Us and Them

Less money for those who don’t have any and more to those who do –  A lot has been said this week about the rail strikes from the scumbag Tories, the scumbag rich people’s prostitute’s just can’t help themselves can they. In the midst of a cost of living crisis that has just not come about in the last year, it has been building for years as the rich have gotten richer since austerity began in 2010 under the Tory and Liberal Democrat coalition. This week has just shown the Tories in all their glory, while they plan on allowing the bankers and city workers, who nearly broke the financial world with their greed, unlimited bonuses and raises they continue to preach so called restraint to the rest of us.

Budget cuts if you’re not rich, tax cuts if you are.

I have been listening to LBC in the mornings when not at work and the fact that ordinary working people are being encouraged to turn on the strikers is disgusting, the papers calling the strikers greedy, the union leaders robber barons yet  Grant Shapps the transport secretary has told rail staff not to “risk striking yourself out of a job”, typical Tory. How dare the dirty unwashed have the guts to strike to protect jobs, pay, health and safety and of course it is no coincidence that the threat by the heavily public subsidized railways comes at the same time as the Tories cut transport funding by 4 Billion Pounds, so the companies pass that cut onto the staff because you can’t be cutting the dividends of the shareholders of the huge profits made on the backs of , you guessed it, the poor people, us mugs.

We cannot have a just society that applies the principle of accountability to the powerless in the principle of forgiveness to the powerful. Christopher Hayes

It wasn’t that long ago when the scumbag politicians of all colours were outside clapping the dirty unwashed low paid workers who put themselves at risk to ensure that vital services remained available during the still on going pandemic, how many died as a result of catching Covid-19 to keep services open? Thousands. Let’s be clear here this is about us and them, we are in a class war now.

There’s class warfare, all right. But it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning. Warren Buffet

Things are going to get a lot worse in the UK, and in Scotland, let’s face it the SNP are the Tartan Tories, have you had a look at the Growth Commission Report, Tory all the way. I applaud the strikers this week, I will vote for strikes when my union ballot members soon because this cost of living crisis is not about the war in Ukraine, it is not about Covid-19, it is not about the lack of resources and increased demand, this cost of living crisis is about the wealthy, the speculators, and the politicians taking advantage yet again of a world in crisis to punish the poor, to keep them in their place, to starve them, and to get richer doing it.

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5 Responses to Us and Them

  1. Brian says:

    Lynch and the RMT, condemned by politicians who squandered over £30 billion on test and trace, then failed to pursue £billions lost to fraud. And not supported by the very politicians who pretend to represent working class people.

    • Brian

      You can’t make it up can you and all the politicians are to blame as far as I am concerned. The Tories are scum but at least they don’t deny what they are the rest are just as bad but lie and cheat as much as the Tories do but try to hide it. It is a class war for me now, this isn’t about the economy etc this is about weakening the working class as much as they can. We are at war with all of them now in so many ways.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    You are spot on Bruce.
    It is “Us and Them”. But what “they” try and do is set “us” against “us”. That is, they wish to have customers versus service providers, public sector employees versus pensioners, health care workers versus rail workers – divide and rule.
    However, “they” may be in some trouble this time around. The Unions are getting their act together. I am particularly impressed with the RMT leader Mick Lynch. How I wish the Yes movement had a straight-shooter like him at the helm.

    • Duncanio

      Yeah he has been impressive and I agree it is not working so well this time. People remember what the poorest did during covid, they remember the hypocrisy of the politicians with the clapping from all parties, it may well come to a head for once and long before time. We are in a class war and it is high time we fight back or there is a real risk we lose every gain we ever made due to the evil bastards that are the Tories and the idiots that are the so called opposition. It is the worst I have ever seen it and it disgusts me, they are scum.

      Thanks for commenting.

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