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Good on the Scottish Greens (at least they are honest about where they stand on this enforced unionism)

At least one party in the Scottish Parliament has the guts to get off of its knees. The Scottish Parliament returned today after the enforced state grieving for the late Elizabeth Windsor with a parliamentary session of tributes to the … Continue reading

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After the forced mourning, it’s time to reflect

I decided to have a wee break from blogging for a few days, to sit back, to reflect on the last week or so that we have all had to endure in so many different ways. The death of Elizabeth … Continue reading

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This ultra-unionist cheered me up

Some ultra-unionists just cheer you up no end – I wasn’t going to blog for a few days and won’t after today until next week as I want to reflect on what we have all been going through, or having … Continue reading

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We now live in North Korea

It’s pretty clear that we now live in our very own North Korea, only North Korea keeps its propaganda to levels that can at least be called decent. Freedom of speech is the power or right to express one’s opinions … Continue reading

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Mismanaged Decline – where does Scotland go from here?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is in decline; it has been for all of my 53 years. The death of Elizabeth Windsor should result in a period of both denial and introspection for most, if not all, … Continue reading

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The New York Times are Spot On, Douglas Murray isn’t

“Britain is drowning itself in nostalgia” – reported the New York Times in 2019, they went on to say that they felt that the country was “poisoned” with “colonial arrogance” and “dreamy jingoism”. How right they were 3 years ago, how … Continue reading

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Delayed Post: Not In My Name

Not in my name – This post I decided to delay for a few reasons to be honest. The first is a family lost their mother and grandmother, no matter who they are that is a difficult time for any family … Continue reading

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They are not Unionists they are English Nationalists

Kenny Macaskill writes in his latest blog about Liz Truss being a “Muscular Unionist” – but people like Dis Truss are not in any shape or form. These people are English Nationalists, like the ones who rioted in George Square … Continue reading

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A good thing, a bad thing, or a missed opportunity?

The SNP has been granted permission to intervene in the upcoming Supreme Court battle over a second independence referendum – Must admit I am a bit surprised by this to be honest, I was expecting the Supreme Court to rule … Continue reading

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Road to Nowhere

Scotland and the UK are on a road to nowhere – Can things get any worse than they are right now in Scotland, and the UK? Yes they can, and with the election of Liz ‘Dis’ Truss as Prime Minister … Continue reading

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