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A Valid Question or Questions

Like many people we have all been shocked at the distressing scenes of refugees drowning trying to get to Greece, the state of the camps in France, and more recently the decision by Denmark to basically steal their belongings when … Continue reading

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All Women Short Lists AGAIN

I have blogged about this issue before in relation to the SNP and now find myself blogging about it again as the Scottish Liberal Democrats begin the build up to their spring conference in Aberdeen and the issue being on … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

Thought I would make a few wee points today about a few things that have gotten me interested over the last wee while. Jeremy Corbyn I am not a Labour fan at all, especially the Scottish branch, but the continued … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

This blog has come about from a response I wrote to and kinda captures what I am thinking at the moment about where we stand right now. Our non democracy is under attack right now more than it has … Continue reading


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