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Don’t use the Tax Responsibility Trap

Today the Scottish Parliament officially take on the so called significant new tax powers with the formal transfer of control from Westminster. Scottish Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said: “We welcome these legislative steps which will increase the Scottish Parliament’s powers … Continue reading


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Another One Bites the Dust

So today saw another promise from Better Together, especially the British Labour Party Branch Office in Scotland, regarding shipbuilding on the Clyde bite the dust. Who can forget the scare stories from the referendum, below is a wee reminder of … Continue reading

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Something Different: The Christmas Ad

I love Christmas and I love turkey. My wife in fact cooks the only turkey I have ever really loved to the extent that in the season of good will I don’t want to share any lol. I will have … Continue reading

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There is Doom and Gloom, but only for Some of US

The doom and gloom merchants are out in force today in the media. When I was reading the various doom and gloom predictions online today and on some of the various news sites I wondered just how much of this … Continue reading

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Different Rules for Us and Different Rules for Them

A story appeared in the Mirror last Friday 18th November but was somewhat over shadowed by the SNP witch hunt over expenses but is about expenses all the same. Aidan Burley and David Ruffley, ex Conservative MPs, it turns out … Continue reading

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1984 for real in November 2016

On Wednesday November 16th 2016 this country sleepwalked into the reality of 1984. The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 will allow the state to do the following: *Communications companies must now keep a record of all of your tele communications for … Continue reading

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Housing Benefit

It is being reported on Sky News today that Buckingham Palace is to be refurbished at a cost of £369 Million Pounds over the next 10 years, just as well the SNP doesn’t have to mitigate this Housing Benefit Bill … Continue reading

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Special Relationship My Arse

One thing that I have always found a total minter (embarrassing) is the so called special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. British MPs shout it from the roof tops at every opportunity, but the … Continue reading

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Referenda: But only when we don’t like the result!

THE Scottish Liberal Democrats have rejected a motion supporting independence after a debate on the issue at the party’s autumn conference in Dunfermline. Wee Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats lol, noted that “today we rejected any suggestion … Continue reading

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Centralisation v Local Democracy

The Times ran an article on Friday regarding a possible shake up of local Government in Scotland and this was picked up yesterday by the Yoon (Press) and Journal. It appears that the Scottish Government are looking at Transport Scotland … Continue reading

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