The TIG, the non party registered as a business based in Panama or some shit with offices above a Weatherspoons is just a big con.

Everyone of them is a Tory through and through. I totally agree that they should fight by elections but they won’t, their cowards. I know other blogs have touched on this but for me it just sums up politics in England. Let’s face it, this about England and the English parties at war with themselves and the English media. Now some reading this will be no doubt accusing me of being anti English. Brexit is about England, the ING is about England and the backstop is about England. There is no way around that.

England is drawing in on itself, the Shamina Begum case is a proof in point. If this doesn’t illustrate how different Scotland is now in so many ways then nothing ever will. I have said before we cannot follow the English down this path, I don’t care if the English parties rip themselves apart I really don’t, but when they do the effect they will have on Scotland will be bad.

Does anyone really believe that once the right have won the civil war that Scotland won’t be hit next. I think they will weaken Holyrood as much as possible short of abolishing it. We are running out of time, the SNP are running out of time. The waiting is long past being over, call Indy2 now before it’s too late.


Bells Whiskey: The Scottish Brand

So Bells have shown their true colours and to be honest I nearly spat out my tea. How British can you get. They obviously don’t want half of Scotland to buy their Whiskey. It made me laugh though as they just look absolutely stupid dressed like that, who in their right mind dresses like that. The butchers apron, we know, all over the world is viewed as a flag of hate.

Now I don’t drink whiskey but friends who do say Bells is shit. I did contributed to the caption

Anyone got any others.

Bring her home

I’ve followed a little of the story of the IS bride Shamina Begum.

It appears the foreign office want to strip her of her citizenship, and we have seen politicians from certainly the unionist parties baying for blood. Hypocrites all the way for me. We’ve all seen the videos from England of EU citizens being subjected to hate from certain little englanders, is one more just than the other.

My personal view is that we should bring her home, let her face trial. She is obviously guilty of at least inciting terrorism, so let her face the courts. Not everyone agrees obviously,

some people call her an extremist, and she is, but how many other people who live in this country are extremists for the British state and their so called crown.

While I accept many will not agree with me on this one I do believe that the only way justice is served is if she faces justice in the courts. It has to be that way. I also think that we should never leave a citizen of any part of the U.K. behind, we partly made this mess and have a responsibility to look after our part of it. When we start abandoning our responsibilities then what are we.

I also don’t take any lessons from pontificating politicians from the unionist parties, they have shown us they have a blood lust, from Iraq to Libya, from Syria to Afghanistan to selling arms to anyone and their disgusting support of the Israeli Government. They are as complicit in this mess than anyone else, they don’t get to moralise.

No, bring her home and let her face justice.

The Hootsmon

Back in November the Hootsmon ran a story about a survation poll that showed that 60% of people would vote no in another independence referendum.

The Survation poll, commissioned by a pro-Union group, found that if a referendum were held now, the majority of Scottish voters aged 16 and over would choose to stay in the UK and just 40 per cent would choose to leave, once the don’t knows are removed. would choose to stay in the UK and just 40 per cent would choose to leave, once the don’t knows are removed.

So being a unionist rag they decided to run their own poll, just to confirm that they are right and everyone else is wrong, just to back up their Scotland in Union pals.

So I thought I would have a wee skiffy to see how the poll is working out for them.

It’s not really working out for them. Anyone think they will do a front page splash with the headline 82% of Scots WILL VOTE YES in another independence referendum, no me neither.


Jackson Carlow: Finger on the pulse

Jackson Carlow, deputy leader of the scumbag Conservative and Horrific Party claimed today that

He must be on the wacky baccy, topped up with some cheap non EU wine. Who in their right mind would ever think that enough Scottish voters would vote for the hate party, and in enough numbers to make Colonel Tankstraddler First Minister of Scotland.

Can you think of anything worse or more deluded, really what is he thinking. If the scumbag hate party ever get into power in Scotland we might as well give up forever and accept there is no Scotland. Thankfully Jackson doesn’t live in the real world of poverty and misery at the hands of his party. He lives in a fairy land of decent wages, expenses, and servitude to his betters, ie these low ranking Tories on the U.K. scale are just arse lickers and tea boys and don’t live in the real world. Made me laugh though.

Maslow and the Tories

Being a Community Educator is my day job, and part of that at the beginning was the study of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

I think most people aware of Maslow’s work would agree that he was spot on about his hierarchy of need. I would also go as far as saying that a Governments job should be to ensure that as best possible these needs can be met, this would be the measure of a decent society.

So starting at the bottom how do the Tories meet the need of say water, food, shelter, clothing, and reproduction.

As expected the Tories do nothing for the basic needs required by people. What about our security, employment, resources, health, and property.

Ok so on level two the Tories fail on every level. Surely they will meet some of level 3. These are friendship, intimacy, family, and a sense of connection.

Not so good for family, companionships, or community in Tory Britain then. Surely they will get something from highest level, surely we live in a country where anyone can rise to the top.

Nope unless your rich and posh you have virtually no chance of every reaching the top.

So there we have it, the Tories, and we could also say the red and yellow ones to a certain degree, make no effort to meet our physiological needs, the most basic ones we need to survive. The don’t meet our safety needs, in fact they make them worse. The Tories have designed policies that not only rob from the bottom levels but make achieving level 3 impossible which is love and belonging . They have actively tried to strip people of any sense of level 4 which is esteem, and well self actualisation is just a pipe dream for 99.9% of the country.

The Tories are scum end of.

For F Sake Just Call It

If there is one thing that is starting to really grate on me it’s the constant tweeting of certain SNP MPs going on about how crap, and ruinous Brexit is.

We then have politicians like Alyn Smith MEP telling us we just have to ca canny because we don’t have enough information.

It’s like they are singing from the Better Together play book. Things are rubbish, Scotland is rubbish but we just don’t have enough information, we just have to wait, not enough people are convinced yet for yes blah blah.

Well unless you bloody ask them in a referendum you’ll never know will you. I have been accused of being impatient in wanting indy2, of course I am. I see hunger, poverty, the erosion of public service, the bigotry of the U.K , the hostile environment for anyone not English. Give me a break and