The Real Cult

Since The Referendum, and the extraordinary result in last years General Election,the SNP and/or Nicola Sturgeon are often described as a cult by unionists, described as even worse by the more loony unionists but is the SNP really the cult in this country. George Foulkes, yes him of no significance in the Labour Party, certainly thinks the SNP is more of a cult than a political party. Alex Massie in the Spectator describes the modern SNP as a broad and fiercely evangelical church. Jim, Savior of the Union, Murphy called the SNP ‘ a pseudo religious cult ‘ as the door was hitting him on the ass on the way out last May as the leader of the Northern Branch of Labour.

However, as tomorrows budget approaches, there is a cult that has actually been around since I was a teen in the 1980’s and it started in 1979. This cult was elected in the form of Margaret Thatcher and her disciples will continue their mantra tomorrow with more attacks on the poor, the vulnerable, the elderly and the weakest. This real cult born for me in 1979 brought in years of public division, years of private selfishness and a cult of greed that has sucked the life out of once proud people and communities. This cult has enriched the top 1% at the expense of those with the least. The coalition government hurt the poorest the most to make the rich richer. When Thatcher died people like David Cameron called her ‘a great leader and a great Briton’, Ed Miliband, that great socialist, said he had ‘respect for her extraordinary achievements and extraordinary personal strengths’ but this real cult, this worship of Thatcher has left us and continues to leave us with a legacy of economic ruin, of destroyed trade unions, of eroded rights, of the dismantling of the social security system, of sanctions and DWP inspired suicides of desperate and destitute people.

Osbourne will tomorrow continue this cult of greed, of selfishness, of attacks against the most vulnerable when he announces an additional 4 BILLION in cuts from benefits.

So when the unionists talk of cults, when Rennie, Davidson and Dugdale start shouting about SNP cuts and the cult of Nicola Sturgeon when they are out campaigning for Mays elections, lets not lose sight of the real enemy here, the real CULT. Lets not lose sight of who is attacking whom, lets not let the unionists set the news agenda. Let’s make sure that we show people who the real villains are here, lets show people who are complicit in this attack on our vital services. Lets show people why many more people are going to food banks, why many more people are being sanctioned, why the disabled are housebound with no support. The SNP are not to blame for these things, the CULT of greed, of selfishness and of unionism is to blame.

Lets not lose sight of what we need to do to change this, lets not lose sight of independence.



  1. bringiton

    The core belief of the neoliberal cult is the freedom of the market or as Thatcher said “You cannot buck the markets”.
    However,in practice what we are seeing is anything but a “free” market.
    The oil cartels fixing prices through control of supply,energy companies in the UK acting in a similar way by pretending to be in competition when the reality is the “market” is rigged to provide maximum profit for their senior managers and shareholders.
    Almost every cult on the planet has at it’s core a belief which doesn’t stand up to scrutiny but a political movement based on democratic rights is a completely different animal.
    So,you are right,the cult which should be exposed is the fraudulent neoliberal one which has been accepted as acceptable political dogma for too long in England and elsewhere.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Totally, austerity for the poor and socialism for the wealthy and the companies. You wonder how long people will put up with it but I suppose forever. Enough people vote Tory for them to form the Government in our flawed system, Clinton looks like she might become President based on a small percentage of the vote in their system and she is just a Tory and the mirror of Cameron.

      I often wonder what will it take for people to get really angry, hunger on a large scale or something. Scary times as far as I am concerned with those wankers in power.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    I don’t agree with quite a few SNP policies but at least they still stand for something. The day they abandon the goal of independence is the day we abandon them.

    I see us as a movement, not a cult. All those folks camping out for days outside Buckingham Palace, along with creepy wee Nicholas Witchell, to catch a glimpse of one of the Windsors – now that really is a cult.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I’m the same about the SNP, they have pretty much been ok but some of their policies are not great, but I have decided that I won’t be in a political party rather I will actively campaign and blog where possible for yes. That is the only aim for me now, the political parties in the main are about who you know, you have to serve your apprenticeship in leafleting and even in the SNP you have to toe the party line and it helps if you went to a decent school. They are not perfect and in some ways similar to the unionist parties, but they are a hell of a lot better and will have my support as long as they fight for yes and don’t go down the right wing path.

      Thanks for commenting.


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