This story is doing the rounds today and it is more than frightening to say the least.

Remember the Labour, Tory and Liberal threats about Scotland being skint in the event of an independence vote. Well it appears the UK is actually insolvent. We have no money. 

The hundreds of billions in oil money has all been wasted by unionist parties over the years and the current bunch of clowns have lost £490 Billion Pounds to the extent that we are short £22 Billion and cant afford Brexit anyway. 

This is about as bad as it gets if the stories are true, allegedly the markets are already down and we are looking into an abyss. It appears we now have no foreign assets. We have given them all to the Americans and the wealthy, this country is a joke and people better wake the f up as I have been saying for months. 

We are screwed.Scotland get out now before we become a third world country. This lays purely at the feet of the Unionosts like Davidson, Rennie, Brown, Darling , Lamont, Cameron and everyone who voted no to Scotland being independent and a better place. 



I am off to Catalonia tomorrow for a week, staying about 40 minutes from Barcelona.

Will definitely be very interesting if they declare independence on Monday, good for them, it will be exciting to be there and hopefully not too eventful but who knows with Franco’s stormtroopers.



Well it’s the last day of my trip to Catalonia. It really is a beautiful country and it is a country. Have not seen many of Spain’s Stormtroopers but you can see the ships in the harbour and there is an edginess around. Went to the Prime Minister Office, world media everywhere but did not see a single UK one. 



Sky have found that 52% of people think Theresa May is a weak Prime Minister. 

Who would have thunk it. 43% also believe it would be a mistake for May to lead the Tories into the next General Election, I am surprised it’s not higher to be honest. 

Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in my life time. She is robotic and lacks spontaneity, on top of coming across as dispassionate and uncaring. She is a terrible speaker and comes across as lacking vision. 

Add all of this on top of the fact this Tory Government are the most cruel and uncaring again in my lifetime, and you have to hope they keep May and that there is another election. I don’t understand how anyone can vote Tory, they are the scum of the earth, but surely some of the voters in England have seen the light, let’s face it we get the Government that England wants. Let’s hope they are not the Government for much longer. 

Being rich and posh helps

it still helps to be male, white, privately educated, and have gone to Oxford or Cambridge.

That is the findings of the House of Parliament into the current demographics of Westminster. The report found that women make up 32% of MPs in 2017, and while a huge improvement on the 3% in 1979 it shows that women have a way to go.

8% of Parliament are non white from a population where 13% are non white, an another improvement on recent years. 29% of MPs were privately educated where as only 7% of the population are privately educated so very over represented by comparison. No surprises that 45% of Conservative MPs were privately educated compared to 14% for Labour.

It’s not just Parliament that doesn’t reflect the country as a whole. 68% of British Oscar winners were privately educated, 74% of Judges, 51% of leading journalists and many of the above attending Oxford and Cambridge with the very same politicians.

This is not a blog of envy but it is a blog that once again shows that being white, male, posh and a Tory helps you get to where you want to be. Now I don’t like or advocate positive discrimination in any shape or form but we need to do more to make Parliament and places like the BBC more representative of the country at large and the only people who can do it are ourselves. We need to make it clear we won’t vote for candidates who don’t reflect our communities or our views, we should influence the candidate selection process as much as possible.

The current system is broken, and it won’t get fixed unless we do it ourselves as I said, because you can bet that the current professional politician will have no inclination to let the dirty unwashed into their club unless we make it happen.

The Real Tories

While the Tories are talking rubbish in Manchester, while they are congratulating Ruth ‘ tankstraddler ‘. Davidson for their soon to be power grab in Scotland, or so the deluded believe,  they sneak out news that we better be keeping an eye on in case it’s the shape of things to come. 

The Tories actually do plan on giving these scumbag companies the power of arrest in England as they are given the powers of Civilian Enforcement Officers.  Not only is this about more privatisation of public services it is a frightening level of oppression by the state. Do you think these thugs will have the same training as the Police, the same accountability. Once you make it possible for arrests to be made for profit whats next, a private Police state. 

We have all seen the lengths a Government will go to this weekend in violence against its own citizens and this is just the next stage to a dictatorship by election. The mainstream yoon media of course don’t cover these stories so it’s left to decent independent news blogs and sites to gather the information. 

This country is really slipping down a dark road, and while the English voters have to take care of themselves we better not take our democracy in Scotland for granted. If right wing toilet stains like Davidson have their way we will be next. 

We have been warned. 

Colonel Tankstraddler and her minion

So Ruth Davidson MSP, and the real Governor General of the northern colony Scotland, speaks at the Conservative old age people’s Conference in Manchester.

Ruthie got into SNP bad mode really quickly, of course with a huge dollop of delusion, or was that shit, same thing really in Ruthies world when she said when talking about campaigning in Scotland  “this time people were looking for a serious alternative to a nationalism that had let down our schools and was more concerned with division than delivery”.  On Brexit she said that “It’s time we in this party made it clear –  that we’re not Leavers or Remainers anymore – we’re just Brits”. I think she meant English but it was being shown on the telly so better to play it safe because saddos like me watch this shit when we have the time. On the union she of course talked even more rubbish, ” to stay one United Kingdom. By being a nation that realises the ambitions of everyone in this country. Because of the leadership of this party – our Union is known the world over as a Union of choice, not of force “. I think she has been smoking some of the stuff she has been shovelling, she even took credit for “more civil service jobs coming to my constituency in central Edinburgh. The fantastic new V+A museum rising up in Dundee”. Brass and neck come to mind. That was about it for her speech, nothing there, but we already know that don’t we.

It then got really weird, ok, more weird than a Tory Conference is on a Monday normally, Minion Mundell got up to speak and the lies came thick and fast, the shit became something like a bad curry on a Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Minion spoke for 17 minutes to a near empty hall, but then they all speak to near empty halls at a Tory Conference, well until they bus in the Labour members from Liverpool to swell the attendance up a little. Anyway Minion spoke about the “majority of people not wanting another independence referendum and how Theresa stopped it when she said now is not the time, the message that most Scots wanted to hear, the message that secured our comeback. He kissed Colonel Tankstraddlers arse , he said “the Tories were back and about our remarkable union, about how weary people in Scotland are of the SNP and how the Tories are the party of the future”. He obviously lost the memo that showed the SNP won the most seats, the most votes of any single party and oh won the Holyrood election, but hey don’t let truth get in the way of a good lie. Minion went on to say that the election showed ” how out of touch the SNP were with Scotland “, he did really say that lol.

He then went on to slag off the NHS, the Schools, house building and the economy in Scotland, it’s all shit because of the SNP. He also banged on about the next referendum, slagged off Pete Wishart and I pretty much gave up at that point as Mundell is a dick and I had enough of hearing that 2014 settled the independence question, no it f didn’t, the Scottish Tory servants are in for a huge surprise.

So basically I lost a bit over an hour and a half of my life listening to a lot of bollocks, the Tories are just full of crap, talk nothing but crap, and revel in the punishment and misery of the poorest and most vulnerable.






Does that leave vote look as bad this morning. 

I have been following the disgraceful and disgusting events from Spain this morning on twitter. Some of the videos are a national shame, as is the silence from the so called media this morning, that same media who all last week were crying that we refuse to take them seriously. 

Given the silence of the EU on this issue I’m starting to think that for many today that leave vote might not look so bad. If being a member of the EU is silence in the face of brutality in trying to vote in a democratic referendum then I want no part in it. 

The EU, the UK, and the media today will be forever judged by their silence, my heart is with Catalonia this morning, the brutality of the Spanish Government and Police is horrific and I am so sorry that the EU and the UK don’t have the balls to defend you, democracy only on their terms. 

A national fucking shame.