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Bits and Pieces – Monday 31st January 2022

Healthy Eating – It seems that certain politicians have a healthy eating new years resolution, especially around the consumption of carrots, as Keir Starmer has promised boosting the powers of the Scottish Parliament will be an early priority if he … Continue reading


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Bits and Pieces – Sunday 30th January 2022

Comfy Slippers is back – SNP Unionist MP Pete Wishart is at it again. It appears that after 20 years of achieving nothing for Scotland at Westminster he hasn’t even learned how politics works at all. It’s people like Wishart, … Continue reading

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Project Hope – You’re Having a Laugh

IT’S time for a “Project Hope” to keep Scotland in the UK, an influential ex-Scotland Office minister says. Lord Andrew Dunlop says he was “worried” by the “muscular Unionism” adopted by the UK Government after the publication of his Dunlop … Continue reading

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A Grumpy Survey

Please find a link below to a new Grumpy Scottish Man Survey.

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Lead or Go, Campaign or Stand Aside

This follows on from my earlier blog today in many ways and it is about moving forward as the revelations about the disaster which is the current Tory Government continues. Boris Johnson may be forced to resign at some point … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces – Thursday 27th January 2022

The First Minster we have –  I was reminded yesterday on social media of that awful video First Minster Nicola Sturgeon made when her young worshippers were leaving the SNP because they did not agree with freedom of speech around … Continue reading

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Fear or Theatre?

Is it all Theatre? –  I’ve been following the response online from unionists regarding the Scottish Government’s announcement that independence referendum preparation’s can now begin again as the pandemic appears to start to ease. Boris Johnson has called on Nicola … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces – Monday 24th January 2022

Slipping under the radar –  I only just saw this story today and thought this one has slipped under the radar. Evolve Politics are reporting that – A number of Sir Keir Starmer’s advisors have admitted that the Labour Party … Continue reading

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Myth v Reality

The Grand Old Duchess of York is at it again –  I wonder if SNP members have started to look out the stress bandages and knee braces on the back of the announcement from Nicola Sturgeon that “the legislative timetable … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces: Sunday 23rd January 2022

They think we are buttoned up the back –  Blah Blah is at it again I see. You have to wonder if he actually thinks before he tweets as Craig Dempsey rightfully pointed out on twitter and points out the … Continue reading

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