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The Smith Commission, my Opinion for what it’s worth

Apologies for the length of this blog. I have now had the chance to read the report and to say that I feel worse than I did on the 19th of September is an understatement. The Smith Commission, we were … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Christmas but

I generally enjoy the Christmas period. I like the cold weather, I like the old 70s and 80s TV shows from my youth, I love the Darts from the Ally Paley, I love the tree and the lights and I … Continue reading

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What do you mean another Recession?

Prime Minister David Cameron is warning all of us in the UK, and I suppose the wider world, that we are in for another potential European and world-wide recession. According to Dave this is due to a slow down in … Continue reading

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Miliband can’t and won’t win…….

This is just my opinion for what it’s worth, not based on any research or inside knowledge or anything other than what I see and hear of Ed Miliband in the media,as well as, on social media like Twitter. My … Continue reading

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Get Over It………

I often get told by NO voters that I need to get over it; I need to move on, accept that I lost the referendum and stop being a bitter nationalist. This cheers me up no end as it demonstrates … Continue reading

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