Liberal Democrat Conference

I went home for lunch today so caught Willie Rennie speaking at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton, so just in case you missed it here is the interesting part for you to read.

Conference, SNP Bad, Nicola must, SNP Bad, SNP Bad, SNP shite, the Liberal Democrats are winning again. SNP Bad, no to another divisive independence referendum, SNP Bad, the peoples vote is a good thing. Let me just say conference Nicola must, SNP Bad, the SNP Bad , SNP failure, SNP Bad, Nicola Bad, SNP Bad, SNP Bad, the people voted in 2014 but the 2016 referendum the people must have their say because I don’t like that result. To conclude conference Vince Cable (slurp slurp) SNP Bad SNP Bad, Jo Swinson conference (slurp slurp lovey lovey) SNP Bad , Nicola Bad Bad Bad , SNP Bad. Thank you.



  1. East Neuker

    As I have said before, Rennie is my constituency MSP, due to all the Tories voting for him. He is a nasty piece of work, not as stupid as he sometimes comes across. He’s a Unionist plant and a total shit. I have confronted him in the street about his, and his party’s, support for Tory policies which are killing people in his own constituency ( some of us are not rich bastards ) but been hustled aside by his minders.
    The man is no liberal. He is a right wing Tory with no conscience. The LD party is a front for anti Scottish right wing Unionism.
    These people are despicable.
    What more is there to say?

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker
      The speech was a total waste of time, nothing much there other than the usual. Rennie was even trying to convince the crowd that the Liberals are on the way back in Scotland, total clown. I met him once and wasn’t overly impressed, I just thought there is nothing there and he is only leader because most of the rest are even worse. Scotland suffer from some really bad politicians, in all parties, but the yoons are definitely infected by them. I don;t envy you.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • trispw

      Nothing. You said it all there. Bang on.

      They have, like the rest of the parties here, nothing to propose, except One Nation Britain.

      I’ve always thought he could hardly be as stupid as he appears otherwise he’d have his shirt on back side fore.

      The conference is exactly what you’d expect and load of p*** and wind from a party that threw its influence away along with its principles for a few red boxes and ministerial cars at the lower end of the cabinet.

      Utter suckers the lot of them.

      Nick Clegg was owned on tv tonight by a lad half his age, but with twice his intellect.

      • Anonymous

        There is talk that Rennie might stand for leader of the party, both him and Swinson would be a God send. Rennie nothing short of useless and makes Davidson seem less than useless slightly, and Swinson, so far up her own arse and a Tory that any sane person can’t help but dislike her. The speech was just the usual conference fodder, I don’t know why any of the parties bother any more, they hand pick the motions so there is nothing the leadership don’t like and then ignore the wishes of their members anyway. Just another reason why I am not in a political party anymore, the SNP are just as bad when it comes to their conferences as well, so strictly managed you have to wonder who they are for. The Liberal one, from what I have seen, has been pretty dire and I don’t detect any enthusiasm for anything from the members, maybe some young people in the audience but they will learn quickly enough. I watched the video, Clegg, Tory all the way. Clegg, Swinson, Davey, Cable they have all destroyed that party when Charles Kennedy had made it electable, clowns.

        Thanks for commenting.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think about the date all that often to be honest, we will either get our sovereignty back or many of us will disengage from politics and let the yoons have the country. I know some people who have said one more go, if Scots decide again that they don’t want there to be a Scotland then that’s it for me, look after mine and not engage anymore. I must admit I have some sympathy for that, this is the worst government in my lifetime in a country that is borderline falling apart, if people want to stay a part of that then they can count me out and I might just opt out. Defeatist I know but I wonder what will it take for this country to wake the f up. But either way we have one more fight in us so at least lets make life as uncomfortable for the yoons and those suffering from jockholme syndrome as we can.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Anonymous

      Rennie always good for some mocking and a laugh, total plank. The only thing that really gets to me is that we pay his wages and people vote for that clown.

      Thanks for commenting.

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