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The Peoples Vote

Now that the Labour Party have indicated they support the so called people’s vote on any EU deal, and possibly including a yes or no vote to remain a member of the EU, another referendum has become more likely. The … Continue reading

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Check the Post

The Conservatives have appointed a minister for food supplies. David Rutley MP and ex ASDA exec will oversea food supplies. He will work with DEFRA as concerns grow regarding a no deal Brexit and delays with customs at borders. The … Continue reading

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It’s Just Different When It’s Salmond

Today news broke that Tory MSP Miles Briggs is facing sexual misconduct allegations. According to Tom Gordon at the Herald he “is alleged to have made persistent unwanted advances at a parliamentary social event”. Now I came across this story … Continue reading


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Something Different: The Meg

Silly, tongue in cheek, awful dialogue, I give you The Meg. Jason Stratham action vehicle film basically that is what this movie is. The Meg basically follows Jonas Taylor (Stratham) a deep sea diver and rescuer as he rescues trapped … Continue reading

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Right and Wrong

I like Owen Jones but he can sometimes be really annoying, and I didn’t agree with his views on Scottish Independence or Jeremy Corbyn, but I think he is very smart and is actually an intellectual unlike certain others. Anyway … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrat Conference

I went home for lunch today so caught Willie Rennie speaking at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton, so just in case you missed it here is the interesting part for you to read. Conference, SNP Bad, Nicola must, SNP … Continue reading

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Nat Fact Check

I get the occasional email from the mentalists at Scotland in Union (stupid name) sometimes and got this one today. WoS has beaten me to it and far better lol. But anyway I had a laugh at this one. They … Continue reading

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Dear Jackie

Hiya Here is a wee open letter regarding your comments, and demand for an apology, today in The Hootsmon in relation to┬áthe estimated benefits of oil put forward by the SNP during the 2014 referendum. Can I just express where … Continue reading

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What then?

Robbie Dinwoodie in an article in the IScot Magazine this month noted that Nicola Sturgeon has to take into account the ” now is not the time” factor. If, as seems certain, Westminster declines to give permission for a second … Continue reading

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Something Different Special Edition: Sorry Neil time to go

Dundee lost 4-0 to Rangers this afternoon to make it played 6 lost 6 drawn 0 for 2 against 14 . Neil McCann must go, no giving him the Hibs game next week or the Hamilton game the week after, … Continue reading

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