So British Unionist current affairs programme Scotland Tonight on STV held a panel of all unionists to start their campaign of Love Our Union. The programme panel was Stephen Kerr, former Tory MP, Pamela Nash, former Labour MP, and some press person (Katrine Bussey) representing other press people. This campaign is led by Conservative activists so a lot of balance there then. The idea behind this campaign is to promote the positive case for the union. According to Nash the polls are like this during a crisis, Bussey thinks it is down to Brexit but the campaign is a good thing (nothing like press impartiality), Kerr kept banging on about the positive case for the union without actually making a case in any shape or form for the union.

As you can see that went down well with those who could be bothered to watch this crap. Scotland Tonight, I watched it this morning lol, really is as bad it was the last time I watched it which must have been over a year ago. It really is just a unionist platform now with little balance and it appears to not even bother to hide this shame any more. You have to wonder who comes up with this crap though, like Hands Across Borders with Rory Stewart, this is just absolute garbage and to think someone will be getting paid for this crap. Progress Scotland, remember that, is just as bad although they at least had a poll recently that got some people excited.

The really depressing thing though is that they really believe sticking a jack on it solves all our problems. They just refuse to accept that the whole basis of the yes movement is about democracy, it’s about not being governed by a Government elected by voters in another country, they don’t even see Scotland as a country and where is this positive case for the union, just once I would like to see what these cases are as this is just another sound bite that will go no where but is promoted by our sycophantic media without any real analysis or question.

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