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Jim Murphy MP is the Wrong Man But Please Let It Be Murphy

Jim Murphy MP has decided that he will stand for the post of Leader of the Scottish branch or Northern office of the London based Labour Party. Apparently he wants to be First Minister of Scotland and that Holyrood is … Continue reading

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Johann Lamont – Just an ordinary opinion

There will be a million words written about the resignation of Johann Lamont as leader of the Scottish branch of the Labour Party today, a lot written will be mushy rubbish in the unionist press. Others will put positive slants … Continue reading

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A Few Things

Not really blogged for a couple of weeks and have just been following events and thought I would just have a wee rant about a few things. The Smith Commission – I am not really optimistic of anything meaningful coming … Continue reading

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My Submission to the Smith Commission

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my thoughts on the way ahead for Scotland following the recent Scottish Independence Referendum. Can I first start by asking that any and all submissions made by members of the public be given … Continue reading

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