It’s Just Different When It’s Salmond

Today news broke that Tory MSP Miles Briggs is facing sexual misconduct allegations. According to Tom Gordon at the Herald he “is alleged to have made persistent unwanted advances at a parliamentary social event”.

Now I came across this story by accident because it isn’t really making the headline news all that much, I am not surprised by this at all because it’s just different if it’s an Alex Salmond story as we all know. Any sexual misconduct allegations are serious and should be treated the same to ensure that all parties get a fair and impartial hearing, that the truth comes out, and that the issue is investigated in line with the seriousness of the allegations, and you would expect the media in Scotland to do the same, but do they? The headlines do just tend to be different don’t they, some are front page news and some, just aren’t.

Back in August the Telegraph demanded that Nicola Sturgeon has been warned it would be “completely unacceptable” to keep “hidden” from the public the nature of her discussions with Alex Salmond after he was accused of sexual misconduct. Opposition parties demanded “full transparency” and called on the First Minister to reveal what was said in three meetings with her predecessor after two female civil servants accused him of harassment. It was reported at the time that Tory equalities spokeswoman Annie Wells has written to Scottish Government Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans seeking to clarify whether complaints had been raised against Mr Salmond before January. She said: “I believe we need to know whether these allegations were ever brought to the attention of the Scottish Government prior to January 2018. “There is a clear public interest in getting a definitive answer as to whether any complaints against the former first minister were made in this period and whether any Scottish Government officials or ministers were informed about them.

I wonder what Annie Wells is saying today, obviously there is a clear public interest here regarding Miles Briggs, but it just isn’t Alex Salmond is it, because all the Tories are saying today is that “Until that process concludes, the party cannot comment”. Rhoda Grant of Labour at the time said “that the people of Scotland expect full transparency over this most serious of matters, but the SNP government has so far not been forthcoming”. I can’t seem to find any comment from the Scottish Labour Conservative Party on this disclosure today at all, anywhere. I was also wondering if Tom Gordon will run with the story for days like he did the Alex Salmond one, will we see headlines like


Tom Gordon: Wave of support for Salmond inside SNP could make life hell for Sturgeon

SNP on brink of civil war over Salmond sex claims

I won’t hold my breath to be honest as it’s just not Alex Salmond is it. As I said any allegation of sexual misconduct is serious and all parties desrve a fair and impartial hearing. Many in the unionist parties demand it, just not when it’s the SNP, the hypocrisy of the unionists and their pals in the dung pile that makes up the news media in Scotland just don’t surprise me at all, I suppose the only surprise is that Tom Gordon actually reported the story.





  1. Robert Nugent


    • Bruce Hosie

      I only buy the National a few times a week and trying to get it on a Sunday when I can bothered. I don’t think the media really care anymore, they cant be making money in Scotland and must be using their wider circulation to subsidise the lies they peddle here. I wouldn’t miss them if they all went under from the unionist side.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Lanark

    Apparently he’s been cleared by an internal Tory investigation and Ruth says that’s fine. So move along, nothing to see here.

    Back to SNP Baaaaaaaaaad.

    • Bruce Hosie

      Someone said on line that Briggs did a press conference saying they had found him innocent before the hearing. Nothing would surprise me of the Tories, one Law for them and what they decide for the rest of us.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Bruce Hosie

      Judge, jury and executioner, the Tory way and you can bet the media will play it down. I despise the Tories of all colours and their media, it’s why we will win in the end. They are losing more ground every day, at some point the balance will really shift and Labour by denying democracy this weekend just made it more likely.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. David Cameron's Secret Love Child

    sorry, former first minter and a regional list MSP are two totally different kettles of fish. No one will have heard of Miles Briggs.

    • Bruce Hosie

      But the issue is how these serious offences are dealt with by the parties, the system and covers in the media and as we can clearly see it’s one rule for the SNP and another rule for yoons.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • David Cameron's Secret Love Child

        I disagree, the issue is about how prominent the person is. Mark McDonald did not recieve the same treatment as Mr Salmond.

            • Bruce Hosie

              Cleared by an internal party enquirey where he got to ask the questions, have a press conference before the result to say he had been found innocent and not referred to parliamentary authorities, Tory justice but I’m sure the courts would support that approach.

              Thanks for commenting.

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