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Why This Liberal continues to support Independence

I have never seen myself as British or a 100% Scottish Nationalist; I’m 46 years old and was brought up on British (English) History in an education system that taught very little to me about my country. The knowledge I … Continue reading

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They Just Don’t Get It, We Have Moved On

I have been following a little of the Labour Leadership debate, I know, why bother, but it has been somewhat interesting in relation to Scotland. I suppose there are actually two contests as the Scottish branch office is also holding … Continue reading

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Attacking the Poor and the Vulnerable Part Two, it’s why I’m Backing Tim Farron for the Leadership of the Liberal Democrats

One of the things that I think many of us with both a heart and a decency disposition would agree on is that many of the policies by the previous coalition government of both Conservative and Liberal Democrats were by … Continue reading

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Ten Vital Months for the Lib Dems

The latest TNS polling is not very good reading for us Lib Dems in Scotland. Many were saying that our polling could not get any lower, I disagreed, and sadly it would seem I was correct. The constituency poll put … Continue reading

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Charles Kennedy

Millions of words will be written about the sad loss of Charles Kennedy today and I’m not sure anything I write can really add to what will be said today by better people than myself, better writers than myself. Charles … Continue reading

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