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Waste of F Space

So as we warned!

Scottish Tory MPs at Westminster fulfilled their lobby fodder purpose last night and represented right wing England in Scotland by voting for everything they were told to.

I heard some of their droning in the debates and the theme was SNP BAD and that the Scottish SNP Government must work in good faith in relation to Brexit. They truly are a bunch of shits, hypocrites and all Tory.


Economics of the Tory

As more information comes out about Carillion the more pressure it should, but probably won’t, be putting on the Tory Government.

It appears that senior bosses at the company last Sep, just before massive profits warnings came out, changed company rules to ensure that any massive bonuses they received could not easily be reclaimed in the event of the company going bust.

Owen Jones once said of austerity ‘ socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor ‘ and Evolve Politics have pointed out today that this is the Tories nationalising the loses and privatisation of the profits and who loses, the workers who lose their jobs and us.

This is the politics of May, Davidson, Rennie and most unionist MSPs in Holyrood. The Tory economy Minister noted last night on Newsnight that there are back ups in place with other partners in the contracts but the Scottish Government will probably have to spend millions to ensure work like the Aberdeen bye pass get completed. That money has to come from somewhere and most likely will come from local council funding.

This is another when is enough enough. This is the economic incompetence of the Tories that 25% of Scots voted for, blind leading the f blind.

Greed and we’re paying for it

So Carillion have went into liquidation this morning and guess who will be bailing them out. You and me.

Carillion employ 20,000 people in the U.K. and the same abroad, and I feel for every one of them as they wake up to the uncertainty of their jobs. Carillion run prisons, are building hospitals and schools and were given 1.2 billion pounds by the Tories last summer for HS2 and building some tunnels. On top of Virgin Trains getting to end what was a contract on the public profit making East Coast Line, which along with Stagecoach, they managed to turn into a loss making line at a cost of more Billions.

Then add in the continuing NHS funding crisis in England, but affecting Scotland due to Gordon Brownstuff and his Labour incompetents, due to PFI and you get the general idea.

The Tories and Labour before them are very very good at giving our money away. We know the Government will step in with the magic money tree to ensure public (private) services , privatised by Labour and the Tories and run by Carillion, will be kept afloat but when is enough enough. We live in a country where greed has always been good, especially when that greed it coming from the magic public money tree, the politicians providing the riches and those receiving them will be long gone before most of the public bloody wake to the fact that the yoons and the posh are dipping your wallet.

Maybe an investigation has to be held now about all of these contracts, what is the process of awarding them, who is making those decisions, whose getting rich and what is the true cost. It’s long before time that there is some real transparency in this bloody country, not secrecy that allows the wealthy and the establishment to do what ever they want with our money and we have to just suck it up like the good servants we are.

I am sick of Westminster ripping us off, I’m sick of ignorant voters voting for these bastards. I’m sick of seeing Scotland used as a cash cow and treated like shit, aided by Labour, Liberal and Tory politicians in Scotland. When is enough enough, when do we actually fight back in this shitty country.

Halloween to replace Burns Night

Scotland in Union have been sending out invitations to their Burns Night Celebration. I received my invitation today.

When I saw the email I about cried with laughter. We have Johann ‘ “Scots are not genetically programmed to make political decisions.” Lamont Labour MSP. We have Liberal Democrat MP and liar Alistair Carmichael and Murdo the Hate Fraser Conservative MSP.

When I saw it I just thought that is a Tory Halloween Party and why the f are haters of Scotland even celebrating Burns, are they taking the piss or something. There is a part of me who would love to go just to get some photos of all the Tories together. If I was a genuine Liberal and Labour member I would be ashamed of their association with this shameful organisation Scotland subservient to Union.

Still Better Together older No Voters

Saw this today on Twitter and it just makes me angry to be honest about missed opportunities and lies.

We all remember during the Indy Ref 2014 the Better Together bullshit about pensions, esp from the likes of Darling and the other Unionists.

That guaranteed pension looks like it might be gone in 20yrs time. The money I am paying in now will be used to cover the disgustingly low UK pension for the No Voters who voted for pensioner poverty now and when I retire, if I reach that far, there will actually be no money to pay my pension, are those no voters happy to take that money without considering the future. Pensions in the UK are already the lowest in the EU, and it looks like they are going to get a lot worse!

As the story says the Government have admitted that “Millions of workers could end up with a lower state  pension when they retire because of the strain caused by Britain’s ageing population. Government statistics reveal the National Insurance Fund, which pays the state pension, will run out of cash by the mid-2030s unless drastic action is taken”. 

The solution to all of this will be that the pension age keeps rising and the amount you will receive will get lower and lower (if you live that long) as time goes on and we will all have to pay more. No voters, is that what you wanted for your children and grand children! There will be another indy ref, possibly in 2019, and you will have a chance to rectify your mistakes, to leave future generations with the hope and the opportunity to do things differently, to make a better go of it than the scumbags in Westminster who only look after their own.

Don’t f it up the next time.

Something Different: The DC Extended Universe

I know that I have covered Batman previously for something different but I thought it would be worth having a look at the DC Extended Universe after watching Justice League, so here is what I think of the films so far but only including the Batman that forms part of the official DC Extended Universe as it has been going recently. I will look at the films in the order they came out.

Man of Steel (2013)

A slightly darker take on Superman with Henry Cavill taking on the role. I liked it but I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I never really liked the silliness of the Christopher Reeve Superman and felt that it made Superman too much of a children’s comic book character in how those movies were made. Man of Steel felt more grounded in the present day and the character more real with real flaws. Zak Snyder directed the movie and I think did a really good job of the film overall.

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice (2016)

The Directors Cut is the version to watch as it explains things a little better and makes the film easier to understand. Director Zak Snyder said that Christian Bale could not have played this Batman as the time line was different. That was bullshit in my opinion as you see the destroyed Wayne Manor in the film but it is what it is.

Ben Affleck was pretty good as the older Batman, better than I thought he would be, but not great. The film I suppose could have been a lot better. Jesse Essenberg was both a terrible choice to play Lex Luther, and put in a terrible performance that nearly ruins the whole film. Henry Cavil plays Superman well but overall DC just don’t get this film right. The tie in with Man of Steel is weak, as is the ending,

Suicide Squad (2016)

This film picks up from the death of Superman with the government putting together a bunch of super villains to take on the baddies that threaten the world I suppose. Directed by David Ayer who did the Gotham TV series and who also wrote most of the film. It stars Will Smith, Jared Leto, Jay Hernandez etc. I liked the film but again it doesn’t work, it is a bit lighter with better laughs but it’s still a bit all over the place and while there are some good performances, esp from Margot Robbie as Hailey Quinn, the film still doesn’t really work and certainly doesn’t really set things up for Justice League all that well although there is a tie in half way through.

Wonder Woman (2017)

Introduced in Batman vs Superman there was a lot of excitement about the film when it came out, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, the film got decent reviews and has been the most successful of the DC Extended Universe to date. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Warrior who fights to help mankind. It’s a well-made film and makes more sense than the other DC efforts with decent performances including Chris Pine of Star Trek. If put alongside man of Steel it kinds gives hope to the DC idea.

Justice League (2017)

Where do you start! This film was awful from start to the part I got to which was the last 30 minutes and then I gave up. Really poor script and editing, shocking dialogue that was just cringe worthy as the film went on, a film that just jumps all over the place and makes little sense with terrible performances all round. Basically inspired by the death of Superman Batman and Wonder Woman work to put together a group of super heroes who will protect the world, that’s as good as it gets. Joss Whedon, who did a great job with the first two Avengers films, made most of the film replacing Zak Synder but it’s just a pile of shit. They re-shot so much of the movie that they had to cgi Superman’s top lip as Henry Cavill had to grow a moustache for his Man from Uncle film and it just looks ridiculous. The whole story of the reincarnation of Superman is a hot turd on a cold day, bloody awful film with nothing good about it at all.

There are a lot of DC films planned for the future but if I was them I would go away and have a very serious think about that, they have pretty much made a total arse of these films and I am not sure there is any way back for them to be honest. DC Extended Universe is no Marvel that’s for sure.

A Tory Stain of Inhumanity Returns to front line Government

Unemployed people, older people, sick people, vulnerable people, poor people will today be afraid, very afraid. You see this feeble excuse for a human being below has returned to Government, we should all be afraid.

Iain Duncan Smith’s hatchet woman is back, you know the one who said that:

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell once famously referred to McVey as a “stain of inhumanity” for pursuing cruel policies like the bedroom tax.

It’s clear now that the Tories are in full hate mode. Theresa May is a clown at the best of times but bringing back this stain on humanity just shows the contempt and loathing that this Government have for the majority in the country. The Mirror are calling this appointment a “Declaration of War against the poor and disabled”, they are not wrong.

I cannot express enough how much this appointment makes me sick to my stomach, this appointment shames us all and we had better get ready for horrific decisions being made that will make life much more difficult for anyone requiring the support of the state in their time of need, and her appointment will affect Scotland, the SNP will not be able to save us from this Tory monster.