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More reasons to HATE Labour

I think most of us would agree that hate is a horrible word to use. It is one of those words that I try not to use but when reading over the weekend about some of the hardest areas hit … Continue reading

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Where are we right now?

It’s been an interesting weekend with one poll saying the gap between YES and NO is very very slim and another today saying that the gap remains pretty high for the NO side, but do they really tell the ordinary … Continue reading

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That Email, it’s all bollocks in my opinion

Let’s all congregate in Edinburgh next week and do a public execution of Campbell Gunn, for those of you who might have avoided the news, he is the special advisor to First Minister Alex Salmond who sent an email. Mr. … Continue reading

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Breadline Kids

I have just finished watching Dispatches ‘ Breadline Kids ‘ and first things first, these kids are heroes and their parents honest. The second thing is that I am so angry that today, in the Better Together UK, a teenager … Continue reading

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The Queens Speech

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, and those plebs whom I don’t care about. My government’s legislative programme will continue to deliver on its long-term plan to build a stronger economy and a fairer society for bankers, … Continue reading

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