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Elections 2021 – The Some of the Leaders Debate

I wasn’t going to watch the debate last night for a lot of reasons but after reading the Daily Record view of Anas Sarwar coming across the best in the debate, I thought surely not,¬† so I watched it via … Continue reading

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Elections 2021 – Smearing Part 642

So yesterday Nicola Sturgeon was at it again and spent virtually a whole interview with the Daily Record smearing Alex Salmond, this woman has no shame at all. She is not interested in independence at all, she is only interested … Continue reading

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Election 2021: The Leaders

Douglas Ross Leader Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.¬†First elected in 2016 as a list MSP and in 2017 as an MP unseating Angus Robertson. Worked as a dairy worker and part time SFA referee before entering politics and subsequently becoming … Continue reading


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They Got Cocky (now there is a price to pay)

The New SNP continue to go into meltdown this weekend with no let up from Nicole Sturgeon in the smear attacks on Alex Salmond. Sturgeon yesterday said ” I think there are significant questions about the appropriateness of his return … Continue reading

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6 Weeks of Hell

So we are now on a countdown to May 6th and the Holyrood Elections. After the last 12 months most people are probably sick of the sight of politicians and politics in Scotland but these elections are very important in … Continue reading

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I’ve Moved On

Well where are am I now? We have both reports in relation to Nicola Sturgeon and the handling of the Harassment Policy and allegations against Alex Salmond. As we know the Nicola Sturgeon loyalists, the SNP, the Scottish Greens and … Continue reading

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Nothing has Changed

So the Hamilton report as expected is all over the news tonight, Sturgeon loyalists, and Sturgeon herself are basking in her supposed innocence, the both votes SNP crowd are out in force, and the world is back to normal. There … Continue reading

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Sleep Walking into North Korea

I am in no way with this post playing down or taking lightly the issue of sexual assault in any shape or form. When I saw this headline last night it just got the alarm bells ringing that bit louder … Continue reading

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Sturgeon will have to be forced out

I THINK we can be sure that Nicola Sturgeon is not considering resignation after having been found guilty of misleading Parliament by the Holyrood Harassment Committee. (Iain Macwhirter) Nicola Sturgeon lied to the Harassment Committee and to the Parliament, however … Continue reading

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Something Different: Justice League The Snyder Cut

At a pretty long 4 hours the Zak Snyder version of the Justice League arrived this week and I got around to watching it today. Zak Snyder had to step down from making the original film in 2016 following the … Continue reading

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