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Comment: It means everything and it means nothing

COP26 starts next Monday when allegedly 25,000 people will descend on Glasgow for the Conference. That will be quiet a carbon footprint in and off it’self won’t it. The conference is being talked up as a make or break conference … Continue reading

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I have been finding it more difficult to motivate myself to stay up to date this last couple of weeks due to both personal issues that I am dealing with and the simple fact that I totally agree with Alba … Continue reading

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Something Different: Future Past Duran Duran

Duran Duran Future Past (2021) There are not many things I really look forward to but a new Duran Duran album has always been one of them since 1981 when I first got into the band, which were to become … Continue reading

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At last a real assessment of the current SNP

“What’s puzzling about the UK Government’s implacable refusal to entertain a second independence referendum is that they might never have a better chance of winning it. Though the stakes would be high, the rewards for this most English of Prime … Continue reading

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When things fall apart, more platitudes, insults, and zero action

The constitutional debate dominates Scottish politics and has for a long time now but following social media, and the news over the last 12 hours alone, has been an eye opener to the pressure that is building on the Scottish … Continue reading

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Comment: Covid-19, we have switched off?

    Like many people, but certainly not all, I have started to become immune to the Covid-19 daily stats but seeing them today showed me that not only are we still in the midst of a very serious pandemic … Continue reading

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The Right to Strike

The right to remove your labour is a fundamental right that all workers have but few actually use in the UK for a wide variety of reasons, mostly these reasons are that compromise has been reached and common ground found, … Continue reading

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I would like to welcome the very first ever guest post on Grumpy Scottish Man Blog by LornCal. I will be approving the comments but not replying to them for this essay but please do feel free to comment and … Continue reading

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Something Else to Think About – It is more than just a logo

YES was one of the most striking visual signs during the 2014 Referendum on Scottish Independence. it stood out well, it felt positive, it belonged it seemed to the wider movement and was something that we could all get behind … Continue reading

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Something Different: Podcasts

When I go for my morning walk, or sometimes if I am working from home, I have got into the habit of listening to some podcasts. A few I have been listening to for some time and some I have … Continue reading

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