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Something Different: You gotta love the 50s

Here is some advertising from the 50s, I’m amazed men survived given some of these.



At last, are we seeing the death of the empire?

Events, my dear boy, events. A famous quote by Prime Minister Harold MacMillan in the 1960’s, and he was spot on. The more I try to learn about politics the more I am convinced that it is just organised chaos that can change in a second due to events, and that I believe is where we are now.

A wee bit of context first, there are only 22 countries in the World that Britain has not invaded, and at its height Britain controlled 23% of the world’s surface, 458 million people, Britain pretty much dominated as much of the world as it possibly could.

It all started to change though with the American Revolution. The stranglehold that Britain held over huge parts of the world started to weaken across the globe. Other countries followed suit like India and the free Irish State (Eire). Today the UK has 14 territories across the world, or tax havens as most people know them now. The map above has well and truly changed for the better. Now while the Unionists among us believe that Brexit will return Great Britain back into some sort of global force the reality is of course it won’t.

The so called British Empire is nothing to be proud of in any shape or form. Just check out Crimes of Britain and learn about what Empire really meant, the suffering it caused around the world and the continued actions of a Westminster that still thinks it can rule the world even today.

However, the influence that Great Britain thinks it has is going to come home to roost, the photo below highlights the dramatic potential fall in how Britain will be viewed in many ways across the globe. I personally can’t wait.

This country continues to be the plaything of the wealthy, and the influential families of old such as the Windsor’s. It’s bad enough that we don’t live in a democracy in any true sense of the word but that for generations we have been born into a class system no less influential and elitist than it was 100’s of years ago. It’s coming to an end though in my opinion. We currently have the most useless set of politicians in the history of man, Brexit has allowed certain elements out of the bag and the media which has always been right wing now has no fear, they can say and do what they like knowing that large parts of England support their view. As we know in Scotland, what England wants England gets.

While there are those who feel that England will never loosen its grip on Scotland and that independence is further away than it has always been I am not so sure. In little under two years time the UK, and mainly England, is going to wake up and realise that the tolerance that the world had for it has evaporated on the back of Brexit. There will be no argument to keep the UK on the security council, will Germany or America fight for that, no I don’t think they will. Will the UK remain a member of the G8? How can it as it falls further and further down the economic league table and a national debt that will actually hold true the term banana republic.

As the pain of Brexit hits hard, and it will hit all of us, how will the voters in England react when the car manufacturers in Sunderland start to lose interest, when the Navy are building ships abroad, when the banks have all moved and the poor house beckons. What will we do in Scotland, sit back and allow ourselves be dragged down even further than we are now. I just can’t believe that we will when push comes to shove. The slow break up of the empire brought with it freedom of sorts for India, Ghana, New Zealand, Australia etc. That same freedom is coming Scotland’s way and soon, those of us on the yes side have got to be ready to grasp the metal.

While the unionists fight to keep their precious union together right now, how hard will they fight when they have to fight to keep their precious England together, that will be our time to move, our time to finally put the final nail into the coffin of the empire. I really believe we are watching the end of the United Kingdom, it won’t happen overnight, who knows it might take another 10 years but it will happen. Our path is going in a different direction, some days I don’t see it myself but today when I sit back and look at this shitty country I have a wee smile, it’s all falling down around them.

Another nail in the Coffin of the shitty UK

So our equal partners in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland just voted to ensure that the devolved administrations have no say over Brexit.

It will be interesting to see if any Scottish Tories voted for the motion but I doubt it. This just goes to highlight even more to any soft pro European no voters out there that their voice does not matter. What England wants England gets, we are not partners, we are a region and a cash cow but longer term all of these little things will add up and we will win.

RT News is full of shit

I was looking forward to watching the Alex Salmond chat show on RT News this week. You see I have never thought that RT News was any worse than many of the others, in fact I thought it was better than the Pravda of the north, BBC Scotland News, until I saw this

Any show saying that David Torrance is a journalist and author is obviously fake and at it. 

Something Different: It’s a dump

The SFA contract to use Hampden Park runs out in 2020.

Allegedly a host of options are being looked at as the stadium, owned by Queens Park, is in need of millions of pounds of work to keep it at a set standard. The stadium was refurbished in the 1990’s for a cost of around £70,000,000 million pounds. The millennium stadium in Wales cost £121,000,000 million pounds and was always a far better stadium. Being a Dundee FC fan I don’t get to Hampden very often but the times I have been since it was done up have left me with the feeling that it is a dump. If you are behind the goals take binoculars as you won’t see anything, getting there is a pain in the arse and parking terrible. There is also the whole Celtic/Rangers thing, when I went to the Scottish Cup Final I asked the best way to go and was told by a steward oh you are in the Celtic end. I said no, I’m in the Dundee end I’ll find my own way.

Hampden is a shit hole, most of the fans who attend Scotland matches don’t come from Glasgow. Having the smaller games move around the country makes more sense like the Holland match at Pittodrie last night and the Cup Finals could be played at Murrayfield. It is time the SFA actually did take notice of the fans for once, although historically they never do, but either way it is a dump and has to go.

I don’t wear a poppy

Remembrance Sunday is held in the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth of Nations, every year as a day “to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts”. It is held on the second Sunday in November, the Sunday nearest to 11 November. There will be a two-minute silence all over the UK not only in Churches, in homes, in shops, in city centre’s etc. Millions of people will pay their respects to family, to friends, to people they have never known who paid the ultimate sacrifice, or have or are currently serving in the armed forces.

While I will be at Church and will take part in the two-minute silence I won’t be wearing a poppy. I stopped wearing one a few years ago when I started to feel that I was being told to wear one, that to not wear a poppy was some how anti-British and an insult to every person who has served their country or gave the ultimate sacrifice. Jon Snow, of Channel 4 News, has described it as “poppy fascism” when the people who don’t wear one get abuse. For me it has become a politicised symbol of Britishness in the UK now, for me it has been hijacked by the right to judge people and I want no part of it.

I am not unsympathetic to remembrance Sunday. My father, sadly deceased now, fought in WW2 as a member of the Navy and served from 39 to 46. He wasn’t a typical ex-service man though, he didn’t care for medals, hated war and thought that when Britain got into a conflict the politicians should have been the first to take up arms, I never ever disagreed with that once I understood what it meant. I hate violence and I hate War, I would be more than happy for the politicians to be front and centre before they send a single soldier or service man or woman into conflict. I think it is an insult that the Windosrs will have chests full of them on Sunday and the press will lambast any politician who doesn’t wear a poppy, sing the national anthem or bow low enough, everything wrong with what the poppy has become this weekend, I will remember, esp my Dad, whom I have missed every day for 28 years since he passed, but like my Dad before me, I won’t be wearing a poppy.

She Definitely Will Not be Missed

So the international development secretary, Priti Patel MP, has resigned following secret meetings with the Prime Minister of Israel behind the back of Theresa Mayhem Prime Minister.

She won’t be missed, not by me, and I would imagine not by really anyone with half a brain. This MP I think has been a nasty piece of work in her time as an MP since day one, she was once quoted as saying in a book that she co wrote, Britannia Unchained (2012),” this work sets out lessons from business and economic practices of other countries, including commenting that: “once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world”

She has always voted for benefit cuts, even cuts to disability and is allegedly an unashamed supporter of Israel and all that it does. At the time she said that “cutting some disabled people’s benefits by £30 a week is justified as it will help those with a “limited capability” to work find a job”. Doesn’t matter that they would be too sick and hungry to work. She is up there with that other blessing to humanity, and former Tory MP, Esther McVey.

Yeah her who used to sit and laugh in the debates about cuts to social security, the voters saw sense and got rid of that poisoned chalice lets hope they do the same with Patel. I could not care less about their gender, but their politics are horrific and with a bit of luck something else will come out and she will have to stand down as an MP, we would all be better off with her not in Westminster.