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The Governor General Lays it out for us dafties

David Mundell MP, Governor General of Scotland and the only Tory MP in Scotland, yesterday started his own diplomatic relations with Scotland. 

We know where we Stand now, under the jackboots of a Tory Government we did not elect, a party that has not won an election in Scotland in 62 years.  Theresa May, Prime Minister, clarified in parliament what the Governor General meant when she said 

Obviously being told that our voice doesn’t count, our parliament doesn’t matter will bring many of us Together, hopefully on the YES side. 

It really is time for Scotland to grow a pair and chart a different path. Our future does not lie with the UK anymore, if we want to live in a fair and decent country then there really is only one option.

Another thought could be:

Some time ago I wrote about the The Ghost in the Room , maybe now is the time if Theresa May, as expected, refuses to even discuss the mandate for another Indy ref. Maybe a show of the SNPs General Election democratic mandate is required, maybe the SNP MPs at Westminster need to walk out, the result would be no mandate for Westminster. 

Hypocrites and Liars

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, the Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats voted against an ammended to give EU Nationals and 16 and 17 year olds a vote in any future Scottish Independence Referendum. 

Changed days from this below:

These people are liars, they have no decency and they have no shame. Every single one of them should hang their heads tonight, they have shown themselves to be exactly what they are, liars , opportunists and hypocrites. 

No one should forget this day, no young people should forget this day and no democrat should forget this day. I’m ashamed that they sit in our parliament. 


A friend, Liberal Democrat, correctly pointed out to me that the amendment was part of a larger motion and parties don’t vote on part of a motion. I accept that, he is correct, but the principle for me still stands. While I don’t like abstentions they could have abstained in my mind which would have allowed the retention of principle. 

Sit Down and Shut Up

Today Ruth Davidson, more unpopular than even Margaret Thatcher,

and Manager of the Branch Office of the Conservative and Yoonionist Party in Scotland told Nicola Sturgeon to sit down during a debate today.

Ruth Davidsons attitude totally smacked of the Better Together breakfast woman add:

Just you sit doon First Minister and zip it. Ruth Davidson is a nasty piece of work to say the least, and that comment today will I suspect come back to haunt her.

I’m also watching some of the debate from Holyrood on the independence referendum before I go back to work and so far yoonionist after yoonionist has stood up to talk about how there is no mandate, respect the vote, respect the debate, as they talk about how nasty the nationalists are and how millions of people were abused by nasty nats in the first referendum .

Scottish Labours  James Kelly said the following.

What a lot of pish.

I challenge anyone with an open mind to watch any of the yoonionist politicians today and not get angry at their lies. I have had enough of their crap, no mandate, no majority in a parliament designed not to have one, respect both referendum results, a never ending spouting of rubbish.

I really really cannot stomach any more of the hate they spout. Too poor, too wee, and definitely too stupid, a life of servitude is what they want for you and your family, and to stay controlled by a Tory Government that you didn’t vote for and haven’t for over 62 years.

We are often told that we must show respect, but when that respect isn’t two way then screw that. I despise the Tories, I despise what they stand for , I despise their arrogant attitude towards Scotland, and I despise their superior right to rule that they believe they have, and Scottish Labour and the Scottish Liberals Democrats will forever be held in contempt for supporting them today, the poodles of the Union, history will judge them harshly and for as long as I live I will give them no respect, respect you earn, all they deserve is our contempt.


The Parliament has voted on holding another independence referendum and the vote has resulted in a YES win 69 to 59 in favour. Now we will really see unionist hate and bile, get ready people, what you thought was bad the last time will be nothing compared to what’s coming our way this time.

Zipped up the back

Theresa May is to offer Scotland some new powers. 

According to the Business Times Theresa May will offer guarantees over EU nationals for example, but wait for it, these new powers that will head off another referendum will be only temporary. 

Does Theresa May really believe that Scotland, the Scottish Government, and most of the Scottish people are zipped up the back. You would think these insults are deliberate if you didn’t know how thick this Tory Government actually is. 

If true then how insulting is this, they really do see Scotland as a colony. No need for Empire 2 here. 

Something Different: The World Cup

Scotland play Slovenia on Sunday night in what has been dubbed a must win game. The current group position makes for very grim reading that I actually don’t think it matters either way. 

While there may well be six games remaining failure to win on Sunday will result in Scotland being out of the World Cup in all sense and purposes. It might, and possibly should, result in the end of the Gordon Strachan era. 

Like the previous Euro and World Cup Campaigns of recent times we have not been good enough. Selections, not just from Gordon Strachan, have been baffling at times and tactically we appear to be behind the curve more often than not. 

The policy of picking players who do not either start for their clubs or even get a place on the bench has not been successful and has to be demoralising for the players, who may not be as good, but are playing week in and week out for their clubs, mostly in Scotland. 

The league set up doesn’t work and the pandering to the top clubs has done nothing to enhance our game. Attendances remain low so an idea fans have been putting forward like increasing the size of the league and only playing each other twice a season in the league would allow younger players the chance to play and may even bring back some anticipation of only playing a team once at home in the league per season. Maybe you would be more likely to attend if you know you will only play Hibs etc once at home. 

But the sad reality is I have no faith in the current Scotland team to qualify for any finals, or faith in Gordon Strachan or the SFA to bring about meaningful change. The Republic of Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland do more with less but we appear to not be able to match that in any way so change is required at the top and the bottom to bring about any hope of positive change. 

I will watch the Scotland game this weekend on the pay channels, another disgrace, STV shows England matches but not Scotland matches, says it all really. However, I don’t think we will win, a draw probably the best we will achieve, but in the event of defeat then Gordon Strachan has to go. The SFA, in that event happening, should resist rushing into another appointment and should not look to the past of Smith or McLeish, their days are past. Serious thought needs to go into the next appointment and it does need to be someone new. Either way though, this campaign like so many will fizzle out in not even glorious failure, just failure, so any chance to seriously re build has to be taken. I would say that needs to start with the SFA who have presided over the slow deterioration of football in Scotland and our failure to succeed in recent times. 


0-0 with 10 minutes to go. We have hit the bar and the post, had a lot of possession and done little with it. This result might keep Gordon Strachan in his job but this abject rubbish, I even dozed off at one point for 5 mins. Gordon Strachan needs to go and serious consideration into a root and branch change at the SFA. 

Well we got a 1-0 win and well done Scotland. It doesn’t make the problems go away and with England next it only pauses the end but that’s Scotland for you. 

What England wants England Gets

We have heard a lot this week about the EU Referendum being a UK wide vote wither Scotland likes it or not, Scotland just has to accept that decision and accept it is coming out of the EU. That is 100% correct in that it was a UK wide vote, but obviously many in Scotland don’t like it, and many in Northern Ireland, and elsewhere. But there is a wider problem and Brexit is just another example of it.

There are 650 MPs in Westminster:

Conservative 330 – 317 in England – 1 in Scotland – 11 in Wales + Speaker
Labour 229 – 205 in England – 25 in Wales – 1 in Scotland
Scottish National Party 54
Liberal Democrat 9 – 7 in England – 1 in Scotland – 1 in Wales
Democratic Unionist Party 8
Independent 4 – 1 in England
Sinn Fein 4
Plaid Cymru 3
Social Democratic and Labour Party 3
Ulster Unionist Party 2
Green Party 1 – 1 in England
Speaker 1
UK Independence Party 1 – 1 in England
Vacant 1
Total number of seats 650

We are often told that we live in a Union, we even have a flag, but the simple reality is MPs from England make up 532 of the total amount of MPs serving or not at Westminster. And there lies the problem.

We are often told that we are equals in this union, we can lead this union, we can influence this union, but the reality is we are not allowed to. Poor Wales don’t even make it onto to the Union Flag. Now we can debate how much money Scotland contributes to the UK and how much it gets back until we are blue in the face, no one really knows as we don’t gather the figures nation by nation, the best we can do is guess, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that MPs from England hold all the power, in an unfair electoral system, and that we currently have a Conservative Government elected on 36% of the national vote but rejected in Scotland, you could also argue the huge amount of MPs in England from all parties in Parliament make it impossible for us to ever really achieve anything.

So as Holyrood prepares to vote on the issue of another independence referendum, assuming it passes, Scotland will have to wait and see if MPs representing England agree, will have to negotiate terms put forward by MPs representing England, will have to accept the time table put forward by MPs in England and a Government that has been rejected in Scotland. That is not a union, a partnership of equals, it is the larger nation of the so called union being able to dictate to all of the other members what will happen, how it will happen, and when it will happen and if it decides it doesn’t want it to happen, it won’t.

Now there are those in Scotland happy to accept that, and those conditioned to accept that, but it is a democratic deficit that should not and cannot be allowed to continue for one minute longer than it has to. So when the next referendum comes around, which it will, under whatever terms pretty much laid down by others, we have got to remember it’s not about money, it’s not being anti English, Welsh or Northern Irish, it’s about where power lies and where decisions are made and who elects the people who make them because right now what England wants England gets.

Blast From The Past or Is it?

I was having a wee skiffy through Wings articles and revisited one from 2014 that made me chuckle and got me thinking about the debate in Holyrood about another Scottish Referendum on Independence the last two days. 

Here are a few of my selected favs from 2014:

The YES campaign have been told by everyone and their aunty that if there is a second independence referendum then they have to come up with a different story as the last one was a failure. Obviously this doesn’t apply to the NO camp as we can see from the images above and below.

The Daily Rancid told us that our shopping basket would cost more if we dared vote for self determination. 

Just as well we didn’t vote for independence and leaving the EU, who knows what our shopping would have cost, oops 

We then had a warning that a yes vote would lead to more painful austerity if we were to leave the comforting boosum of England and the EU.  

It then turned out that England and Wales voted to leave the EU and you would never have guessed what would happen next. 

My favourite however remains that if we had voted yes we would be attacked from space according to Phil Hammond. 

Wonder if that one still stands, that would certainly be a day to bury bad news. We certainly dodged a bullet by voting no the last time. Hopefully the next time people won’t fall for the rubbish above and look at the reality of that no vote.