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Britain and the EU probably will reach a trade deal. (Article in the Spectator)

I read this article in the online Spectator and thought it made a lot of sense. It is an old article written before the General Election but what do others think?

“to deny Britain a free-trade agreement would be an extraordinary act of self-harm, for all sides”. That comment makes a lot of sense to me. I understand that there are a lot of hard feelings and hurt on all sides. There is also a lot of stupid bluster from all sides but Fredrik Erixon is correct in what he says, there is a lot to lose on both sides. Will the EU and the UK want to really commit economic hari Kari, even though we have the most inept Government in living memory, surely someone will have a little common sense. I appreciate it won’t come from Labour or the Tories, but maybe the SNP, the Greens, and the even the Liberals now led by the Tory Vince Cable can find a way for some light to shine and some sanity to prevail.

Well worth a read of the article.

A Vote for Scottish Labour is a vote for the Union, sorry it’s a fact.

It appears there has been a spat on social media, according to an article in the Sunday Herald, about a prominent YES activist voting for Labour during the recent General Election.

Now I haven't followed the spat so can't comment on the ins and outs of it. Angela talks about the name calling of some calling Cat Boyd a traitor for voting Scottish Labour and I assume she did due to the Corbyn affect.

Now I have seen a lot of articles about the so called Corbyn affect, and many voters in Scotland appear more interested in Labour if not in fact voting for them. It's important to remember Scottish Labour lost more voters to the Scottish Tories during the election to the extent they finished 3rd in Scotland behind the worst Tory Party in my lifetime. For the record, the SNP won the election in Scotland.

However, that's not the point. The reality of the situation is that a vote for the Labour Party is a vote for the Union. I agree that name calling doesn't help but I also don't get worked about it either. As long as it doesn't cross the line passions are high on all sides and some people just need to grow up.

But Labour are a unionist Party, pure and simple. The members they have left in Scotland are ultra unionists who will always vote for the Union, end of. Now joining the Scottish Labour Party to fight from within, while I still think it would be a waste of time, at least it's something, but a vote for Scottish Labour if you want Scottish Independence is a wasted vote. Believe me, I tried the Liberals Democrats a while go and I have learned my lesson. Some fights are not worth the bother and they won't ever see my vote again in the future. Likewise any vote for Labour from a YES supporter is a waste of time.

The time to join and change Scottish Labour is after we are independent, anything before that is just a waste of your time and your energy in my opinion.

Something Different: Going Naked

Anyone who has had the misfortune to read this blog over the years will know that smartphones and me have a chequered history of breakage.

I had a problem with my car the other day, it broke down and needs a new clutch actuator and as it's a Smart Car it will cost a small fortune to repair. Anyway while I was waiting for the AA it was really hot so I sat outside the car but left my phone in the car in direct sunlight, result goosed Samsung phone. So I am back on my temperamental IPhone that I don't like.

So I got the phone all set up again and updated and put the case on and realised how much I don't like having a case on my phone. Now as we all know smartphones, decent ones, are very expensive and break easy like everything seems to these days.

So I decided I am going to go naked and it feels good. No screen cover, no case, just a small compact little temperamental expensive phone that I will try and not drop but will at some point so will be hoping for the best.

They don't say you become a rebel in your old age for nothing you know.

Party time for the Yoons

Theresa May just slapped the whole of Scotland in the puss.

She may also have just given the YES Movement a huge boost. Scotland is a colony, its official. That's what we are, no better than Leeds, or Crewe (no offence to those fine Cities). There can never be any doubt now for anyone living in Scotland what
the Tories think of our country and our government, f them and bring it on.


There have been a billion words written about the gender pay gap in salaries paid by the BBC announced yesterday and a little discussion about the ethnic pay gap which is equally as bad, if not worse, than the gender one.

But maybe the question should be what we want from a television and radio service that we are forced to pay for, maybe even if it should become a subscription service or forced to take advertising.

I'll admit to watching very little on the BBC or BBC Scotland. I watch Dr Who, Match of the Day and the tinky version we get of Scottish Football called Sportscene. I rarely listen to any of the radio output and didn't watch much of Wimbledon at all.

I rarely watch BBC news as it's about the worst news delivered, up there with Fox in my opinion, it's a propaganda machine that is about as Fake as it gets. It not only lies, it lacks balance and appears to be designed to maintain the UK system. Just look at their Royal coverage to see what I mean, I just don't sit and watch it anymore as life is too short.

Therefor, should the debate we are having not be about getting rid of it, selling it off. Now people will argue that tv will get worse, it can't get any worse in my opinion. Yes the BBC commissions some good nature programmes and documentaries I am told and some drama, but a drip of quality is not enough and again they can be part of the broadcasting license in the commercial agreements.

That can also still be funded via the commercial broadcasters and the argument that not everyone has Sky or Virgin is no longer relevant with freeview being around. Some people argue that we would lose large sporting events like Wimbledon and the Six Nations, so. Minority sports at best that again can still be paid for in a different way and on other broadcasters.

For me the BBC should purely be a public service broadcaster, not competing against the commercial companies if we must have it at all. Maybe it should just be news, and documentaries or educational.

Personally I would sell it off as it's not been fit for purpose for years, it was always a British propaganda machine to keep the natives in check and to promote the British way. We all saw the coverage during the referendum debate that was nothing short of a disgrace, and the political coverage in Scotland remains some of the worst anywhere, lacking balance and integrity at every turn.

I appreciate that what I think means little to anyone or the BBC, make a complaint and see the response you get and you will see how much your opinion matters. The best we can do though is to not pay the license fee which is illegal if you dare to own a tv, I have had people from abroad think we are mad putting up with that shit, or we can just not watch it which is what I tend to do.

If less and less people watch or listen to it then it will become an irrelevance that eventually even the politicians will have to take a stand on. For me the BBC is just pretty much rubbish that I resent being forced to pay for.


The Daily Mail goes with a picture of a man who earns more than a woman who does the same job paid for by the tax payer, below a picture of two children who will get paid even more from the tax payer for doing nothing.

Trouble on the Way

Slipping under the radar a bit has been the reports that personal debt is now higher than it has ever been, and a great deal of this debt is on Credit Cards. The TUC are predicting that the average family will have around £15,000 of unsecured debt by 2021.

We can see that from the Banking Crisis in 2008, caused by the Banks and saved with our money, there was a period when people screwed the nut a little and tried to get their debts down. I understand that as I did that myself and continue to keep a very close eye on expenditure on large items and not ashamed to admit it. Craig Murray wrote an interesting blog at the start on July on how we should have let the banks fail, something that many of us blogged about and argued at the time, but of course as Craig points out, Darling and Brown saved their pals with our money but read Craig’s excellent blog, he is far better than I’ll ever be.

Anyway, the Bank of England(actually the UK) reported that in March households in the UK added £1.6 billion pounds to their unsecured debt in one month alone. Total credit card debt at the end of 2016 was £66.7 BILLION Pounds, wow. We are seeing more and more people needing to use credit cards to pay the rent and electricity bills, and as Craig points out, and that again many of us have argued, wage growth now is even lower than in Victorian Times, the Tories are taking us back to the times they enjoyed the most. It is estimated that 21% of people now only survive by using credit cards, and as bills rise, as inflation remains high, the need to use credit cards to survive grows and the personal debt mountain grows. Not for the bankers though, they will be fine they have seen their salaries rise, last year 2,926 bankers in the UK earned more than a million pounds per year.

Now depending on who you believe, Brexit could lead the UK and the EU into another very bad recession, I’m no expert but that feels more likely than any sort of golden new empire. The debt that both the country has and people as individuals have is a time bomb waiting to happen.

Brexit is probably going to be a disaster, wage stagnation as long as the Tories are in power will be the reality, we are on the knife-edge of a crisis and one that might just be worse than 2008. People really need to try to find a way to get personal levels of debt down, it won’t be the politicians or the bankers who will starve it will be us and most of the politicians, esp the Tories, won’t give a shit.