Not So Civil Servants

I found it interesting this morning, if not at all surprising, that a group of MPs from the House of Commons Public Administration Committee have found that Nicholas MacPherson, the most senior civil servant at the Treasury, should not have released information regarding the currency issues during the referendum last year.

Nicholas MacPherson (I refuse to use his stupid title) told a lecture to the Strand Group earlier this year he had allowed the advice to be published “because I regarded it as my duty”. He noted it was ‘striking that the Treasury coordinated all the work that set out the case for the Union’, explaining that this was seen as a ‘head versus heart referendum’, and it was thought by ministers that the economic case would prove most effective in encouraging a ‘No’ vote.

None of us who follow politics will be surprised by this at all, we probably would have been surprised if the British State did not use all the tricks that it could and probably did more than we will never learn about.

Usually I never ever call for someone to lose their job; I rarely see the point, unless they are the most incompetent person in the whole world. But on this occasion I actually do think that Nicholas MacPherson should be forced to resign. The reason for this is that his intervention did sway at least one voter, probably thousands more, to vote NO and that is not his job. He broke every rule in the book, as far as the Civil Service goes, and has probably done more to damage our broken democracy than most of the current mid level Tories in Government.

If people have no faith in the system of Government, and no faith at all in its institutions or the people who lead them, then we will end up with the kind of Governments that some African Countries have to suffer. It is bad enough that we have allowed politicians in this country to never accept responsibility for anything, to rip off their expenses, to abuse their privileged position to enrich themselves, and to attack the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, but for one of the main institutions to be allowed to lie to the electorate that they profess to serve, to influence such an important vote ,goes beyond what is acceptable for myself.

There has to be some honesty, and even honour, somewhere within our system of democracy or we will lose it all. We will end up with few people voting and fewer caring. The result being that the kind of social carnage that is being carried out daily on the fabric of our society and the services that many fought and died for will get worse. They will get worse to the extent that they are no longer there, and we all wake up one day to discover that we truly are the servants of the elite and big business, that because we fell asleep at the wheel we lost even our crappy system of democracy because we gave up fighting for honesty and honour from our leading public servants.

This all may sound like some fluffy rubbish to some but I really feel that our democracy and our power, via the ballot box, is being so undermined by the collusion of the political establishment that it has never been at greater risk. If we don’t hold the people to account that we should be able to trust as a last resort then we might as well give up now.

Nicholas MacPherson should be sacked and shamed.




    I agree Grumpy.

    Anyone in a position as high as him deserves the sack for his disgraceful breach of rules. Once again more information comes out that Scots were conned and lied too and the Nawbags out there, you know.. the “proud Scots but…” were used to help spread the lies. Why are they so angry???

    Only in Scotland do we have our own countrymen/women voting for another country to rule us. I am ashamed of them.

    Still there’s hope yet as Westminster ups it’s game and now it’s not YES voters it’s ALL Scots being tarred from down south. Yes they love us ….. just vote for Labour like a good sweatie.

    “Eat your cereal indeed”

    Good stuff Grumpy.

    • grumpyscottishman


      There is no doubt that we were conned and lied to. As we can see now with all the anti Scottish stuff going on down South it was about our money and their estates.

      I have no doubt that some NO voters will have regretted their decision, but like you say why do some of them hate their country so much.

      MacPherson should be forced to resign as he has undermined trust, not trust I have in the state, but trust that many others still do. Still, hopefully enough have learned from the lies.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. hektorsmum

    In total agreement Bruce. We live in a lawless society these days and the major lawbreakers are those charged with making the laws. How many MP’s and Lords have fell foul of the very things they are charged with making and enforcing.
    It is no wonder that it spreads downwards and you find that there are lots of small infringement by the populace, you will notice I said small infringements, traffic violations etc, other wise the sma’ folk in Scotland are extremely well behaved.
    I think it will be a cold day in hell when we see the like of auld Nick thrown to the wolves as he is an Establishment shill.

    • Anonymous


      You’re correct, it is one law for one and a different one for everyone else. It makes me sick when I hear crap like, as Tris pointed out, British values. They just make it up as they go along to ensure that they stay at the top of the pile, some in the middle get a wee gong that means nothing to keep them going, the lackies in their political parties get to be an office bearer while they search for the next candidate who went to the right school and so on, and the rest of can stay in our box while watching our lives get returned to the dark ages.

      Makes me sick.

      Thanks for commenting.


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