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Going hungry, not on your life.

I see the facilitators of hunger, misery and poverty in this country sat and shared a meal together, broke bread, we still all in it together. These people make me sick to my stomach.

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So True

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The answer is yes

George Kerevan is asking a good question today, and the answer is yes. Teachers have been offered the best deal in the public sector. Not a deal I agree with in any shape or form on the basis that all … Continue reading

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Something Different: Scotland’s Stain Again

There is sectarianism within Scottish Football, and British society, and it reared it’s ugly head again this week when Kilmarnock manager Steve Clarke was another victim in a long line of victims in their match against Rangers in mid week. … Continue reading

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Once a Tory

So Willie, bouncy castle someone must resign Rennie, is fawning over the recently resigned red and blue Tories. Bouncy castle Willie has said that “I think it’s early days but I’m keen to cooperate with like-minded people and try and … Continue reading

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They don’t get it!

I bought a National today which has a striking first page. It appears that Elizabeth Windsor is a bit pissed off that she has received a combined rates bill of under £17,000 for her Balmoral Estate, you know the one … Continue reading

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Frustration Building?

Are the SNP playing a risky game? I appreciate that I have blogged on this subject before, and expressed my frustration at the direction of travel. The frustration is building though. Kenny McAskill the former SNP Justice Secretary writes in … Continue reading

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The TIG, the non party registered as a business based in Panama or some shit with offices above a Weatherspoons is just a big con. Everyone of them is a Tory through and through. I totally agree that they should … Continue reading

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Bells Whiskey: The Scottish Brand

So Bells have shown their true colours and to be honest I nearly spat out my tea. How British can you get. They obviously don’t want half of Scotland to buy their Whiskey. It made me laugh though as they … Continue reading

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Bring her home

I’ve followed a little of the story of the IS bride Shamina Begum. It appears the foreign office want to strip her of her citizenship, and we have seen politicians from certainly the unionist parties baying for blood. Hypocrites all … Continue reading

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