really talking about ‘how’ the Repeal Bill affects Scotland, rather than ‘whether’ it does so.”

It appears that the idea of Scotland allegedly having a veto over the Brexit process could enrage Leave supporters and has the potential to spark a full-blown constitutional crisis. It would be funny but I just can’t see it.

Of course the yoon press are playing up the whole idea and stocking the fire of the yoons to get them all worked up, the SNP have of course said nothing of the kind but where does all this anger and hate come from.

What will be interesting will be if Westminster uses things like fisheries and agriculture as bargaining chips with the EU and therefore shaft Scottish interests big time, or if any responsibilities of these areas are devolved in the first place.

Personally I don’t think anything meaningful will be devolved to Scotland in any shape or form, but the crumbs that are will be portrayed as another Vow being met and all that shit.

Either way we will get shafted big time.

If only

Harry Windsor, otherwise known as Prince Harry Windsor to the sycophants, has implied that none of the Windsors want to be King or Queen of the UK.

Harry revealed this great royal secret in an interview in America that has left royal watchers (the hangers-on) confused, and maybe a little sad. Maybe the diarrhoea  was flowing big time as well.

According to the media the 32-year-old made the surprise statement while discussing the duties of young royals and the monarchy’s public image, which the popular Prince has played a key role in rehabilitating.

“Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? I don’t think so, but we’ll carry out our duties at the right time.”

Just when I thought that we might actually be getting rid of the biggest benefits recipients in the UK, and there are a lot of them:


Harry goes on and spoils my day by telling me that “We are involved in modernising the British Monarchy. We are not doing this for ourselves, but for the greater good of the people,” he told Newsweek.

That’s a relief, all that beyond first class living, the hardships of jetting around the world playing polo, the best of everything the UK tax payer can afford to provide is not for them but for us, to make us better people and to feel good about ourselves, the hardships they must face on our behalf.

Where the f do these people get off, this fairy tale nonsense has got to end. I’m not asking for a lot, just that my children, my family and the rest of us get to live in a democracy.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Tory Government , Brexit, Queens Tory Speech, Kezia Dugdale , Willie Rennie,  Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser it turns out the end is nigh.

There is a chance, a slim chance as it turns out, that the Planet Earth could, and will, get hit by an asteroid which will cause an extinction level event, like the one that killed the dinosaurs. Dr Joseph Nuth, a researcher at Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland said: ‘The biggest problem, basically, is there’s not a hell of a lot we can do about it at the moment.’ The questions though are, does this explain why the Tory Manifesto has disappeared from their website? and will an asteroid go straight through given the world is flat according to the DUP?

This would also be a good day to bury bad news, we might not be here tomorrow, this is the time for the Tories to announce more cuts, high inflation, hard so called Brexit, no indy2. Shit they already did that, oh well it was fun while it lasted.


Kezia Dugdale , Manager of Scottish Labour , has said today that Labour are ready to fight another election now.

Of course Kezia manages to turn this into an SNP bad and starts to make demands as she tends to do , as all the yoon parties tend to do.

Kezia goes on to say that of the SNP

There’s no concept of a progressive alliance for a number of reasons, not least that we don’t accept that the SNP are a progressive force,” Ms Dugdale said. “I expect them to back our plans to end austerity, because they constantly tell us they’re an anti-austerity party”. 

Bloody hell,  the arrogance of Scottish Labour is unreal. Scottish Labour gained seats in the GE despite Kezia Dugdale, she encouraged Labour voters to vote Conservative as her hatred of the SNP runs so deep she wanted the Tories to win seats in Scotland, and the result was she probably cost Labour a chance to get the Tories out in the UK as a whole.

Labour in England might have stolen the SNPs clothes to move back to the centre left but Scottish Labour are firmly entrenched in the right. What is really galling is that people like Kezia Dugdale, and Willie Rennie of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, would rather hate the SNP than hate the Tories and what they are doing to Scotland.

They would rather prop up the Tories than do the right thing. They would rather Scotland stay a colony than step back into the world. They are as bad as the people who signed away Scotlands independence in 1707.

Kezia Dugdale is a disgrace and I would rather have never ending diarrhea than ever vote for Scottish Labour.