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Chasing the cheats but which ones

A relative left the paper in my house yesterday and when I was having a wee skiffy I saw this which made me have a wee sigh. Benefit fraud is wrong, it’s stealing from people who have nothing, and while … Continue reading

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Something Different: My take on the year and a Happy Christmas/New Year when it comes.

I am not going to blog anymore this year and will have a three-week break. I really do continue to be flattered by the number of people who both read and comment on this blog as it really is just … Continue reading

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Scottish Budget Day: A Day for Belters, Stupidity, Ignorance and maybe a bit of the borderline Racism

Derek MacKay will deliver the Scottish budget this afternoon and it may increase income tax for some people in Scotland to help try to keep public services afloat given the damage being done by the yoons since 2010. As we … Continue reading

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Corbyn, nothing short of inept?

I think most of us would agree that the current Conservative Government, and Conservative opposition in Holyrood, are the least talented and by far the worst Government and Scottish opposition in our lifetimes, so why can’t Jeremy Corbyn and Labour … Continue reading


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This is just wrong

I saw this story this weekend and had to do a double take. Newspapers all over the country will receive funding from the BBC to fund so called local democracy reporters at a cost of £8 million pounds per year. … Continue reading

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The State of the Yoons

I often comment on this blog about how bad our politicians are now and they really are. The last few days and the shambolic negotiations with the EU, the fact that the DUP appear to be the real government of … Continue reading

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Deal or No Deal?

So it appears the U.K. and the EU may have reached some sort of deal for Northern Ireland. Now I won’t pretend to understand all the complexities of the situation in Northern Ireland, when the Good Friday Agreement was reached … Continue reading

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Can you imagine if

Labour Chief Whip Lord Bassam has been caught wrongly claiming £41,000 in travel expenses. Apparently he has been doing this since 2010 but will only repay the amount from the 2017 General Election. Bassam receives an allowance of £36,366 per … Continue reading

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Something Different: The Christmas Movies I like

Anyone who has ever had the real misfortune of reading this blog at this time of year know that I love Christmas. I love old 70’s classics like the Two Ronnie’s, turkey, mince pies, the World Championship Darts, turkey, Christmas … Continue reading

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Dundee Courier Letters: The Full Yoon House

I had the misfortune to read the Dundee Courier today so thought I would have a wee skiffie at the letters page. Now as anyone who has ever read a Dundee Courier will know it is a right wing, Tory … Continue reading

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