Something Different: Rainbow Live Albums

As I have noted before I am a big fan of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and a couple of weeks ago was able to get an album I had wanted for a long while. The album in question was:

Rainbow Monsters of Rock Concert 1980

This was the very first Monsters of Rock Festival and was around the time of the Down to Earth Album with Graham Bonnet on vocals. My brother attended the festival which also included Saxon, Scorpions, Judas Priest and a few others. Overall the album is excellent, and Bonnet is actually really good live, apart from All Night Long being a bit of a disaster due to the awful audience participation attempt. I had only heard the odd Bonnet live track previously when he was with Rainbow so was very pleased to get this album. Overall I must admit this was a pleasant surprise.

Another one I have just picked up, although I had heard it before, was Live Between the Eyes from around 1984 with Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. I don’t think Joe Lynn Turner gets enough credit on how he sings the early Rainbow stuff, he does an excellent job and while no one can ever really reproduce the vocals of Ronnie James Dio Turner for me will always be the best Rainbow vocalist and song writer.

Turner is very good live on this album and I have heard some of his stuff before, but on this album the standouts tend to be Spotlight Kid, Stone Cold, and Power.

Rainbow on Stage 1976.

Still the stand out Rainbow live album with Ronnie James Dio on vocals and not a bad song on the album. This is maybe the most iconic line up for most fans but the album is all good, in particular Kill the King, Catch the Rainbow and Man on the Silver Mountain. An excellent album all round.

Final Vinyl 1986

A collection of live tracks and b sides from the whole history of Rainbow up to the 80’s.

The album includes Ronnie James Dio, Joe Lynn Turner, and Graham Bonnet but is mostly Joe Lynn Turner tracks both b sides and live. It’s a good album again overall having a good live version of I surrender and also Can’t Happen Here, Jealous Lover and Miss Mistreated. Not a go to album other than once or twice a year but a definite must for Rainbow fans.

Memories in Rock 2017

Ritchie Blackmore decided to return to performing rock in 2016 and put together a live band to tour as Rainbow but also covering some Deep Purple tracks. They did play Scotland but I didn’t bother going to see them as being just Blackmore and musicians I had never heard of it didn’t really feel like Rainbow to me. Again my brother went and was overall disappointed but did say Blackmore was very good. This album includes Stargazer, Spotlight Kid to Perfect Strangers to Black Night with Ronnie Romero on vocals. It’s not a bad album and Romero is just ok but Blackmore is good, but then he will always be good. Would have preferred a more historic Rainbow line up though if he was going to bring the band back.

Live in Germany released 1990

Again a good album with live versions of Stargazer and Do You Close Your Eyes which hadn’t been on any albums live before. Dio during this period was at the top of his game, as was Blackmore, and while I won’t say I listen to this album a lot it is a very good album from the On Stage period.

Black Masquerade 2013

This album has Dougie White on vocals, Scottish Rock Musician, but I can’t really say much about it as it’s the last one I have to get and will be very soon. Strangers In Us All the 95 Rainbow album with Dougie White on vocals is a decent album. Maybe the weakest of all the studio albums in my mind but overall a decent listen. Black Masquerade has a mix of tracks from the whole Rainbow era and of course songs from Strangers. I will try and get this over the weekend so I have all the Rainbow albums as I usually only ever really bothered with studio albums and never really got into the live ones.

Rainbow are touring this year but so far there are no UK dates, if they do arrange some I might make the effort to go just to see Blackmore before he retires but it doesn’t look like they will be in the UK but here’s hoping. I should have went to Glasgow last year but there you go. Still one of my two most favourite bands and always will be. Just for fun my choice of line up would be:

Vocals – Joe Lynn Turner.
Lead – Ritchie Blackmore of course.
Drums – Cozy Powell (sadly deceased).
Bass – Roger Glover.
Keyboards – Don Airey.


Hang Your Heads In Shame

To the 62MSPs who voted to repeal the Offensive Behaviour At Football Act hang your heads in shame.

Sectarianism is a stain on Scotland and while mainly a west coast problem with Celtic and Rangers it shows Scotland as a backward country in the dark ages, well today Scottish Labour, the Greens and the rest dragged us back to the dark ages. The legislation is not perfect but it sent an important message and was supported by the majority of the public.

Today James Kelly Scottish Labour MSP allowed the bigots to feel they now have a bigots charter, he should be ashamed and we should all be ashamed of him and them.

I am ashamed and disgusted tonight in a Parliament that we should be proud of. The argument that the Police can act without this act is bullshit, they didn’t previously and Patrick Harvie saying it’s a bad law so get rid is misguided and the Greens will never get my list vote ever again. The message today sends is shameful and I am disgusted. What a sad day.

Cannon Fodder and Hungry Children

Tris at Munguin’s New Republic wrote an excellent blog today regarding the shameful and crass decision of the Conservative and scum-bag Party, with the help of the monster raving DUP Party, to remove access to free school meals for up to a million children in England.

Now I don’t want to cover what Tris has covered, it is powerful and damning of the nutjobs that infect the Conservative and British nationalist Party and their attack dogs in the DUP, who shamefully protected their own children while attacking English ones because they have the British Nationalist Tories by the balls. No what I wondered was how did the Scottish Conservative and British Nationalist MPs vote? Do they have no shame and also hate poor English children enough to steal their food? Here is what I found

Ross Thomson MP Aberdeen South, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Kirstene Hair MP Angus, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Bill Grant MP Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
David Duguid MP Banff & Buchan, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
John Lamont MP Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Alister Jack MP Dumfries & Galloway, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Paul Masterson MP, East Renfrewshire, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Colin Clark MP, Gordon, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Douglas Ross MP, Moray, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Luke Graham MP, Ochil & South Perthshire, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Stephen Kerr MP, Stirling, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.
Andrew Bowie MP, West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine, voted for stealing free school meals from English children.

David Mundell MP and Scottish Secretary, Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale, MISSING IN ACTION.

So all bar one Scottish Conservative and British Nationalist MP voted to shamefully steal the food from the mouths of hungry children. Scumbags every single one of them. Of course the scumbag Tories have no shame when they sit down to eat themselves at the public purse, no only the best for those arse holes.

Now I have to say I sat through some of the debate and while having to put up with the disgusting Esther McVey, I also suffered the disgusting Helen Whately, Conservative MP and Oxford Graduate and all round disgusting excuse for a human being say this “Jobcentres in my constituency tell me with some passion that universal credit is really helping them to get more people into work”, what planet does she live on other than a very posh part of one, total clown. You can also bet that these are the only benefit recipients not going hungry.

Now slightly off topic in a sense but the SNP don’t vote on English only matters historically, and this vote was England only, but given that Tories of all colours vote on Scottish ones it’s time for that policy to change, it’s time that what goes around comes around. But either way Scottish Scum bag Tory MPs that voted to make English children hungry should be fucking ashamed of themselves tonight, they have reached a new low and have stained every single one if us in Scotland today with their support of this policy. Just when you think you can’t hate the Tories any more than you do they drag you down to a new level of hate.

Munguin has pointed out that the thick as shit Scottish and Conservative Brit Nat MPs should not have voted and their votes were discounted. Idiots.

The Union: A Family of Nations

Saw this tweet today and it really summed up the family of nations, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

As we have seen via the power grab and the photo above, and what many of us have been arguing for a long time, the reality is that what England wants England and the rest of us get, wether you want it or not.

There are many who would like to pretend that this United Kingdom is a happy and fair political union but those of us on the sane side know how true that actually isn’t. Many Tories in Scotland, both red and blue, would like you to believe that Scotland isn’t even a country. The fact that it is the oldest country on these islands holds no fact for them.

Now I know that none of this is new news, but it actually sums up my total belief in independence. I have never thought about oil, whisky,renewables, science , food etc and the money this raises as a reason for independence. Democracy is the reason I am so passionate about independence and the fact I have never lived in one. You see my voice and my vote before 1999 and the Scottish Parliament never mattered

While there is a huge part of me that doesn’t really care what Westminster wants or does as Holyrood is more important I also understand that Westminster is our biggest problem, even bigger than Brexit. As long as what England wants Scotland gets I will continue to not live in a democracy and we all need to get that across.

Far too many people either don’t care or are happy to be governed by another country, a different country. Where is our self esteem, our self confidence and our pride. Just watch any exchanges at Westminster between the unionist parties and the SNP, the contempt they have for our country, the oldest country on these islands. We had better rediscover our pride or we might as well just give up and all be England, a conquered nation in all but name, how truly heart breaking is that.

Doesn’t half stink of shit in Dundee today!

Just when you thought the smell of Richard Leonard’s, Manager Scottish Labour, bullshit might dissipate away from Dundee for those heading to work tomorrow John McDonnell leaves a bloody cloud behind.

Labour are starting with the fake promises first this time in stead of Project Fear 2. Labours spending plans could, the important word being COULD, result in Scotland getting 70 Billion pounds over 500 years or something, well 10 or some shit.

John , obviously sniffing something , McDonnell has out bid the measly SNP on money for the National Investment Bank and increased public spending, he says to the people of Scotland this is the “Labour Dividend “.

McDonnell said: “Our UK policy commitments to additional spending on public services in areas such as education, social care, and childcare, meant an additional £3bn of Barnett consequentials in 2022 for the Scottish Government.

“We also pledged an additional £250bn of investment spending over ten years across the UK through our national transformation fund, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, delivering key investment such as extending HS2 to Scotland, and investing in the industries of the future by boosting research and development.

“Again, through the settlement on devolved funding, that would mean £20bn of additional investment in Scotland over ten years.”

Where do these people get off, no shame and amazing levels of delusion to the extent that I am now convinced they are sniffing glue like the craze from the 80s. I am sick of the Labour Party, full of shit.

Democratic Socialists, Scottish Labour You’re Having a Laugh

So Richard Leonard’s big speech was, well full of what we are used to from Scottish Labour, bullshit.

Dick is demanding that Scottish Labour have to respect the referendum result regarding the the EU. Leonard says

“And so, by the same token if there is a referendum which we have agreed to, on terms and on a franchise, which we have agreed to, then we have to accept the result of that referendum.”

Now in the main you can accept what he says at face value but the problem is this was England’s referendum and what England wants England gets. Scotland and N Ireland voted to remain, but being regions, and not really members of a Union through Treaty they should just accept that, England has spoken so shut the F up.

Leonard goes on to spout the same shit that Scottish Labour have been spouting for years and done nothing about when in power. Rent control, public ownership of trains, blah blah blah. The best bit though was this bit

“If it comes down to a choice between the sovereignty of the market and the sovereignty of the people I choose the sovereignty of the people every time.”

Well Richard, thats an interesting point you make and I totally agree. The Scottish people voted for parties who secured a mandate to hold a second independence referendum so I will look forward to your unequivocal support when the battle starts.

It must be hard for the 2 or 3 Scottish Labour members left when they must be sitting there thinking please bring back Kezia Dugdale. What a total joke of a branch manager, the best thing Scottish Labour can do for us all is to fade away into history.

Something Different: Pic and Mix

Thought I would do something a wee bit different this weekend.

Project Fear.

Oh oh.

Dinna worry, we will just threaten the dirty jocks that there will be roaming charges in Ingerland if they dare vote to leave my beloved England.

Gotta love the 50’s.

So true.

This has nothing to do with things of course.

This is so cool.

Not long now 🙂

Have a good weekend.