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Schizophrenia – Project Fear and the Love Bombs begin today

The First Minister has said the “people’s will must prevail” as she prepares to outline the Scottish Government’s plan to hold a second independence referendum in Scotland. (STV) – As First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is set to announce her route … Continue reading


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It Really Is Time to Cut the Red Tories Adrift

It really is time to cut the Labour Party adrift –  Sharon Graham, the Leader of Unite Union, has reacted to Labour MP David Lammy’s comments regarding the strike that is being undertaken by staff at British Airways. Like his … Continue reading

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Bits N Pieces Sunday 26th June 2022

Covid is still a thing – Over a million people are infected with Covid – 19 in the UK right now, I know I now have it for the second time following two positive tests yesterday after feeling like crap … Continue reading

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She Can’t Help Herself

What is it with Sturgeon –  Nicola Sturgeon just cannot stop making comments that allude to Alex Salmond and it really needs to stop. How many times do we have to say that Alex Salmond was acquitted on all charges. … Continue reading

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Us and Them

Less money for those who don’t have any and more to those who do –  A lot has been said this week about the rail strikes from the scumbag Tories, the scumbag rich people’s prostitute’s just can’t help themselves can … Continue reading

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The Fourth Establishment and the need to back our New Media

The Times have been accused of covering up a story about the liar, cheat, and corrupt Boris Johnson. Allegedly that during their extra-marital, undisputed affair, Boris Johnson (then Foreign Secretary) attempted to give his lover, Carrie, a six-figure job in the … Continue reading

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Westminster Suits Them Doesn’t It?

The SNP have well truly settled into the life and working environment of Westminster –  It is being reported, and not just in the right wing unionist Express that “The SNP’s Westminster leader and his supporters cheered and applauded the … Continue reading

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Plebiscite it is then

pleb·is·cite NOUN the direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question such as a change in the constitution: Professor Ciaran Martin the former civil servant who negotiated the 2014 Scottish independence vote said the … Continue reading

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Comment: Keep YES and the SNP Separate

Nicola Sturgeon basically implied she would not work with Alex Salmond yesterday in the next independence campaign – I really hope that is the case, that Nicola Sturgeon in her bitterness or whatever it is means she goes it alone, Lesley … Continue reading

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If there is one thing that is Guaranteed today

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will unveil her first paper in the Scottish Government “updated independence prospectus” today  and we will just have to wait and see what it contains while no doubt there will be bits we like and agree … Continue reading

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