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And So It Begins

Today is the second day of the official near six week general election campaign to see which of the three Tory Parties gets to form the next government for the next five long years. To think we could have been … Continue reading

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The SNP and all Women Short Lists

The SNP will this weekend at their Spring Conference debate the issue of all women shortlists for candidates to Holyrood; with the power to implement this policy transferring to the NEC should they convince the party to vote for it. … Continue reading

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Not So Civil Servants

I found it interesting this morning, if not at all surprising, that a group of MPs from the House of Commons Public Administration Committee have found that Nicholas MacPherson, the most senior civil servant at the Treasury, should not have … Continue reading

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No Voters Can’t Get Over It

I woke this morning and when having a wee look at Twitter with my coffee discovered this lovely tweet from a gentleman called Steve Sayers, Steve has a strong opinion about what I should do, I assume he read Grumpy … Continue reading

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Did you vote NO for this?

David Cameron Prime Minister ‘”You cannot let the people who want to break up our country into the government of our country.” I have been following some of the hysterics of the last week since the Ashcroft Polls predicted the … Continue reading

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Are Changes a foot at the SNP?

I was flicking through the news this morning, as you do before you go to work, and came across an interesting story on Buzz Feed regarding proposed changes within the SNP. It would seem that the SNP wish to introduce … Continue reading

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