More reasons to HATE Labour

I think most of us would agree that hate is a horrible word to use. It is one of those words that I try not to use but when reading over the weekend about some of the hardest areas hit by the so-called welfare reforms, supported by Labour, who also promise more pain, you cannot but use the word to describe the Labour Party and their failure over a 100 years to protect the poorest in Scotland.

Several reports emerged over the weekend that the areas hardest hit by welfare reform have been:

Calton represented by Margaret Curran MP Labour Party
Springburn represented by Willie Bain MP Labour Party
Drumchapel represented by John Robertson MP Labour Party

Five other areas of Glasgow appear in the top 20 and all represented by Labour MPs. Anas Sarwar, Ian Davidson, Ann McKechin and Tom Harris are the guilty parties. These very same people are the ones talking you down, telling you that you are better together when what they really mean is they are better together while roughly every adult in Glasgow will be worse off to the tune of £620 a year due to the changes.

In a weekend when 50,000 people in London marching against this very austerity are ignored by politicians across all parties and the main stream media we learn that the Labour heartland of Glasgow is the worst hit. What will it take for people on the west coast to wake up to the sham and lie that are the Labour Party in Scotland. The Labour Party is dead, simple as that, it is dead. The party formed to protect the rights of the most vulnerable are now one of the largest causes of the misery faced by many in Scotland. Along with the Conservatives and the Liberals they are everything that I hate about this country now.

I don’t think Labour have ever truly served the poor and vulnerable but I think some of them tried many years ago. Now they are a disgrace of a party and please stop falling for their lies, they are killing the poor and telling you it is in your best interests but it’s in their best interests. It doesn’t serve the Currans and Sarwars of the world to make your life better, more equal, you might move away or vote them out. No, it serves their interests to keep you poor, ignorant and dying young and what a Christmas Present Ian Duncan Smith has been for them. They can blame the hated Tories for your pain while weighing your vote.

Think of the power they could Weald if every Labour MP in Scotland stood up and said ‘ right, we want this change or that change or we vote yes ‘ think of the shock waves that would bring and the opportunity for real change for the better and ask yourself why don’t they. Could it just be that your wellbeing is not their wellbeing, could it be that your prospects conflict with their prospects, could it be that your enlightenment is the very thing they fear.

I now HATE Labour in Scotland and if I were living in parts of Glasgow today I would be encouraging you to HATE them too. You can change things, you can make them better, the first step you can take is to lance the boils that are the Labour MP and MSPs in Scotland who are keeping you down. This is your time, your chance, I am with you and so are many from across Scotland because when you break from the liars of Scottish Labour and vote for yourselves and your children you will be helping to save us all.



    • Anonymous


      Labour are dead, it’s just convincing the followers that they are finally gone.

      Thanks for commenting.


  1. Iain

    I thought Calton was part of Sarwar’s little poverty fiefdom, but you’re bang on with the list of Labour MPs. Let’s remember that, on 26 March, they trooped into the Government lobbies to support the Ian Duncan Smith cap on benefits spending. Let’s also remember that only 2 Labour MPs voted against the cap. Better Together – No Thanks!

    • grumpyscottishman


      I thought that as well but it checks as Curran. Labour are really dead now, they should just join with the Tories and be done with it. I wonder how long it will take for the followers to wake up though.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. mary vasey

    What is even worse, Tom Harris Labour MP for Glasgow South said ” We set up as the party to represent the values of working people, working being the key word. We weren’t set up as some charity to help the poorest in society- the long-term unemployed, the benefit dependent, the drug addicted, the homeless. ” So that’s ok then – NOT The westminster politicians and Scottish Labour no thanks crowd are all morally bankrupt. The sooner we ditch them the better for all.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Tom Harris is a charm, that’s what happens when local people elect them to jobs for life. They lose all sense of the very people they are supposed to make life a little better for. I really hate Labour more than the Tories, with the Tories what you see is what you get but with Labour you get wolves in sheep clothing.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Helena Brown

    I admit I have hated Labour I think for all my adult life. I saw them waste what power they had, squandering it if you like, The problem with today is that after Thatcher destroyed much if not all of the industry in our country too many people were left with nothing but welfare and now these self same people are being punished for no having work. The worst of it is that Labour having one song sheet for here and one for the proper country are working to continue with the punishing. Trouble is how do you get that message over. I know of no newspaper who is going to tell them and certainly not the BBC.
    Someone said about the picket for the Journalist held in Egypt, that they had taped over their mouths in solidarity with said Journalists, well I said yesterday that our Journalists tape over their own mouths willingly they do not want to tell the truth, they are an utter disgrace.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I have no respect for the media in Scotland other than the online media such as wings, they are cowards in my opinion. Labour are a joke and like you I think I have always despised them for all their lies my whole life. I really wonder what it will take for people to wake up and see the truth before their eyes.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. JimnArlene

    I’m a socialist and I’ve never voted Labour in my life. Never trusted them, they always seemed to be more Tory than the Tories, just not as honest about it and this predates Blair.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Totally agree with your point. Labour are a dead party, I feel for the honest members and there are many. How they can suffer Lamont, Murphy, Miliband and the like is beyond me as they are the scum of the earth.

      Thanks for commenting.



    Great piece and spot on regards Labour,

    They are the most disgusting lot ever. At least with the tory’s you know what to expect but the lies and scaring these buggers have done will cost them dearly. Too many , me included ,fell for the drivel and even after the last 30 years , there are the same problems and poverty.

    Don’t forget the food banks , A scandal in this rich country. benefit sanction for the most ludicrous reasons. Mothers without food for their children. The disgraceful attacks on the disabled and the apathy towards our young unemployed men and women. I could go on all day ….

    The poor turned to Labour and Labour failed the poor. FACT>

    I can only feel disgust at anyone connected to that party. Liars and hypocrites who will pay sooner than they think.

    Great to see I’m not alone on this topic Grumpy

  6. bringiton

    Labour MPs in Scotland are not elected to look after their constituents’ interests but to make up the numbers at Westminster.
    The British Labour party is about the British Labour party and nothing else.
    Thanks Bruce.

    • Anonymous


      So very true, now they want border posts to keep their members out of England. Scam.


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