And So It Begins

Today is the second day of the official near six week general election campaign to see which of the three Tory Parties gets to form the next government for the next five long years. To think we could have been negotiating our escape from this horrible United Kingdom where the Scottish vote is not wanted or will be allowed to influence the debate, better together my arse.

Anyway, this morning I put on the TV to see an interview with David Cameron. Now Cameron annoys me at the best of times but I switched on at the bit where he was talking about ‘honest hard working people’, I suppose the implication is that anyone out of work for whatever reason is not an honest hard working person. He then went on to avoid laying out which services that the dishonest not working people will lose in the next round of ideological billions of pounds of cuts.

It’s bad enough that this man really is just not up to the job, but I find it really rich that someone who will never want, or has ever wanted, for anything in his life can sit in the Sky studio avoiding the specifics about cuts like they have no impact on people, either the people who use them or the people employed in them. I grew up with Thatcher but I actually find that I loath Cameron and the current right wing nut job element of the Tory Party even more. It also annoyed me that the guy doing the interview, Eamonn Holmes, is about as close to a journalist than I am. He didn’t ask any difficult questions or even pursue an answer. It’s going to be a long election period if this is the best the media have to offer.

I then decided to go to the propaganda channel, yes the BBC, and got a speech by the dead man walking Nick Clegg. I tuned out as there is no point in listening to anything the Liberals say as they don’t mean it, can’t be trusted, are pretty much useless, and no one of any note will ever vote for them again. I then learned that I am supposed to be 1.9% better off since 2010, nope that’s not true, I was told that the UK economy is working and that we have never had it so good, nope that’s not true, and Miliband responded by saying that working families were ‘struggling’, em working families again. Miliband said nothing else.

Is it any wonder that Labour are basically unelectable now, like the Liberals, no ideas and no policies so the Tories basically can say ‘we are shit, we will punish the poor, we are just not as shit at lying as the other two Tory Parties‘. I am underwhelmed and depressed by it all already, the SNP actually is our only hope, far from perfect but a hell of lot better than the ‘working peoples parties’.

A last thought, it looks like if you are anything less than a ‘hard working family’ you might as well give up now and just get used to a slow and painful death via starvation and no services.



    • grumpyscottishman


      I really hope so and I really hope that voters in Scotland have woken to the fact that a vote for unionist parties is a guarantee that Scotland continues to be ignored due to the focus always being London and the South East.

      Thanks for commenting.


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