Once a Tory

So Willie, bouncy castle someone must resign Rennie, is fawning over the recently resigned red and blue Tories.

Bouncy castle Willie has said that “I think it’s early days but I’m keen to cooperate with like-minded people and try and increase the force of moderation in British politics, which the Liberal Democrats represent. Willie just confirmed he’s a Tory.

Willie says “I think they’re quite courageous, I’m full of admiration that they’ve taken the step,”. Delusional Willie also seems to think that “There is a steady growth in our party once again. But this new Independent Group gives us a great opportunity to boost that further forward.

“We’re determined to work with them to try and exploit that, to reach parts of the country that perhaps the Liberal Democrats are not as strong in and I think that’s where the real opportunity is”.

The Lib Dems have not learned a damn thing from their coalition with the Tories, a coalition that pretty much killed any hope of the Lib Dems ever getting near power again. So bouncy Willie has a plan, work with the Tories of all colours again.

Are the Lib Dems the whores of British politics , it certainly seems that way. They are so desperate to be relevant that they would sell their souls to the devil (the Tories) for a tiny crumb of acknowledgement. How sad is that.

The Liberal Democrat’s are just whatever colour of Tory you want them to be and Willie bouncy castle Rennie, well, is as irrelevant today as he has always been.

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8 Responses to Once a Tory

  1. Bob nugent says:

    My Aunt Sally, Liedemshave blotted copy by not sacking carmichael an MP
    For lying during election campaign
    He thought he could say and do what he wanted
    As he was in BED WITH TORIES

    • Bob
      I can’t stand Rennie, he is political opportunist and political whore. The whole party are a joke, they will do anything to get a sniff or power. They are just as bad as
      Labour and the Tories just less we’ll know.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As I have mentioned before, he is my constituency MSP. the local Tories made sure of that, because they knew they couldn’t get their person elected. He is an opportunist sh**. There is nothing he would not say or do to please his right wing unionist masters. I have tried to engage him in genuine debate, including in the street in my village. Not happening. I know who his footsoldiers are around here, and they are Brit Nat types. He is, in my opinion, despicable.

    • Someone
      Totally get that, he just feels like a nasty piece of work to me. I remember being at a Lib Dem conference, the only one I went to, and the 3 that stood out as being game players were Rennie, Hamilton and Campbell. Farron was not that great as well. Thankfully I resigned soon after once I realised that while some of the members were actually liberals the leadership were Tory through and through. Rennie would sell his grannies for the tiniest bit of acknowledgement, he is a clown and his interview in the Hootsmon sums him up perfectly. The Lib Dem’s are the whores of the political establishment in this country.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Lanark says:

    Unprincipled chancers, they would go into coalition with the BNP if they thought it would get them anywhere.

  4. CapnAndy. says:

    Still one of my favourite Gorgeous George moments. He was being interviewed some years ago and was rabbiting away about something in his usual inimitable style when the interviewer said to him. “But what about the Lib Dems”? George stopped and became very calm and lucid. He looked the interviewer in the face and said to him. ” Never forget, the Liberal Democrats are the dirtiest, nastiest backstabbers in Westminster” .
    Then he went back off on one of his rants.
    I’ve never forgotten that and having Ms Swinson as an MP only confirmed what GG had said. Fortunately the boundaries changed and we have an excellent SNP MP.

  5. CapnAndy
    He wasn’t wrong was he. What did we ever do to deserve the Unionist Parties, they really are devoid of any sort of decency. Rennie, Cole-Hamilton and Swinson, 3 really odious creatures if there has ever been in our politics. Throw in Davidson, Carlow and Fraser and Scottish Labour you have the British state, no shame or decency to be found anywhere.

    Thanks for commenting.

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