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A Grumpy Survey: Brexit and Independence the Results

First things first I appreciate this survey is neither scientific, representative, or balanced. It came about after a conversation with a friend and out of interest in what we were chatting about. 121 people kindly took part and that is … Continue reading

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Time to Reconsider that SNP Vote

Are the SNP determined to not only alienate the wider YES Community but to lose our votes as well, I really feel we are being taken for fools now. This decision is not only ridiculous but raises the very serious … Continue reading

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A drip can become a river

Things certainly seem to be ramping up in the Alex Salmond enquiry now as it gets closer to both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon appearing. I watched a recording of yesterdays session and I was pretty much thinking do they … Continue reading

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A Grumpy Survey: Brexit and Independence

Former Labour MEP David Martin made a comment that I found interesting last year and I wondered if it still holds today, back in August 2019 David Martin said “If we have a hard Brexit, “independence becomes more desirable but … Continue reading

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Transforming before our very eyes

Wings Over Scotland has yet another article today about the goings on of the leadership of the SNP Faraway Towns. On reading this latest instalment of what is going on with the leadership of the SNP and the National Executive … Continue reading

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This is what happens when you vote Tory!

So the English Tory Government voted yesterday against continuing free school meals for children in England during the holidays. MP’s voted 322 to 261 against the Labour amendment which would would have extended school meals cover until next year. Some … Continue reading


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So British Unionist current affairs programme Scotland Tonight on STV held a panel of all unionists to start their campaign of Love Our Union. The programme panel was Stephen Kerr, former Tory MP, Pamela Nash, former Labour MP, and some … Continue reading

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If not soon then WHEN?

This tweet was pointed out to me last night on social media and I was just not surprised when I saw it at all. It is an extract from an email that Alyn Smith MP sent to his constituency SNP … Continue reading

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Above the Law

Back in June Black Isles Media broke the story of Dominic Cummings illegally building two cottages on his land and not paying council tax on those properties. No action was taken against him at all, people get forced to demolish … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

Watched the video of Nicola sturgeon on the Sophy Ridge show which appears to have split the pro Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond camps and Wings Over Scotland getting it big time on social media. As I have blogged previously … Continue reading

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