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What a Year

Millions of words will be written to describe this year as we go forward into the next one so I thought I would add my pennies worth as I have a break from work and from blogging for a few … Continue reading

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Spreading the Virus with a Virus

I found the front page of The Metro today insulting to say the least and so typical of the sycophantic unionist press in the UK. William and Kate Windsor decide to take a train (of course this is a Royal … Continue reading

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Scum Bags

Tory Politicians are scum bags end of and I don’t care if my choice of words upsets people. I am so sick of the Scottish Tories running down Scotland at every opportunity as they try to appeal to the more … Continue reading

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Who Should Lead?

Joanna Cherry writing in The National today and she is not wrong is she. I am often left disappointed with the SNP cohort in the English Parliament, especially my own MP Chris Law who you wouldn’t know is even there, … Continue reading

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This is the Precious Union (You YES Yet)

4.2 million children are living in poverty.(Children’s Commissioner) Worst pension in the industrialised world at just 29% of average earnings.(FT) 1.6 million pensioners live in poverty in the UK. (AgeUK) National Debt sits at 1.87 Trillion Pounds.(ONS) 4.8% of the … Continue reading


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Taking Scotland Forward (to the dark ages)

I have been struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year big time, as many of us have I suppose, and just when I was starting to think I might be finding a little joy the Postman pushes shit … Continue reading

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