Dundee Courier Letters: The Full Yoon House

I had the misfortune to read the Dundee Courier today so thought I would have a wee skiffie at the letters page. Now as anyone who has ever read a Dundee Courier will know it is a right wing, Tory supporting anti SNP Daily Mail wanna be. I always find the letters page the most interesting in the Courier as it shows up who actually buys it and what gets chosen to be printed and today the letters page had a full house of Yoondom.

First up was SNP BAD YOON

Mr. Macintyre was extremely concerned by the new bridge needing work done on it, apparently they are emergency repairs and he finishes by saying that the bridge, lauded by people all over the world, is a total SNP FAILURE. Wonder if he is pals with Wee Willie Rennie.

Next up is the TOO STUPID YOON

Mr.Farmer of Knightsward Farm, no really, is bemused by the explosion of outrage (that’s some outrage) that the EU has denied Dundee a place in the Capital of Culture Lottery. Mr.Farmer thinks that Dundee is deluding itself in trying to be recognised above all others and complains that the common understanding of the word culture is the arts and human intellectual achievement, none of which Dundee have apparently. Dundee’s bid is just another money wasting example of faux outrage and a lack of understanding of world realities. Wonder what reality Mr.Farmer lives in, maybe an alternative one.

Finally we have DELUDED YOON

Mr.Tate of Edinburgh is celebrating that Scottish Labour have found a leader with the policy and vision to end the divisiveness of the last 10 years of the SNP. Really, according to Mr.Tate real socialist policies will see the tide turn against the SNP. Richard Leonard will tackle the scourges of our age, poverty, inequality, lack of affordable housing and a crumbling NHS. No acceptance of the fact that Labour caused most of it and then abstained on any opportunity to try to address it at the UK level.

It is so good to see that the Dundee Courier continues to be the local choice of the Daily Mail reader and that their support for yoondom goes unabated, ahh gotta love the Courier.



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6 Responses to Dundee Courier Letters: The Full Yoon House

  1. Sir

    I used to watch FMQ religiously when Alex Salmond was the FM. I can understand why he was/is like-or-hate-him figure but I thoroughly enjoyed his weekly thrashing of his opponents in Holyrood. Personally I don’t prefer Nicola Sturgeon’s style; too cautious but as former advocate/barrister, I understand that too. Once in a while John Swinney will provide the theatrics that I sorely missed.

    That said, I had the misfortune of listening to Richard Leonard this. All I can say is that I love his Yorkshire accent. That’s about it. He is a piss poor speaker. Even Kezia Dugdale spoke better than him. Kezia for godsake! The first thing that came to my mind was “if Nicola Sturgeon can brush him aside just like that, and to quote a common Malay colloquialism {Kalau dengan Alex Salmond, lama dah kena gulai}” (Malay: If it were Alex Salmond, he’d long made curry out of Richard Leonard already).

    Which bring us to you current post, It is now mind-numbing obvious that independence is the only way to save Scotland. I sometimes feel the need to bang heads when I read idiocies spouted by such abovementioned idiots.

    God save us all,

    • Abu
      The thing with Dugdale was she never really knew where she stood so reverted to SNP bad mode. I actually think she is not as hard a unionist as she would like people to think and now her career is a backbench one it will be interesting to see where she goes. RL is a bit thick and hasn’t started well at all, not knowing that Scottish Water is public owned is beyond belief, claiming the glory for the engineering company given a lifeline by the SNP made him a laughing stock and his idea of a wealth tax, well not a bad idea, but it won’t ever happen and he won’t win votes with it. But saying that it is designed to steal votes from the hard left in the SNP and he knows the tax won’t happen as the middle classes will never go for it. I hope people are starting to see that indpendence is the only way forward now but I never know with Scottish voters, jockholme syndrome is alive and kicking.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, you make a lot of very very good points.


  2. David Cameron's Secret Love Child says:

    I personally agree with one, applying to these culture competitions is a waste of time. It is an excuse for deadbeat cities to feel good about themselves, so winning that would just be conceding that are a hole of a city. I mean, Glasgow won in, biggest hell hole on earth.

    • DCSLC

      I don’t know, I dont really care about all that guff to be honest, I would much rather we made things in Dundee but those days are gone and we will be a city full of artists and lawyers and it might have brought some money to Dundee and that is something the city badly needs right now. Not a fan of Glasgow either to be honest, Dundee for me all the way.

      Thanks for commenting and taking time out from your busy schedule destroying the dreams of Dundee’s young fottballers.


  3. trispw says:

    Fortunately when Labour build things there are never any snagging lists. That’s why the schools they built with PFI fell down.

    Maybe the big business that got into that for a profit didn’t want them inspected.

    The merits one way or the other of being a city of culture aside (and Dundee has two universities and shortly to have a prestigious museum), the point is that if you are in the EU or EEA or EFTA, or you are an aspirant member of any of them, then you are eligible for the title, and more importantly the big bucks that goes with it. If you are not, then you are not entitled to it.

    I mean we don’t expect any of our cities to win a title and funding from other geopolitical groupings, do we?

    Mr Leonard. Hmmm yes.

    In the same way that I can never think of the de facto deputy prime minister of the Uk without an unwelcome image of him hunched over his computer in his office… I’ll say no more for fear of making you vomit, I really can’t get Mr Leonards’ Carry On Kenneth Williams face out of my mind as he talks about Labour taking Scottish water into public ownership, where it has been forever.

    In his favour, it is the Leonard image that I prefer.

    Bunch of third rate goons driving Scotland into the ocean.

    • Tris
      I think RL is a gift, as was Sarwar. I thought he would have been brighter but he appears a bit thick to be honest and the closer he gets to Corbyn the better it will be as most people I know can’t stand Corbyn and how fake his is. The City of Culture bid doesn’t put me up or down all that much but I don’t see why the City can’t apply as non European Cities have won in the past, it’s the EU being silly and doesn’t make them look good, and will just turn more people off from being a member of it also. Saying that again people I speak to, that know a little politics, prefer EFTA and I agree with that. Greene will go I think, esp now that another Officer has come out and said he kept the evidence, while that doesn’t show the Police in a good light anything that brings Tories down is fine with myself.

      Thanks for commenting.


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