Bits and Pieces

Thought I would make a few wee points today about a few things that have gotten me interested over the last wee while.

Jeremy Corbyn

I am not a Labour fan at all, especially the Scottish branch, but the continued vilification of Jeremy Corbyn in the media, mainly the BBC (surprise surprise) has become predictable and boring. They appear so determined, as many within the Labour Party, that this man should never get the chance to become Prime Minister. Now I accept that he hasn’t started very well and his views on Scotland leave a lot to be desired. However, he has been given a huge mandate by the members and it will take a while to weed out the Tories in the party and return it to something the genuine left wing members of the party want. I also suspect that after another 4 and a half years of this right wing Tory nightmare that we have right now, that if the 34% of voters in England who didn’t vote in 2015 come out and vote for change, and vote for Corbyn, he might just pull it off. I am not writing him off and hope that he can find a way to use his party and work in partnership with other parties to bring this shitty government down. However the media onslaught demonstrates how badly served we are in this country with our very own across the board Pravda. They must be very afraid of him succeeding and the thought of ordinary people actually having a say in how this country is run.

David Bowie

Like many, I found it sad to hear that David Bowie had passed away, as it is when anyone passes away. However I did not feel the coverage needed to be the extent of what it was, the language being as flowery as it was, and some of the reported comments by celebrities and ordinary people were a bit awful and took up far too much airtime. The reports of alleged comments on social media by nationalists in the Daily Rancid and Torygraph were really predictable and again sums up the media in this country now. They struggled to find any really bad comments at all but that did not stop them trying to find anyway they could to denigrate a whole part of the population in Scotland, again really predictable and so very very sad yet again that the Unionist media in Scotland would use the death of David Bowie to press home their own right wing agenda. Now while not a huge fan of his music I accept that in many ways he changed the culture of music in the UK, and I am sorry for his family, my father passed away due to cancer and I know how tough that is to go through, but again the coverage I felt just did not really merit the extent it did and in many ways did not really respect the man, just my opinion.

Dundee Utd

Now being a Dundee FC fan I must admit that I am enjoying both our recent derby win and being above Utd in the league. Where I differ from many Dundee FC fans is that I do not want Dundee Utd to be relegated at all. The derby is the best game throughout the season, the derby I suspect generates a lot of income to both clubs, but also I do not want to see anyone lose their job which is what will happen if Utd go down. Dundee as a City can ill afford any more job loses or the human cost and devastation that losing your job brings. We will soon be facing the prospect of redundancies from the local council and this City just cannot take much more and no matter how many V&A’s we build they will not replace the jobs that will be lost. So I want Dundee FC to win all the derbies, to finish above them in the league but not for Dundee Utd to get relegated, so come on Utd finish 10th.

BBC Charter Renewal

Currently watching a bit of the committee from Holyrood, Tony Hall (Director General of the BBC) and Ken MacQuarrie (Director BBC Scotland) are facing questions from committee. Neither are coming across well at all but saying that the questions asked so far have just not being that great. I want to know why the BBC in Scotland is perceived as being bias by many of us, why there is no political balance, why Scottish Football is short changed compared to Match of the Day, why we don’t have a Scottish Six o Clock News rather than the awful Reporting Scotland and why that really awful Scotland 2016 is actually on at all. It’s really important that the BBC in Scotland is held to account but they also need to be asked the right questions. Holyrood has just been cut off to go to an empty House of Commons, see what I mean and what is the f point. The BBC is not fit for purpose anymore and should be sold off.

4 Responses to Bits and Pieces

  1. tris says:

    I suspect the BBC’s desire to get their hands on a much money as they possible may be the reason that they are jumping on Corbyn. But I agree with you it is plain wrong.

    I’m sick to death of the BBC. It is an English broadcaster. I listen to the news on Radio 4 and it is English news. The 6 o’clock news on tv is the same, although now I never watch it. If Scotland is a foreign country to them, they shouldn’t expect Scots to pay their licence.

    Bowie was just another pop singer to me. Now this is a very personal point of view and I don’t want to upset Bowie fans, of which there are millions. I guess he was part of a movement to modernise British life. His outrageous make-up and clothes; his open bi-sexuality at a time when it was totally unacceptable, built on what the bands and singers of the 60s had done. Musically though, I reckon he could barely sing. His voice was thin and his reach limited. However, the fans can;t be wrong. he was obviously a major player in the music and art scene. He has my respect for turning down the tra la la of the British state… knighthood and CBE.

    • Tris

      You are right, the BBC is an English broadcaster and not a very good one. I have been , or was having, a debate with Lib Dem members on Facebook about how rubbish BBC News is and some of the comments were just unreal. The English, and I have some really great English friends, are just so different to ourselves in so many ways and really don’t have a clue about what is going on in their country, esp. certain Lib Dem members. Talk about heads buried in the sand.

      Bowie, it is sad but like I said it is sad when anyone passes away. The continued media coverage is sickening, they never gave a shit when he was alive mostly. What is it with this country that certain parts of it only want to celebrate ones who many feel are talented when they die and give awards to useless ones when they are alive.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark says:

    The fact that the BBC don’t like Jeremy Corbyn tells us that he must be doing something right.
    He has little knowledge and perhaps little imterest in Scotland and appears to be yer another British Nationalist but I do have some regard for him. He doesn’t obssess about his appearance (look at the damage having someone who looks and sounds good on TV does – Blair/Cameron). His performance at PMQs is measured and his questions are pertinent and well asked. Compare this with Camerons’ sneering contempt. He is a Republican and a Pacifist, which many of us agree with. I only hope over time, he begins to view Scotland as he does Ireland.

    Sorry I must admit to knowing next to nothing about football, but I like to see anyone other than the Old Firm doing well. I feel they are institutuions that have kept Scotland divided for too long. Unsurprisingly many of their past and present employees supported the Union.
    So good luck to both sides in Dundee!

    • Lanark

      I agree, I think Corbyn is doing better as the weeks go on. Of course the media will never allow that to be shown and he has someway to go to get the Tories out of the Labour Party but there is hope. I also hope that as things go on he will learn about Scotland and how much it has changed here and find a way to work with the MPs from Scotland whomever they may be.

      I am a football fan although don’t get very often but to be honest on the back of another couple of hundred jobs going in Dundee it just doesn’t register. The City is close to being on it’s knees and I must admit I really do fear for the future of the City, no amount of V&As and nice gardens will help the city get out of the desperate situation is in at the moment. It just shows how quickly things like sport become less important on occasions.

      Thanks for commenting.


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