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After 309 F****** Years

After 309 years of union the Poverty and Social Exclusion in Scotland 2015 report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation makes very sober reading. After 309 years of political union with England, bringing about the creation of the United Kingdom of … Continue reading

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The Debate and my opinion for what it’s worth

Against my better judgement I watched last nights STV leader’s debate, after I watched Scotland play Denmark, all two hours of it. First things first, it was handled a lot better than the BBC one, not hard to do that … Continue reading

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Holyrood 2016 Predictions

The Campaign for the Holyrood Elections 2016 is barely a week old and I am very bored by it already. Politics as we know is not the most exciting thing in the world, it is very important, but in the … Continue reading

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Tomorrow could have been

The day that Scotland started charting a different path, Thursday 24th March 2016, the day that hope and not fear would have been our start. The day when we would have rediscovered our democracy, our soul in so many ways, … Continue reading

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We Need to be Ready

I watched a little of the Commons this afternoon and saw a little of the debate on John McDonnell’s urgent question to the Chancellor to make a statement on the changes that are coming as a result of the shambles … Continue reading

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Budget for the already Wealthy

So we have the parts of the budget that the posh boys are willing to admit to, as we know the real shafting will come in the small print over the next couple of days. But here are some interesting … Continue reading

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The Real Cult

Since The Referendum, and the extraordinary result in last years General Election,the SNP and/or Nicola Sturgeon are often described as a cult by unionists, described as even worse by the more loony unionists but is the SNP really the cult … Continue reading

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We all make mistakes

As anyone who has ever read this blog will know I consider myself to be a Liberal, as many people do. To that end last year I joined the Liberal Democrats in the hope that I would find a Liberal … Continue reading

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Our Democracy is Broken

There is a national campaign running called and it is concerned with voting reform in the United Kingdom and in particular Proportional Representation. Our democracy is broken, there is no if’s, but’s or doubts about it. Our democracy has … Continue reading


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Politically Correct Distraction

So at the Scottish Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Edinburgh this weekend the party passed the motion to bring in all women short lists in target seats by 75% to 25%. This is all being done in the name of … Continue reading

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