European Elections ‘ The Liberal ‘

George Lyon MEP Liberal Democrats has been on the news a lot recently due to the elections this Thursday. Now I’ll be honest and say I know few if any of the MEPs in Scotland because, well, they have no profile and very little to say of any value really. There is a serious lack of European Parliament coverage in the UK, deliberately, so I suspect a lot of misunderstanding.

However, one thing that has been getting on my nerves is Mr. Lyon. He proudly talks about how the UK Coalition MEPs got the European budget reduced by some billions of pounds but the reality is that under Labour and supported by the Tories and Liberals we actually pay in more due to the UK no longer getting returns on spending on cohesion policy and structural funds meaning contributions end up rising year on year.

He also takes credit for our fantastic farm subsidies while the Westminster parties refuse to pass on some 60 million euros to Scottish farmers each year resulting in less money going to Scotland and more to the Home Counties in England. All of this supported by Mr. Lyons.

The indications are that Lyons will lose his seat on Thursday to the SNP or UKip. The good thing is he will lose his seat because his kind of politics is the kind that keeps us down and in the dark. Europe is important, I accept that, I would also like to know more about what it does and how it impacts on my life, but if the best we have to offer are MEPs like Liberal George Lyons then people will vote for UKip and take us out, he is a failure of the system and I really hope this man loses on Thursday as the thought of this man receiving a salary from my taxes makes my stomach turn.



  1. daviddrawsandpaints

    I was pleased to find your blog this morning as it addresses the same issue that’s been on my mind of late, namely information on what the European Parliament gets up to.
    I’m not sure who’s fault it is really but there is an undoubted disconnect in my mind between what the EP actually does and how we get to hear about it.
    I accept it could be my own fault for either not listening closely enough or not taking enough interest but I suspect it is more to do with lack of proper dissemination of information both from the Parliament itself or simply my own MEP. All I do hear is people like the British PM or Nigel Farage telling us how bad it is and how they want to change it without actually being specific about what they don’t like, for example: they say the EU forces too many new, unacceptable, laws on Britain when I never hear what these laws might be. I suspect the laws may actually be very good especially in relation to workers rights and smoothing out commercial law practice across such a wide diversity of countries to make it work better.
    But as a EU citizen and voter in tomorrows election I wish I had better knowledge to make an informed decision rather than going along with whatever the loudest politician says.

    Yesterday, almost for the first time I can remember, I was pleased to hear an early morning item on BBC news telling about how EU monies helped to create better connectivity between mainland Scotland and some of the islands by supporting new ferry routes, ferries and jetties, sometimes providing up to 50% of the funding. This sounded to me like a very good thing and should be highlighted more prominently. Why don’t we hear more stories like this and who’s responsibility is it to inform us? The EP should be popping a regular newsletter through our doors if they want to be thought of more positively.

    You can perhaps tell that this has been on my mind for a while and looking for someone to share it with. I hope you don’t mind me using your blog today to help me share it?

    Specifically on the subject of your blog I watched said Mr Lyon and his two other large male Better Together colleagues last night try to give the wee SNP candidate, Tasmania Ahmed-Sheik, a hard time on STV’s Scotland Tonight. She did very well in my opinion in the face of their badgering and rude interruptions but it shouldn’t have been that way. Poor lassie was being bullied by a bunch of self satisfied twats that looked as they were about to lose their seats to the newcomer!

    Regards from another grumpy, and in my case, auld, Scottish Man,

    • grumpyscottishman


      Thanks for your excellent comments. I agree, I think a little bit of the lack of information is down to us, the voter, but mostly down to euro sceptic press and politicians who I feel don’t want to tell the truth and prefer to try to look tough for whatever reason. I saw the candidates on Sunday Politics and thought that the behaviour of the 3 male candidates was bullying, she couldn’t say a thing without being attacked on what were not even really euro issues such as the referendum.

      I know who I will be voting for, I am also more pro europe but accept that like all governments it is no doubt wasting our money all over the place but does some good things overall.


  2. givinggoose

    What the referendum debate has shown us, in glorious technicolour, is the complete subservience that all Unionist politicians have towards London. Not one of them has Scotland’s best interests at heart. Mr Lyon is just another example. Hopefully the Brussels gravy train will come off the rails for him. Fingers crossed.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I totally agree and have felt that way for a long time that the members of the unionist parties in Scotland care about the party and Britain before Scotland. In fact I don’t belive any of them when they say they are proud Scots, they don’t care if Scotland exsists or not and see themselves as British first and last. To them Scotland is another region like cornwall and that’s that. Sad but very true.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. edulis

    Where did I read that said George Lyon has already been investigating his leaving package which amounts to c £160k? Not bad for a Lib Dem poodle who already milks the public funding trough his farm subsidies. No doubt he will already have worked out with his accountant the best way of making all the largesse tax efficient.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I don’t know about the finances but I’m sure I read somewhere it is good when a mep loses their seat, as it is for all the politicians. Them and us comes to mind. I never really knew much about him but what I have seen the last few weeks the sooner je is gone the better. He has added nothing to the debate that I can see.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Helena Brown

    Well we both recognise why the British Government, all shades and flavours love to have the electorate hate Europe. Eventually they at Westminster will be expected to have some sort of proper proportional system for elections and they like things the way that they are. I doubt that the unelected second chamber goes down well with the more democratically inclined Europeans either. So it has suited them throughout the years to belittle the European Parliament. Wouldn’t have been nice if Labour had adopted the same workers rights as the rest of Europe and we would be seeing none of the zero hours contracts. Europe has provided protection for workers but look at the amount of opting out done by Westminster.
    As for the damage they did to our fishing and our farming, they all should be in the dock.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Totally agree the UK seems to opt out of everything that improves people’s live. They recently blocked money for foodbank, what a lovely caring bunch of fellow brits.

      Thanks for commenting.


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