Stop Banging the F****** Desks

Every time I watch FMQs I am often astounded with how bad Johan Lamont Labour, Willie Rennie Liberals and Ruth Davidson Conservatives actually are as an opposition and how badly they serve the Scottish people. They are good for a laugh though, esp the weekly ass kicking that Lamont gets from the First Minister.

However, one thing that gets right on my nerves is the banging of the desks, all sides have a habit of it but in particular Labour. Give it a rest, it’s annoying, it looks silly and it makes our parliament look like it is occupied by clowns. Start acting in the manner we are paying you to and expect and stop being a bunch of dicks.



  1. bjsalba

    Absolutely. One thing that is a big turn off for the public is the Ya Boo Sucks cries a la Westminster.

    Enough already!

  2. Helena Brown

    Have to say I want Tricia Marwick to take control of them all. I want to see an end to the continual smearing of the First Minister with what should be seen as non Parliamentary Language. Lamont and Davidson would seldom be in the house if that was the case. I think much of the bad behaviour has happened on Tricia’s watch.
    I too want to see an end to the chldren’s play time that is happening all too often.

    • grumpyscottishman

      The three tory parties are just an embarrassment to democracy in my opinion. Once the yes vote comes in I hope we get better parties. I will join the Liberals probably and work really hard to get the swinsons etc gone for good.

      Thanks for commenting.


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