Sturgeon will have to be forced out

I THINK we can be sure that Nicola Sturgeon is not considering resignation after having been found guilty of misleading Parliament by the Holyrood Harassment Committee. (Iain Macwhirter)

Nicola Sturgeon lied to the Harassment Committee and to the Parliament, however anyone with any sense can see that but she will not resign, I don’t even think if the Hamilton report finds her guilty of misleading Parliament she will resign, she just does not have the decency to go and with the backing of women’s rights denier Patrick Harvie she will feel safe this week for sure. As Macwhirter says “Yet, there is little doubt that the First Minister did mislead MSPs about her meetings with Salmond’s aides in March 2018. The idea that she would somehow have forgotten that her friend and mentor of 30 years had been accused of sexual harassment is, as the committee says, just not credible” From singing the praises of the committee Nicola Sturgeon now claims that they  “deliberately ignored and suppressed evidence”. Oh the irony from a First Minister who has done everything she can, helped by the Crown Office, James Wolffe, and John Swinney, to deny as much evidence to the committee as possible, as well as the courts.

She continues to smear, it appears that this is her strategy, smear at every turn when she makes comments like “deliberately ignored and suppressed evidence”, and “baseless assertion, supposition, and smear”, and  “she is not the first woman to be let down by a man she once trusted” Honestly you just can’t make this up anymore can you, on Wednesday she claimed “Having David Davis, a Tory MP reading out in the House of Commons, under the protection of parliamentary privilege, his old pal Alex Salmond’s conspiracy theories about the sexual harassment allegations against him must be the very epitome of the old boys’ club”. Does anyone believe that someone with this level of denial and with a zero filter on shame is going to do the right thing for the country or the parliament. This woman disgusts me no end, even though Alex Salmond was found innocent on all but one charge that was not proven he will have this around his head forever and those of us with any decency can never ever allow Sturgeon to forget what she did.

I suspect what might eventually get her gone will be the state of the SNP and the latest, on top of fixing list selection, the refusal of the disgusting CEO Peter Murrell to release the accounts to the Finance and Audit Committee what is he hiding? If the parties finances are in as big a mess as people say the buck stops with Sturgeon and any talk of independence is bullshit. The SNP are now relying on short money from Westminster to survive so do you think independence is Sturgeon’s priority when she has to find the alleged £125,000 a year to pay her husband, at the end of the day they have their pensions to think about.

She is going no where soon but it is still over for Sturgeon. The loyalists might stay and try and protect her but many in the wider yes community, who have seen her for what she is, will have left and looked to other parties. More truth will come out over time, the revelations that many have seen and have said are even more shocking will eventually come out. Sturgeon is in power but she is a busted flush now as far as I am concerned. It is really sad that it has come to this, she certainly had me suckered for a few years and a lot of others. If her lips are moving then she is telling fibs and the sooner she is gone the better. Independence is my dream, I had hoped to see it in my lifetime, now I have to accept that the fight will have to go on longer and on top of the unionist we are fighting Sturgeon and her pals as well, I am not giving up though that is for sure. If Sturgeon has done anything she has made me more determined than ever to fight for the decent politics I crave, the politics she wouldn’t recognise if it fell on top of her.

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32 Responses to Sturgeon will have to be forced out

  1. lintonbairn says:

    Been thinking about the Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon relationship. The master and the apprentice.

    All those years he taught, coached, encouraged, role-modelled his protege in the messy ‘dark arts’ of politics, how to simultaneously be a street-fighter and a statesperson, how to use systems to maximum advantage for the cause, how to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer, how to relish the fight rather to run from it, how to be six steps ahead of your opponents, how to charm and engage people while at the same time not shy away from ruthlessness when needed, and all that she would need to survive and thrive in the brutal world of political and National leadership.

    And through all those years Alex would have got to know and understand exactly what made Nicola tick, her strengths, her raw nerves, her weak spots, he would have got to know her inside out. That’s what great leaders like Alex do. They can read people brilliantly. Can be a force for good or something completely different.

    Alex taught her much of what Nicola knows – and, for better or worse, she learned well and, day in day out is clearly applying those leadership skills, those leadership qualities that Alex taught and gave her.

    But here’s the thing – through all these years it would appear he didn’t have the slightest inkling of all that she is now being accused of. For the political genius and master that Alex undoubtedly is, how could he make such a grave mistake, how did he read Nicola so staggeringly badly?

    Something just doesn’t compute in all this.

    • Wee Chid says:

      Because Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.

      • Wee Chid

        I did actually read that years ago but can’t remember all that much to be honest. But we are all certainly different with different motivations and mins sets.

        Thanks for commenting. Bruce


    • pauline says:

      Maybe she is a closet unionist lol

      • Pauline

        I have had people say that to me, I am not sure but nothing would surprise me with Sturgeon. We have all heard the rumours about her personal interests, not that that matters but it is interesting because if true and she hides that what else does she hide.

        Thanks for commenting. Bruce


    • AB says:

      I would describe your writing style as greasy.

    • Lintonabirn

      I am positive that AS didn’t teach Nicola Sturgeon to be a liar, or to put independence on the back burner and we never really know anyone anyway, if we did serial killers who are loving married men and women would never be able to do what they do. We all know that we can hide parts of who we are from anyone, does your family know everything about you, mines don’t me that’s for sure so I would not expect Alex Salmond to be any different, I think he is genuinely shocked by what has happened and the way in which it has been done, by people he trusted and in some cases mentored, that just shows he is as human as the rest of us.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. Wee Chid says:

    What I don’t understand is why there aren’t MSPS in the SNP itself who can see that this is going to cost them come May. Why are none of them pushing to get her out?

    • pauline says:

      Maybe because they might lose their job ? Look what happened with Joanna Cherry

      • Pauline

        Thats is why I think more MP/MSPs don’t speak up, they see her as their best option to keep their jobs. If more comes out as many keep saying it will that may well change, if they see her costing them their seats then we will see how loyal they are.

        Thanks for commenting. Bruce


    • Wee Chid

      Fear for their jobs, they still see her as the best way to protect their nice little earner that delivers a very decent life style, the down side is many probably feel beholden to her and will put their own interests first all the time, a few won’t like Joanna Cherry but most will take the selfish road. Being an MSP is no doubt busy but it isnt a building site or cleaning job, it delivers that lifestyle and the staff will do most of the constituency work.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce ________________________________

  3. 100%Yes says:

    Bruce keep your head up mate, a minute is a long time in politics. Scotland will be Independence I’d would rather is wasn’t Sturgeon that did it, lets see what happens from now to election day interesting times for sure.

    • 100%YES

      I am more determined that I have ever been to be honest, would never give in to the likes of the Murrells and will battle on doing what I am doing while maintaining my dignity and self-respect. I no longer have an issue in taking a step back to take 3 forward, it will make us stronger as a movement and we learn that we keep a very close eye on the politicians who profess to lead every step of the way.

      Thanks for commenting and the encouragement. Bruce ________________________________

  4. lintonbairn says:

    Thanks for posting my musings Bruce. I am genuinely perplexed why Alex Salmond seemingly called it so wrong in terms of Nicola Sturgeon becoming his successor.

    For such a shrewd political operator, even his skills in gambling on the horses and studying the form, knowing the runners and riders, how did Alex get it so catastrophically wrong? It just does not make sense.

    • Lintopnbairn

      I’m not sure he did, we can never know everything about anyone.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


      • lintonbairn says:

        Hi Bruce, as you say we’ll probably never know. There is not a political leader with 30/40 years service on the planet who has not misled those around them at some point. To be able to do their job they need to be masters at deflection, setting the narrative, creating impressions, being economical with the actuality. Alex was world class at it. Nicola is pretty good as well. We’ll be waiting a long time if we’re looking for the perfect, flawless politician to lead us to Indy. Cheers, Ian

        • Lintonbairn

          I can’t think of a political party leader in the UK who tried to get an innocent man put in jail for the rest of his life, Sturgeon has taken it all to a new low level. She would be perfect for Ukip let alone the Tory party.

          Thanks for commenting. Bruce


          • Hr Anderson says:

            “put an innocengt man in jail for the rest of his life”.
            Such hyperbole. Even if he had been found guilty there were no offences that would have incerred long sentences.

            • HR

              Attempted rape if that had been true could have resulted in a jail sentence of around 6 years to life. For a 67 year old man yes that would pretty much would have been the rest of his life given his health etc. Hyperbole not at all, go loom it up yourself.

              Thanks for commenting.

              Sent from my iPhone

  5. I notice the same grim determination in your blog Bruce as the other bloggers doing their best to bring the truth to readers, and a reality to those who blindly hope, before those hopes are profoundly crushed.
    It’s also apparent the NEW SNP cult are just as threatened by the idea of other indy parties, and I have noticed a big push on twitter to diminish the notion that ISP/AFI could serve ScotParl well in hoovering up list seats and creating a supermajority, which is the last thing the Sturrel cult want. How can they maintain their comfortable status quo, if the indignity of having to actually go for independence is forced on them, day after day, in a chamber that requires them to behave with at least some dignity, and dare I even suggest it, answer questions about their profound reluctance to vote for something the majority of Scots want, and for which they were elected?

    We had it this year, like last year, and the year before. A real chance to proclaim a plebiscite election, irrespective of what the criminals in WM wanted, and then put the foot down to garner every vote to attain a majority.

    Were it me I would make EVERY HR election a plebiscite.

    But not, it seems, the NEW SNP cult, who are, and have, behaved like a 4th WM party in HR when it comes to independence.

    They need to be surgically excised, and for that we need new political blood, and the parties to carry them into HR, and from there into an Independent Republic of Scotland.

    • Alex

      The SNP have changed and not for the better, it seemed to creep up on most of us who were not members but surely the members must have known what was going on and the state the party was in with money etc. I agree with you every election should be a plebiscite now or the party are not serious but I don’t think they are anymore. Too many of them are happy in devolution, it provides a very nice living for many in the elected roles doesn’t it. I don’t like the attitude towards either AFI or ISP, but it is not just them James Kelly is the same, they can’t win. Well they bloody can’t if you lot keep talking them down, I expect that from the SNP as they need to get money that more elected MSPs / MPs brings but the rest of us should be thinking with our heads about what is best for the cause. At this point I am not voting SNP in the constituency because they disgust me now and I cannot put my name to that, that could change if they make May a plebiscite as you suggest but they won’t. I have decided to go ISP on the list as I agree with a lot of what they say so they will get my vote.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  6. Chris Sinclair says:

    I am an older, female voter and have noticed that some of my once unionist friends support NS in a way that they never liked, or supported, AS. Do I think there are serious issues in the SNP to deal with? Yes, most definitely. Do I think that now is the time to ditch NS? No, there is simply not time before the election in May to replace the leader of the SNP and, if support for the SNP slumps, Westminster will take that as proof that independence is not wanted in Scotland.

    There is a very real danger, too, that, with the recent formation of so many independence parties, the independence vote will be so badly split that the Unionist parties will prevail.

    Whatever happens after May, I would love to see the wider Yes movement, the bloggers, and media people co-ordinate their efforts to become a coherent force to counteract the MSM – I hope that isn’t a naïve wish!

    • Chris

      I really do appreciate what you are saying but this is a real shambles and the biggest political corruption I think I have ever seen in Scotland. I don’t believe that Sturgeon will resign and I think the SNP will win the election but with no majority but the problems run deeper and I think it would be better to get it all sorted out as soon as possible rather the they are in Government and that collapses or worse, we have more of the same for the next 5 years and independence becomes a distant dream because Sturgeon is not serious about it. If this was just about policy then I think many people would just accept it as a difference of opinion and go with the SNP but it goes much deeper as you know. They tried to put an innocent man in jail and they have used every state institution to stop the truth from getting out, that is something that I can’t turn a blind eye to, I won’t give them my mandate and I won’t say to my kids that this is the way to build a better Scotland, I can’t do that. I know what you mean about the new parties but these wouldn’t even be a thing if Sturgeon was doing what she was elected to do, this is all down to her and her loyalists that we find ourselves in this place, and that is not even considering the mess the party is in, undemocratic, allegedly broke and hiding the accounts. I have heard there is more to come out that will upset people even more in time so I say clean it up now before it is too late. This is the worst Tory Government in history who will really show their true colours as time goes on so we need to tidy our house now and still have time to fight the unionists, not before May for sure, but we will have to accept we are playing a longer game now as the NewSNP aren’t going for independence anyway.

      Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Bruce


    • Hr Anderson says:

      A voice of sanity thanks for saying what I’ve been trying to point out on other formats.
      Ditching a leader and forcing an election for another one close to an election is political suicide. Johnson et al must will be delighted with the way things are shaping up.
      All we can do is hooe ans campaign our socks iff.

      • Hr Anderson says:

        A voice of sanity thanks for saying what I’ve been trying to point out on other formats.
        Ditching a leader and forcing an election for another one close to an election is political suicide. Johnson et al must will be delighted with the way things are shaping up.
        All we can do is hope and campaign our socks off.

  7. Pro WIG says:

    what to do is when it is really bright, point your head at her, the shine will make her melt

  8. William Hogg says:

    When I first joined the SNP it was a broad church, that is to say there was a spectrum of political views, from ultra conservative to ultra socialist. It was generally agreed that with independence the movement would be so broad that the party would split into new parties. Post 2014 the party has grown so large and the diversity of views so great that the time for division has arrived. We have seen how theGreens have been able to push their agenda from outside and how the SNP is now in the control of the wokes. I like the liberal and progressive policies of the ISP and will be putting my efforts into them. With the proportionality of the voting system we should see an independence majority as standard from now on.

    So let their schemes alone, adore the rising sun and leave a woman undone to her fate.

    • William

      Wise words indeed. I will be voting ISP on the list and hopefully they will grow and be able to stand in constituency elections at some point as we will need them as the SNP continue to self destruct as long as Sturgeon and her loyalists are in control but saying that if the rumours are true the SNP might be financially on a sticky wicket and may be in for some hard times. Total shambles but it is what it is and we just have to get on with it I suppose.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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