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It won’t matter, the Tories don’t care

So the UN are to investigate the U.K. yet again about the impact of their austerity policies on the poor and vulnerable. It’s not that long ago that a UN committee found that the U.K. was discriminating against people with … Continue reading

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Digging your own grave

British Labour in Scotland are finished, they were on their last legs anyway but tonight has demonstrated they are over. Tris over at Munquin’s New Republic sums it up brilliantly. When you are tweeting the tweets below regarding the Scottish … Continue reading

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That Banner and That Word

There has been a lot of talk on Twitter, on the net, on blogs, and even Wee Ginger Dug about that banner and that sentiment. I wasn’t at the march at the weekend, and there is some speculation as to … Continue reading

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Something Different: Rocky

Dipping back into movies that I have always liked and have watched a lot over the years. Most of us will have seen a Rocky film at least once so here is my order of preference. Rocky 3 (1982) The … Continue reading

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Unionist of the month

Goes to Prime Minister Theresa Mayhem for stooping to levels not seen in a long time, she has no shame and this image could be any unionist, it’s what they do.

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And so it begins

I blogged a few months ago that we were heading for a trade war with the USA and sadly it looks like it is coming. The EU has placed tariffs on a variety of goods from the USA in retaliation … Continue reading

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So allegedly Theresa May is looking to cut the defence budget again to pay for all the things she has been promising recently, but the simple fact is that Britain is in decline. Tory right wingers,and Ruth Davidson, might think … Continue reading

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And here we go again

It appears English football fans have been keeping up their exemplary record when travelling abroad to support their country, before people would have been outraged, now it’s just the norm.

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This is so wrong and 1938 all over again

So the Trump administration have taken 2342 children away from their parents whom have crossed illegally from Mexico into the United States. I don’t usually comment on other countries politics that don’t involve the U.K. but this is sick and … Continue reading

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Yoons of the day courtesy of BBC Scotland

I really enjoy it when the British Propaganda Corporation open up comments for the yoons who are out for the weekend. Posted by John W  Ime amazed the Shetland’s hasn’t just told Sturgeon where to go and declared independence. Why … Continue reading

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