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Something Different – What a difference a year makes.

A year ago, my personal circumstances changed – My relationship/marriage of 20 years came to an end. While it is fair to say that the end was coming for a while, how it ended left a bit of a bad taste. … Continue reading

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Could this Government Fall

This Tory Nightmare Government could fall – Surprisingly the Labour Party have a 33-point lead in the polls, the largest since 1998 with around 49% of voters saying they will vote Labour in the next election. It is starting to … Continue reading

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Come On Folks – It’s Time to Wake Up

I love the Prism show with Roddy, Yvonne, Eva, and Phil. If you don’t watch it, then you should, it is discussion of the highest level. Where I disagree with this week’s show, where I have started to disagree with … Continue reading

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Dribs and Drabs

Millionaire Champayne non-Socialist Labour Tory MSP, and branch manager, Anus Sarwar speaks out at the latest Labour Tory Conference in Liverpool. People like Sarwar make me sick to my stomach they really do. Sarwar said in his speech “THE cause of … Continue reading

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Unionists don’t half talk shite!

Unionists we know are great at grasping at straws, but they also don’t half talk a lot of shit – Mitchell holds the Chair in Public Policy at Edinburgh University (thank God none of my kids went there to learn) … Continue reading

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For once I agree with the SNP, but can they take advantage of this opportunity

It is rare for me to agree with the SNP Government, but I do on this one. The mini budget, or fiscal event as Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng called it, was a robbery in front of millions of people that even … Continue reading

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I have started reading Gavin Esler “How Britain Ends” English Nationalism and the Rebirth of Four Nations. So far, a very interesting read. It has got me wondering though if we have got it partially wrong in how we go … Continue reading

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Something Different: Dundee Football Club

I got a season ticket this season, my first in about four seasons, part of this was down to the appointment of Gary Bowyer as Manager, a proper Manager for a change. The fact that most games would be on … Continue reading

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The Gift that Keeps Giving – It’s the Union

The Social Attitudes Survey will grab the headlines today with independence being up to 52%, the SNP and some in the wider yes movement will big up the results, but the important story is really this one about tax and … Continue reading

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The SNP are a Unionist Party now

I am sorry to be banging on about a monarchy theme again on the blog, but this is maybe important in the long run-in future elections. It is certainly not the blow that the Express think it might be to any … Continue reading

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