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Reluctant YES

I was speaking briefly to a friend yesterday who said he was a reluctant yes voter but feels very reluctant to leave the North of England to the ravages of Conservatives, I have actually heard this a few times and … Continue reading

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Where now / What next for the Liberal Democrats

Much has been said of the demise of the Lib Dems over the last week in both English and European elections. The results, as we know, have been a disaster whatever way you look at it, and it must be … Continue reading

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European Election, My thoughts for what its worth

I stayed up late last night to watch the results coming in, probably too late as a bit tired this morning but hey, I am interested in politics. Anyway, here is my take on what happened for what its worth. … Continue reading

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Why do I blog

A little aside to my usual ill-informed fare. I enjoy blogging, I never thought I would when the very idea was suggested to me around two or three years ago. The person to blame for that is a blogger reading

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European Elections ‘ The Liberal ‘

George Lyon MEP Liberal Democrats has been on the news a lot recently due to the elections this Thursday. Now I’ll be honest and say I know few if any of the MEPs in Scotland because, well, they have no … Continue reading

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The Reconciliation Service

I have been having a wee think about the reconciliation service being proposed by the Church of Scotland three days after the vote irrespective of the result. The service, they hope, will promote healing in what might be a divided … Continue reading

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Stop Banging the F****** Desks

Every time I watch FMQs I am often astounded with how bad Johan Lamont Labour, Willie Rennie Liberals and Ruth Davidson Conservatives actually are as an opposition and how badly they serve the Scottish people. They are good for a … Continue reading

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