No Voters Can’t Get Over It

I woke this morning and when having a wee look at Twitter with my coffee discovered this lovely tweet from a gentleman called Steve Sayers, Steve has a strong opinion about what I should do, I assume he read Grumpy Scottish Man lol.

steve pic

What is really interesting about this, and it relates to my previous blog in many ways, is that many NO Voters have just not been able to move on from the debate while the debate has moved on from them. The abuse, mostly unreported in the media during the referendum continues, Steve is just a symptom of their lack of argument for the Britain no voters profess to love. I moved on the day after the referendum, not happy, but I moved on and was thinking what can I do to ensure that we continue to engage in this debate, what can I do to keep trying to get the truth, as I understand it, out there regarding the lie that is the United Kingdom.

Steve, sadly, is one of many. I have had numerous conversations with No Voters who really want me to go away, want me to stop the fight, stop my blog because it’s rubbish. I lost, get over it and go do one. But if YES lost why are we still subjected to abuse, if YES lost why is David Cameron and his media pals stoking anti-Scottish feeling in England and telling us that our vote doesn’t matter, that we will not be allowed to influence politics in London. If we lost why are they still so angry and abusive. I suspect that many NO voters just can’t move on, they know they were lied to during the referendum, everything they believe to be Britain is a lie that they see in front of them everyday. They argued that Scotland would an impoverished nation if we voted YES, but what they see when they wake in the morning is an impoverished nation and are told to shut up and go away by the very people they believed. The very people who told them they loved them, told them to reject autonomy and the chance of something different, something better, are now telling them to shut up and get back in their box.

Are people like Steve really angry at the YES voters or do they maybe feel some shame. Are they ashamed that they were lied to, that they fell for the biggest con job done to a nation in recent history, does their abuse mask their denial for what might have been had they listened to the truth that was right in front of them. I feel sorry for Steve, the country he professes to be a part of are telling him to F*** Off. The YES side lost the referendum but I can’t help but think, did we really.



  1. jimnarlene

    I think we lost round 1 but, round 2 will be a different story.
    The abuse from some no voters maybe, a deflecting tactic after realising they were lied to, or they are just abusive by nature.
    Either way, we still have to educate and inform, the more rational no voters that may be leaning towards a yes, are there to be persuaded. The recent abuse by the MSM and the behaviour of Westminster MPs, toward Scotland and her electorate, will I’m sure have the effect of turning many.

    • Anonymous


      I agree. I seriously considered not blogging after the referendum but that lasted a couple of hours and I just thought no, my opinion matters even if n one reads it. I’m not going to stop expressing myself no matter hwo many Steves would love me to. I hope my opinion does encourage people to do a little research themselves and look at all the options, I’m not saying I’m right just this is what I think.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • jimnarlene

        Keep blogging, Bruce. It’s always an enjoyable read, it’s good to read what others are thinking and perhaps reassess ones own thoughts.

        • Anonymous


          I am planning on blogging for as long as I feel I have something to say. That was the main reason I started in the first place, wanting to express my opinion on mainly politics, but anything else that took my fancy, plus a lot of encouragement from Tris at .

          I also thought that I read so many brilliant and well written blogs but they were sometimes not written in ways that attracted myself as just an ordinary man in the street. They had and have superior analysis than my own, use language that at times can be a joy to read but they were not written in the language I use and they were a mixture of analysis and opinion when I wanted just to hear others opinions. So while I have made the effort to improve my writing, and I do put some more thought into what I am trying to say and how I say it, I still want to blog in a way that anyone can read and understand my point of view, mistakes and all.

          I remain incredibly flattered every time someone reads my blogs and even more when people take the time to comment and share their opion. I really believe we can bring about change but that change can only happen when ordinary people like myself are engaged and take ownership of the debate. Our country, our wellbeing, our futures are far too important to be left to the politicians at any level.

          It’s one of the areas I want to spend more time on in the future, emailing my local councillors, MSPs and MPs to express my opinion. However, like everyone else, it takes up a lot of time that I sometimes don’t have, and unbelievably we actually have to search to find out about what is going on in our communities and our country, when that information should be in our face all the time, if only we had a decent informative media.

          Again thanks for taking the time to read and comment, it really is both flattering and educational to share our opinions.


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    Don’t you dare stop blogging Bruce.

    We need every voice we can muster to fight the MSM and establishment drones who lie and spin everything. When was the last time you heard a politician answer a straight question ?

    Nichola Sturgeon keeps it simple and straightforward. there is much to admire there.

    The unionist parties have only the party lines and they sound stupid mumbling the same old same old.

    Referendum Pt 2 is a certainty , the anti Scots drivel from the MSM and WM will do all the hard work for us.

    Nawbags. Your angry attitude is aimed at the wrong folk. You won a tiny victory while independence votes doubled . And we’re getting more and more voters every time the MSM or WM speaks.

    Come over to the light . Vote SNP get SCOTLAND. đŸ˜€

    • Anonymous


      I’m not planning to stop, it was just something I considered after the referendum because I wasn’t sure if I had anything else to say but I found that I did and blogging stops me from getting really really pissed off.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. hektorsmum

    Bruce, I was at my Hairdresser on Friday and she was telling me of the abuse she has received from the husband of a long standing customer. This customer has been using her for as long as I have which is at least ten years. This man was obviously wound up by the GERS figures and unasked commented that Scotland would have been bankrupt had it been independent by now. He kept on and on about it until my hairdresser said that there was not much point in telling her as she had been a YES voter. So he called her a stupid girl said he thought she was smart but obviously stupid. She then ignored him, she is a single mum so she needs to keep her customers but I knew she felt like saying ” and don’t come back”.
    I think these people are quite aware that they did not really win, they cheated and that is what is making them angry. Then of course we were supposed to do a 1979 and vanish, as the wee ginger dugs says, back into the shortbread tin. So they are really upset, even the stupidest realise that Independence is coming and there is damned all they can do about it.
    Any way I know you will simply ignore the stupid person, they have no sense of humour, have you noticed. We can laugh at our situation but they cannot seem to.
    I would be up to Dundee if you stopped blogging.

    • Anonymous


      I have had a few nasty comments on twitter and chatting to people whom I know who voted no, and I really do wonder who won the referendum. Saying that I actually think we are witnessing the slow destruction of the UK before our eyes now anyway. Following some of the discussion down South, not the politicians, but from what voters most want Scotland to go now and take the oil with us as more and more want an independent England. For me that can only be a good thing as we are both moving in very opposite directions. The sad part is that I have always said that the day the English want their independence ours will arrive in a heartbeat.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. Andrew Brown

    Please don’t stop blogging. I’ve said many times that I know I’m on the right side when I see those who oppose us and our perfectly legitimate quest for self-determination. I would not want to be associated in any way with not only the language which the Unionists employ but also their behaviour. For example, the latest revelations about the collusion between BT, The Treasury, The Herald and the RBS statement last September. Utterly appalling. I do hope that Better Together’s “victory” last year will prove to be not only Phyrrhic but also extremely short lived.

    • Anonymous


      Not planning on stopping. Derek Bateman has a really good blog today about Labour, but at the end discusses something I have heard a few times and that being that the Tories will remain in power, I suspect he is correct. I actually think that the Tories still being the Government will be hell on Earth, but it might just be the final death knell for Labour in Scotland ,and like the things you listed above the death of this unholy Union.

      Thanks for commenting.


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