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Something Different: Re-visiting some music

Scottish Politics is all a bit depressing just now, no action to move the independence debate forward, Craig Murray becoming a political prisoner in Scotland, the lamentable record of the Scottish Government around our drugs pandemic which has been going … Continue reading

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Comment: #IStandWithCraigMurray

Like many I am equally disappointed, although not surprised, in the decision yesterday by the UK Supreme Court to refuse to hear the appeal by Craig Murray against his 8 month jail sentence for alleged jigsaw identification in the Alex … Continue reading

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A Couple of Things

If Alex-Cole Hamilton is the answer then the Scottish Liberal Democrats are in more trouble than I thought. On launching his leadership bid Hamilton said “In recent times we have been held back by a clash of nationalisms, by which … Continue reading

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Getting the Boke

If there are two things that I really cannot stand right now it is all of the Team GB rubbish every time the Olympics is on and Ian Murray Labour MP for Edinburgh. Allegedly Nicola Sturgeon and other senior Scottish … Continue reading

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Even the Unionists Can See (and they’re not worried, SNP members should be though)

Mark Smith writing in the Herald has, from the unionist point of view, pointed out what I blogged about the other day regarding THAT SNP VIDEO, that being no one needs to get their knickers in a bunch, and especially … Continue reading

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You’re Either Conforming to the New Scotland or Not

Barrhead Boy in his latest, and most welcome post, asks a series of questions to the yes community, well those with open minds. I was having another wee think about them, I know dangerous, this morning and what came to … Continue reading

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Additional Post: Stinking like a Banana Republic

More information has appeared this morning in The National regarding the missing £600,000 referendum funding which is now the subject of a Police Scotland investigation and to be honest the allegations make Scotland under the Murrells look like a banana … Continue reading

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Sometimes the look matters

The Scottish Government have announced £4.5 million pounds of funding for Rape Crisis Scotland and Women’s Aid. The funding is to help groups working to support women and girls who have suffered gender-based violence deal with the increased demand they … Continue reading

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Desperate, Cynical, or a Soft Start

So the Times have made a story out of the digital video shared by the SNP yesterday and concluded this is the start of a new independence campaign. The Video doesn’t really say much to be honest other than discuss … Continue reading

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The Wee Blue and Black Books

It is fair to say that the new media bloggers have done an amazing job since Wings Over Scotland decided to have a break and re-consider wither to remain in the independence cause or move on to new adventures. To … Continue reading

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