A Grumpy Survey: Currency

Saw this tweet below and thought time for a wee survey

Now I know that many people felt that the currency question was not an issue overall in the last referendum in 2014 but I have never really agreed with that. People, whom I know voted no, have always said to me that currency was a concern for them during the referendum. So here is a wee survey to ask the question, again not scientific but it might be interesting all the same. I’ll leave it open for a couple of weeks and see what answer it gets, I won’t say my preferred option right now though (not that it would influence anyone lol).

A Grumpy Survey: Currency


Bowing and Scraping with a bit of Arse Kissing on the side!

Jackie Baillie, British Nationalist Labour MSP and supporter of weapons of mass destruction, just made my Sunday morning so much more funnier.

You see it would appear that Harry Windsor and his wife have been given a title that no one in the sane world has ever heard of but Jackie the gift that keeps giving Baillie tweeted this:

Now I’m sure Jackie will have expected a wee bit of a backlash and backlash she got. Here are some that just made me have a wee chuckle and made my Sunday morning so much more enjoyable .

I’ve always thought that Jackie Baillie was a very poor man’s Murdo Fraser, so Jackie thanks for the laughs this morning and as a wee thank you here are the papers you need to buy for your Royal collection of arse kissing Britishness and some photos on what you need to do when Harry and his missus get lost and end up in Dumbarton.


The British Labour Party in Scotland , the party of the many and the socialist voice of Scotland, lol, Red Tories through and through.

Total shame on May

Just when you thought Theresa May and her disgusting Government couldn’t get any shittier you see this news that as far as I know has not been reported in the U.K. media, and if that’s true an equally big disgrace.

All the talk this week of disagreeing with the USA moving their embassy and even on Monday this story appeared denying the U.K. was also.

So what is the truth, or is May just a reactionary and a liar of the worst kind. The Israeli Government is a disgusting Government as far as I can see from years of the news we see but if the U.K. does follow Trump, then we are just as bad.

Israel has a right to exist, of course it does, it has a right to defend itself but it uses bullets against catapults, missiles against home made devises. It is a disgusting Government that has ignored UN decisions for years around settlement building. We have no place in this conflict, be it selling the weapons that kill Palestinians, to moving our embassy to the disputed Jerusalem, the U.K. has no role here. It is bad enough that the U.K. is a joke, and as usual it looks like we are the poodle of the USA as we always are. The Tories and the yoons bend over for whomever is the US President, they bend over for the Windsor’s, and the Saudis, and now we bend over further for the Israeli Government.

Just who doesn’t the U.K. bend over for.

Something Different: T’Pau

Another wee dip into the 1980’s and another album that is on my Ipod and played pretty frequently due to it being an excellent album.

T’Pau Bridge of Spies (1987)

The first single I heard from the band was Heart and Soul and again I just loved it on first hearing. I didn’t rush out to buy the album as I usually did then, but then I heard Thank You For Goodbyes on late night radio and thought another really great song so I then bought the album. I must admit I wasn’t expecting all that much as the band sounded very rock pop as was popular around that time, it’s actually not that easy to pull rock pop off in my opinion but the album does it well. The big hit single was China In Your Hand, I can’t remember if it made number one but it must have been very close. The album doesn’t really have a bad song on it to be fair, Sex Talk is good, Valentine and I’ll Be With You are both excellent, Thank You For Goodbyes, Friends like These, I Will Be With You and Monkey House very strong. Probably the weakest song on the album is You Give Up but I say that very lightly.

The follow up album was Rage in 1988, a decent follow up to be fair. Didn’t really capture the heights of Bridge of Spies but does have a few stand outs like Road To Our Dream and Secret Garden being big hits also. The band split in the early 90’s but Carol Decker has continued to perform under the T’Pau name at festivals like rewind etc, she is a very strong vocalist. If you haven’t heard the album or paid much attention to the band well worth a visit into my 80’s world lol.

Pressure, crisis, isolated, out of touch.

Why is it that every time the media report on anything about Nicola Sturgeon the poor woman is always facing a crisis.

The latest crisis is the issue around prisoners getting the vote. Nicola Sturgeon is unconvinced that people serving time for serious offences should get to vote in both Holyrood and Council elections.

There is a lot of support for this in Holyrood but I would assume that the Tories would be against. For what it’s worth I think say people serving under 5 years get to vote and those over that don’t. The right to vote is enshrined in international law but I do think that if you commit serious crime then you have decided to act against your community so therefore have to earn that trust back and your vote.

No doubt many will disagree with me but this issue is not a crisis for Nicola Sturgeon. Holyrood will have a vote on it and what will be will be but the yoon media need to get a grip. Crisis my arse.

Scottish Parliament vote will be ignored

I was able to watch a little of the debate in Holyrood this afternoon and while not overly impressed with the standard of debate it was interesting.

It was obvious from the start that the SNP would win as they did have support from the Scottish Greens, Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s. The Tories, and in particular, Adam Tomkins and Murdo Fraser were just your usual horrible Britnats. I don’t even know why they sit in Holyrood other than an easy pay check as they obviously hate the idea of devolution, but then so do I, power devolved is power retained. Independence is the only thing worthwhile now as it always has been.

Now I don’t often agree with yoons but I agree with this one.

It’s going to Court and as I have said before I think the SNP will lose, I just don’t trust the Courts in the U.K. on constitutional matters. Once that is out the way the Tories will ignore Scotland and legislate anyway and the power grab will be complete.

That will show every single person in Scotland that devolution means nothing, it will show that Holyrood is a pretend parliament and the Scottish Government a pretend Government as far as Westminster and the Tories are concerned as you can bet your arse that English MPs of all yoon parties will happily change the Scotland Act.

Now the good thing is that this will also show that the Scottish Branch offices of Labour, Tories and Liberals mean nothing so it becomes a straight choice and a straight fight. You either go for independence or you go Tory and that’s the fact of the matter.

This has been coming and I knew my leave vote would to lead to this. I knew this was coming and it’s where we need to be. The SNP have to legislate for the referendum asap, no more waiting or f about. The time is now and we go for it. I believe we can win and if we don’t then there is no Scotland there is only empire and servitude. Time to put the pressure on and no more nice guy, say as it is and call out people for what they are. Today is a very important day in my humble opinion.

Something Different: The results are in

A couple of weeks ago I designed a very unscientific survey for a bit of fun and surprisingly 127 kind people took part and the results are in. So here goes:

No surprises here, 123 (97.6%) people chose yes, Scotland should be an independent country, and 3 (2.4%) chose no. I obviously went for yes.

70 (56.9%) of people said they would not accept a federal Scotland if they could not get independence and 53 (43.1%) said they would accept a federal Scotland. For the record, and as I have said before, if there was no way for Scotland to become independent then yes I would rather have a proper federal UK.

3 (2.4%) said they supported the Labour Party, 0 said the Conservatives, 7 (5.6%) the Scottish Green Party, 2 (1.6%) the Scottish Liberal Democrats, 1 (0.8%) Rise, 1 (0.8%) UKIP and 112 (88.9%) the Scottish National Party. I tend to vote SNP mainly but have voted Green on the list and Scottish Liberal Democrats locally due to an excellent councillor in my ward with the SNP second preference.

2 (1.6%) chose Willie Rennie as the best party leader, 0 for Ruth Davidson, 1 (0.8%) went for Patrick Harvie, 119 (94.4%) went for Nicola Sturgeon and 3 (2.4%) Richard Leonard. I went for Nicola Sturgeon as the rest are pretty useless apart from Patrick Harvie so not surprised at all with this one.

48 (38.4%) chose Ruth Davidson as the most annoying unionist at Holyrood, 15 (12%) Willie Rennie, 8 (6.4%) Richard Leonard, 41 (32.8%) Murdo Fraser, 0 for Iain Grey, 4 (3.2%) chose Jackson Carlow, 9 (7.2%) Jackie Baillie and 0 for Tavish Scott. I went for Murdo Fraser, Ruth Davidson is just a thick Tory but Murdo Fraser is a horrible calculating Tory so he got my vote. Surprised Jackie Baillie wasn’t a little higher, nasty piece of work if there ever was one.

I asked folks to rank some blogs and I only used the 10s for the table so 9 people gave Bella Caledonia a 10, Referendum 2018 9, Craig Murray 26, Munquin’s New Republic 31, Wings Over Scotland 70, Scot Goes Pop 31, What Scotland Thinks 7, Common Space 8, and Wee Ginger Dug 53. For the record I went for Wings and Munguin’s as my favourite two blogs and Bella Caledonia as my least favourite with What Scotland Thinks and Common Space the others I really don’t think that much of.

I asked should an independent Scotland be a full member of the European Union and 79 (63.2%) said yes, 43 (34.4%) felt that Scotland should be a member of EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and 3 (2.4%) that Scotland should not join the EU at all. For the record I went for membership of EFTA.

I asked which political party people disliked the most. 4 (3.2%) said the Scottish Green Party, 14 (11.1%) the Labour Party, 0 the Scottish Liberal Democrats, 0 the Scottish National Party, 102 (81%) the Conservative and Unionist Party, UKIP 5 (4%) and Rise 1 (0.8%). I went for the scumbag Tories of course.

I asked when the next referendum should be held. 67 (53.2%) felt that it should be held in 2018, 46 (36.5%) felt 2019, 10 (7.9%) 2020, 1 (0.8%) 2021, 1 (0.8%) 2022 and 1 (0.8%) never. I went for 2019.

One question was about the best Scottish band. 2 (1.7%) thought that it was the Bay City Rollers, 3 (2.6%) the Average White band, 3 (2.6%) Ultravox, 1 (0.9%) Texas, 7 (6%) Big Country, 20 (17.1%) Simple Minds, 1 (0.9%) Wet Wet Wet, 8 (6.8%) Deacon Blue, 1 (0.9%) Del Amitri, 5 (4.3%) Nazareth, 2 (1.7%) Primal Scream, 33 (28.2%) The Proclaimers, 14 (12%) The Alex Harvey band, 1 (0.9%) Travis, 0 Orange Juice, 2 (1.7%) The View, 0 The Associates, 1 (0.9%) Altered Images, 1 (0.9%) Cocteau Twins, 4 (3.4%) Runrig, and 1 (0.9%) Snow Patrol. I went for Ultravox.

I asked how many teams the Scottish Premiership should have. 3 (2.4%) went for 10 teams, 14 (11.2%) went for 12 teams, 5 (4%) went for 14 teams, 18 (14.4%) went for 16 teams, 9 (7.2%) 18 teams and 76 (60.8%) didn’t care. I went for 18 teams for the record.

For my final question I asked who was Scotland’s best darts player. 34 (27%) went for Jocky Wilson, 2 (1.6%) went for Peter Wright, 12 (9.5%) went for Gary Anderson, 1 (0.8%) John Henderson and 77 (61.1%) don’t watch darts. I went for the legend that was Jock Wilson.

So there we have it, a bit of fun and some surprises for me. I would have thought Ultravox would have been higher and Jackie Baillie. I don’t think a referendum can be this year as it will take a year to get through the courts once Westminster refuses and I was kinda thinking that if we can’t have an 18 team Premiership lets just go back to 10 with one down and playoffs. Anyway thanks for taking part.