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Liberal Democrat Conference Willie Rennie

I actually saw this the other day and meant to write something as Wee Willie is always good for a laugh so here are my thoughts on his speech.

Willie started by saying he had “Good News from Scotland”, the Scottish Liberal Democrats won 3, yes I said it THREE seats in the colonies. Plus returned liar Carmichael in the land of what the hell are they thinking.

Deluded Willie thinks that,

the SNP have at last recognised that people do not want another independence referendum,the SNP have cooled on the idea. And that is thanks to everyone who campaigned and voted for the Liberal Democrats, the SNP are on their way out, they are going to lose the next election”.

Me thinks Willie might just have visited the bar before his speech if he think independence is going anywhere.

Willie then went into the Unionist mantra of running down Scottish Public Services,

“Scottish education used to be the pride of the nation. It was seen across the world as the gold standard.Now it has slipped down those international rankings. Scottish policing used to operate with public consent. Local forces connected to their communities. Crime levels at a record low. Now it’s in complete turmoil. It’s been through two chairmen, a chief executive, a chief constable and its second chief has stepped aside. And that’s just in four years.The NHS is something Scots cherish. It’s part of our very being.But now people wait for weeks to see a GP, consultant vacancies are growing, we’re short of nurses”.

Willie is having a wee bit of the Carmichaels here with rather huge, generalisations.

Willie talked a little about the future, or was that the past, or the next time maybe!

“Like in 1999 we will be ready for the change that will come next time. Just like in 1999 the Liberal Democrat programme will be bold, ambitious and focussed on changing our country for the better.
Just like in 1999 we will be ready to win. We are going to be helped in this by our new leader Vince Cable. Vince has strong links with Scotland – the place where he was first elected was in Glasgow .We are fortunate to have a strong and serious economic thinker at our head”.

Vince Cable, lol, the man who did NOT predict the crisis in 2008 but for some reason Liberals seem to think he did. He did say that Iceland was in trouble, that is hardly predicting a world financial crisis but then we know that the Liberal Democrats and truth don’t really go hand in hand.

Back to some SNP bad, needed some applause at this point.

“The SNP are dismantling local government. And Liberal Democrats will stand up to them. The SNP should spend less time demanding and grabbing power and more time delivering on their promises”.

I know, you just can’t write it lol. Wee Willie finished with,

“We are winning again. Winning at Holyrood, Westminster and in councils. Liberal Democrats have a big role to play in the future of our country”.

Willie Rennie is as vacuous as he has ever been, is as irrelevant as he has ever been, and needs to stick to farming.


Scottish Labour Bullshit

I saw a little of Holyrood live this afternoon and caught Neil Findlay MSP, Scottish Labour, and Iain Grey MSP, Scottish Labour, in full SNP bad mode around the issue of taxation. Both want the Scottish Government to raise taxes to protect the poor and vulnerable, who are poor and vulnerable partly due to Labours support of Tory Austerity, the Austerity that Scottish Labour blame on the SNP.

Neil Findlay talked about the Scottish Labour Party Policy of raising income tax by 1p in the pound as the starting point in achieving redistribution and fairness, also banged on about how the SNP vote with the Tories to stop tax rises on the rich blah blah. Grey tried to ridicule Derek McKay for asking the other parties to engage in the discussion around their ideas for tax by submitting their ideas to Holyrood so that these can then be included in a discussion around the best way forward, actually seems like a decent idea, not according to Scottish Labour.

The problem is though that a) the tax powers are a fiscal trap as we have discussed before and b) Scottish Labour are full of shit when it comes to tax. Just think back to the Smith Commission and Scottish Labours vision for tax in Scotland. They know full well that without all of the tax raising powers in all areas of taxation the raising of income tax becomes a blunt instrument and a fiscal trap that they were happy to sign up to. 

Findlay, Grey and Scottish Labour bang on about the freezing of the upper rate of income tax for the wealthiest, rather than actually passing on the cut the Tories brought in the SNP left it as it was. They bang on about air passenger duty and the council tax freeze, freezes and reductions that actually benefitted everyone, not just the wealthy, while their party did everything they could to stop as many taxes as possible being devolved to Holyrood, Scottish Labour are full of shit.

When will this bloody party grow up and start trying to do what is best for Scotland and stop with the unionist SNP bad mantra all the time, I really am sick of the politics of the yoons, they are bereft of talent, decency, honesty and ideas. Labour need to do us all a favour and go away.

It’s how I feel, I don’t apologise for it!

I am nearing 49 years old, in so many ways I am surprised I got this far, I’m from Dundee and survived Thatcher’s desolation of Scotland, many didn’t. But the older I get the more I am becoming intolerant, I’m not moving to the right though like so many are alleged to do when they get to that certain age.

You see I really am at the point where I actually HATE the UK, or Great Britain, or shitty little country is how I think of it. I don’t understand how 55% of voters in Scotland could have voted against their own independence in favour of a country that cares little for them, unless they are a part of their clique or have something to serve the few. I can’t stand the Tories, they are a party full of entitlement and hate, and as we have learned over the years, so are Scottish Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrats. I know that these parties have yes voters within their membership but how can you be a member of a party that goes against your belief in such a big way, I tried it and couldn’t.

I have blogged, not as well as others, but I have blogged about the injustices of this country and it’s not just now, this country (UK) has always been up its own arse, some parts of it more than others. To my mind too many are too easily influenced by people who could not give a shit about them. Do you really think the Tories and the other yoons care about you, I don’t. Many within the YES movement, and especially the organised part of it, hate the word quisling (a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country), but the more I hear from the ultra yoons and read things from the yoon media like David Torrance, Sinclair, I can’t escape the fact that this is how I feel and I don’t feel the need to apologise for it anymore. I appreciate many will not agree, and will find the word offensive, but how can you explain people like Davidson, Rennie, Dugdale, Sarwar, Baillie, Carlow, Fraser, Tompkins, Marra. How can you get past the fact that it is what it is and they are basically agents of a foreign government doing their bidding to maintain their colony, the older I get the more I can’t get past that.

Look around you, look at the rise in foodbanks, the poverty, the inequality, stagnant wages and draconian employment practices. This from a state who profess that their main duty is to protect their citizens but who are in fact doing the attacking to their most vulnerable citizens, and least able to defend themselves. How can that be decent, how can that be right, how can you support that and even vote for it because let’s be honest, a NO vote was a vote to give this shitty state of affairs your endorsement. You see the more intolerant and angry I get the more I think about this clip from Trainspotting It’s Shite Being Scottish, not politically correct, but you know what, how far off is it most days now.

When you hear the total shit that is being spouted every single day by the yoons how can you not get angry. When you read that even more of their promises or f vows are being broken, how can you stand by and continue to accept that, continue to excuse it, to make some reason out of it, I can’t. How can you go to a polling booth and vote for a party that supports a union that gives 1.5 billion pounds to bigots to cling to power, there is no excusing that, rationalizing that, it is shameful and that is the fact of it. How can you sit back and accept the increasingly aggressive language used by yoons like parking tanks on lawns, and not be offended by it. When you see what the Spanish Government is doing to Catalonia do you think the yoons won’t celebrate in the streets with the troops if the Tories did it here, they would all be volunteering to join up and if that doesn’t make you ashamed nothing will.

Some people have said to me that they have seen a change in this blog, that the language is more choice, that my view is less tolerant, that I am not helping the YES cause. I never said I was helping the YES cause and if the state of this country doesn’t make a YES voter angry then I really don’t know what will and as I said, I am not going to apologise for how I feel. Every second that Scotland is a colony of the United Kingdom is an embarrassment, and if you don’t agree we are a colony you are wrong, we are. I make no apologies for hating the United Kingdom and all that it stands for, I make no apologies for hating the three Tory Parties and the harm that they have inflicted on this country, and on other countries, in the name of their superiority and their sense of entitlement. Hate is a horrible word but that is what they have brought me too, when I see what they do and how people support it in ignorant and not ignorant numbers how can you not hate it.

5.44 Million

That’s how many public sector jobs that have been lost in the last seven years of Tory Government according to the Mirror.

Public Sector workers now make up just 16.9% of the total workforce in the UK, this is the lowest number since the 1940s. All of this has been done in the name of austerity . Add in the cuts to social security and you have to ask yourself where has all this money saved gone.

We know that there has been a massive growth in agency staff, when you add in the sale of public assets, the creep of privatisation in the English NHS then the Tory narrative becomes even clearer. They won’t be happy until they have returned us to the dark ages.

The impact of this programme of staffing cuts is frightening to say the least . We know about the disgusting rise in food banks in this country but as Unison have highlighted the impact across the board is huge.

Cuts to the public sector hurt the poorest , not the wealthy . The Tories, helped by Labour and the Liberals, have painted a picture of the un deserving poor, don’t believe them. The Tories have not changed, they are the party for the rich and powerful as they have always been, the rest of us don’t matter other than at election time and even then they just lie.

Stop falling for their shit, we have got to get the Tories out for all our sakes, ffs people stop voting for these toilet stains.

Real Labour

Been having a wee surf on the net today and keep finding wee gems, and Scottish Labour is the gift that just keeps giving.

Richard Leonard MSP, candidate for the Scottish branch managers job, and member of CLD,has said there will be no independence referendum, oh well that’s that then.

Progressive Socialism which supports Nuclear Weapons and denies the democratic wishes of the Scottish Parliament and many of the voters. Richard Leonard is no different to any other red tory out there, they are not socialists, they are champagne socialists of the worst kind.

To empathise this progressive socialism we also find out that the other candidate for branch manager, Anas Sarwar MSP, millionaire and major shareholder in the family business doesn’t support Trade Union membership.

This is the real socialism of Scottish Labour, it’s socialism for the wealthy and capitalism for the poor. As pointed by a Twitter user, this is the party that the Cat Boyds of the world would have you vote for.

Now rather than cover and report on the incredible hypocrisy of these so called socialists the Scotsman goes with this ,

And my response to the Hootsman

Let’s keep the hypocrisy of the champagne Scottish Labour Socialists front and centre, don’t let them off the hook, ever, Red Tories through and through.

Something Different: Twitter

Here are some things from twitter you might be able to use. First up a wee bit of fun about BBC Scotland News.


Now Daisley at his ignorant Scotland bad best.

Or is it, maybe only the right kind of flag.

Stuart at WoS makes a fair point.

Only in Britain can a charity not see the irony or even what’s wrong with this.

Nasty nationalists on show.

A bit of wisdom from Malcolm X


Good idea.

Edinburgh has changed so much under the SNP