It Really Is Time to Cut the Red Tories Adrift

It really is time to cut the Labour Party adrift –  Sharon Graham, the Leader of Unite Union, has reacted to Labour MP David Lammy’s comments regarding the strike that is being undertaken by staff at British Airways. Like his leader Keir Starmer earlier in the week Lammy is showing his true Red Tory credentials for all to see.

Companies and Tories of all colours took advantage of the Covid-19 Pandemic to slash their workers, to use public money via furlough, lining their own company profits before their slash and burn staff policies took effect. In the not too distant past, the Labour Party would have been standing toe to toe with striking workers to defend jobs, defend hard won rights, they would have taken the Tories and the Bosses on, now they are the Tories and they are the bosses, they are a f disgrace.

As you can imagine Unite members, myself included, have made their feelings clear to Sharon, who in fairness has been an excellent leader so far for Unite and got my vote due to her strength of character during the contest to replace McCluskey, the opinion of many of the members are very clear. It is time for the trade union movement to cut all ties with the Labour Party until they change leader or change as a party. We need strong trade unions more than ever right now in the UK and around the world. We need to be getting people unionised before we face the attacks that are coming from scumbag Tories with more anti-union laws and we cannot rely on Labour to do anything at all, Starmer and his lot are TORIES end of.

It is time now I suspect for a trade union political party in and of itself because, like the SNP, how many more chances do Labour get to return to their roots, to the very reason they were formed because, again like the SNP, they have betrayed all of us who are members of a trade union as the SNP have betrayed the yes movement. Enough is enough, the likes of Starmer, Lammy, Nandy are Tories and the enemy now as well even though I don’t like to use that military type language we are in a fight for our lives, the class war is real and we are surrounded by enemies and traitors.



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3 Responses to It Really Is Time to Cut the Red Tories Adrift

  1. lorncal says:

    It’s hard to disagree, grumpy.

  2. Brenda Steele says:

    David Lammy is the one who complained about “women hoarding their rights”,
    To me that says it all about the man and the party.

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