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Something Different: Rambo Last Blood

What can I say, I love a good old Sylvester Stallone movie.

Let’s be honest I wasn’t hopeful when I went to watch the film tonight at the pictures. Stallone is 74 now and not as mobile as he used to be. I did expect a brutal film though given the last Rambo was very very brutal.

This film sees John Rambo take on Mexican sex traffickers, I won’t give too much away but you know there will be explosions, blood, action, blood, death, blood, cliches, blood and you won’t be disappointed. The dialogue is Rambo all the way but you can’t beat a Sylvester Stallone movie.

Stallone for me is the last of the truly iconic action actors, they just don’t make them like Stallone now. The 80s action hero made cheese like no had ever done. There are good actors around today, of course there are, but it’s not the same but maybe that says more about me than anything but either way Stallone can make an action movie and this one is well worth viewing.


Climate Change, A Middle Class Persuit

Today young people will go on strike across the UK, with permission from their parents and schools of course making it a weird kind of strike, about the issue of climate change.

Now the thing that strikes me (excuse the pun) more and more about climate change is how much it is, or appears to be, a middle class pursuit. I don’t deny the climate is changing , I don’t deny it’s manmade, I don’t deny that for future generations it’s the biggest issue but right now it’s owned by the middle class in the main.

The Universities Of Manchester and Oxford found that climate change effects poorer people more

Interest in climate change has been found to increase with income and education, the middle classes and their kids are more likely to take to the streets than those mostly effected by climate change. Where it gets interesting I suppose is that it’s those very people who add to it more than any other, the middle 15% take 70% of all flights for example.

As I’ve already noted, climate change effects the poorest the most but climate change policy, devised by the wealthiest also effects the poorest the most and makes them poorer.

The UN has warned of a possible climate apartheid , where the rich pay to escape from hunger, “while the rest of the world is left to suffer”. Developing nations are expected to suffer at least 75% of the costs of climate change – despite the fact that the poorer half of the world’s population generate just 10% of emissions.

We hear about the need for people to eat less meat to slow down emissions from animals, not a bad thing either way, but when 10 cheap burgers are cheaper than a bag of salad or the vegetables to make that salad the choice for people in lower incomes is less. As always your wealth dictates your choices.

The good and great though continue to lecture the poorest on climate change, they sing songs about it, make flashy videos:

But actions speak louder than words don’t they

A source said: “She jetted the dogs out from Birmingham and they got there three hours before she arrived.”

“Ariana wanted to make sure she felt right at home and after she cancelled a number of meet-and- greets due to anxiety, they help her with that. They help to calm her nerves.” ah diddums.

In the climate change debate it feels to me that people are spoken down to, the poor are blamed for the problems when the truth is it’s the middle classes, the wealthy, businesses and tokenism that are the bigger problem.

Until climate change is not seen as a plaything for the middle classes and their kids, until the discussion and the decision making include and don’t prejudice those most effected by it, the poorest and most vulnerable, then nothing will ever change.

So forgive me if today I raise an eyebrow, Roger Moore like, when I see kids and their middle class parents walking in the sun singing songs while planning their October visit to sunnier climes, I generalise but the issue of who owns the debate is real.

Save Me

The last couple of days we have had nothing but oh my God David Cameron spoke about how he tried to influence the Queen to get involved in the independence referendum.

Even the radio this morning are talking like this woman is God. How she is the most influential woman in Britain, how her advice is beyond reproach, how if she stood for election she would win, she’s not posh, she loves the people. She drove the King Of Saudi Arabia isn’t she brilliant, she talks to poor people wow.


There should be no role in any sort of proper democracy for an unelected head of state. There is no question of that. The fact that she saw fit to conspire with Cameron to influence the vote in the referendum says it all. She cannot have it both ways, you are either publicly involved, so stand for election, or your not.

The simple fact is, no matter what the sycophants in the media say, this family are out for themselves. Everything they do is about keeping their position and their privileges because without them they are nothing at all. It really is time for this bullshit to end.

The sooner Scotland is a republic the better.


Tris over at Munquin’s New Republic did a post yesterday that I responded to called It Was 5 Years Ago Today. I reflected on my comment and decided it was worth expanding on for myself to have a record of how I felt that day.

14/15th September 2014

I remember talking to my brother on the day of the referendum and he said he voted no, he had bought into the lies of the unionists, I remember feeling that here is an intelligent man, highly trained, highly skilled and he just didn’t see what I saw, he didn’t get that my yes vote was for my kids.

In the evening I watched the news but due to the polling stations still being open they weren’t saying much, ironically they weren’t lying as much. My wife went to bed and I stayed up, there was no way I was going to bed that night even though I had work the next day.

I spoke to some friends and we all agreed it was going to be close, it was going to be tight, I was hopeful that we were just going to make it over the line. I remember being at work during the day and there was a quite everywhere, I don’t know if people were relieved it was over, afraid, excited, but there wasn’t much conversation, certainly none about the vote.

So here I was sitting on the sofa having a coffee and texting friends, checking Twitter, Facebook, the news was on. I was watching STV, but jumping channels and listening to the pundits who couldn’t agree on what they thought the result would be. The coverage continued to be bias and untruthful given that that it was past 10, it was lazy.

Then the result from East Dumbarton came in, the first result of the night, and no had won in East Dumbarton, I text my friend and said to him that we had lost, he told me to shut up. It was then just a night of being depressed, I struggled to comprehend that Scotland had voted to stay in servitude to the English (it was how I felt I wasn’t being anti-English).

But I was proud of Dundee. My home City, full of poverty, drug problems, too many reliant on the state, alcohol, Dundee had voted for hope, I was so proud of my city on a night when many in Scotland broke my heart. That feeling of what if, asking how, why, even feeling angry I guess and shock that 55% of voters didn’t have any faith in themselves, in each other, WHY.

I remember walking to work the next morning, tired and in a haze, funny that I lit a cigarette, looked at it, decided to stop smoking because I wanted to be around for the next referendum, what a weird thing to think and do.

Later in the day I was watching the news , the BBC I think, sitting on the sofa watching the scenes in George Square of Nazi salutes, of wee girls being attacked and thinking fuck that, I am never giving up on independence, I’m never giving it to those scum bags in that square, they were so full of hate, and anger, and they had won. Why were they so angry? I started to really understand who the British were that night, they were let out in all their ignorant hate filled glory.

I saw Labour, Tory and Liberal activists dancing together, politicians hugging each other, no understanding of why 45% of people wanted out, no attempt to reflect, they made me sick to my stomach. I remember being confused when Ruth Davidson said they had counted the postal vote and I thought how could they be allowed to do that, they knew yes were winning days before and we got Brown and the Vow, then bam Cameron announcing EVEL, a huge punch in the puss for Scotland.

Like many the days after the referendum I joined the SNP, Salmond had gone but there was hope, people weren’t going away, this was just round one.

As time went on I remember feeling really angry that the SNP accepted the Smith Commission when they should have walked away because it was never good enough, I felt sad that Alex Salmond had stood down and thought we needed him more than ever and we still do.

I have never been a fan of NS as leader of the SNP, her SNP is not the same one that fought the referendum, an excellent First Minster but too cautious, too wrapped up in process but I had resolved to never give up and still resolve that today.

Where are we now? Wrapped up in Brexit when the focus has to be on independence. We can’t save the British from themselves and we shouldn’t even be trying, they won’t thank us they will just ignore us, disrespect us, and still too many in Scotland are happy to keep getting punched in the face and asking for more.

However, it will be a close yes win the next time, I believe that , to believe anything else would break my heart. But that’s why the unionists are so afraid, and no one can tell me they haven’t polled and know the tide has turned. We have to win the next time because if we don’t it’s over for my life time and we might as well be North Britain’s, we might as well accept that we are nothing more than servants to people who don’t care about us, who never have.

We can’t ever give up, ever and I refuse to bow down to these people, I won’t, I can’t.

Is it so bad?

I watched a little of the hearing to decide if Boris Johnson gave Elizabeth Windor the wrong advice to suspend Parliament in the Supreme Court this afternoon. Those who brought the case, like Joanne Cherry of the SNP, argue that the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue parliament is all about preventing parliamentary scrutiny of the UK’s impending exit from the EU on October 31. I won’t pretend to understand all the legal niceties, or any of it to be honest, but what I did wonder, is it so bad?

There have been several cases, the High Court in England dismissed a case brought by the annoying Gina Miller but the Court of Session in Scotland in a similar case agreed that it was illegal to prorogue based on the alleged advice given to Elizabeth Windsor. Now first things first, I don’t believe for one minute that Elizabeth Windsor didn’t know exactly what was happening, she will get the best advice money can buy so I don’t think that she was led astray. However, most of the public agree this was wrong,

Again, I’m not so sure that I agree. Would parliament have come to any agreement on Brexit? Probably not. Will the EU accept any deal that parliament could come up with? Probably not. Is it as undemocratic as the opposition parties claim? I think the best solution I have seen to the whole border issue, which remains the main problem for getting a deal, is the one put forward by Wings Over Scotland in July 2018, even though this solution would possibly put independence further away it makes more sense than anything that the politicians have come up with.

I know that Boris Johnson has said this is about the conference season and not shutting down debate, no I don’t believe him at all, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Westminster has had 3 years to sort this mess out and they can’t agree on anything. If anything the next 5 weeks should be the wake up call all the politicians need, rather than scream that it’s undemocratic, bring in undemocratic policies like the Liberal Democrats have, continue the shambles that’s the Labour Party, and forget that independence should be the main issue for the SNP the politicians should go away and remember what they are actually in parliament for and that’s to find solutions, being away from the bull ring that is Westminster can only help not hinder.

Rennie is a Fanny

The iLiberals have spoken via the Scottish Manager Willie Fanny. Hypocrite and liars, that’s the Liberal Democrat’s. They spout

So when you exercise your right to vote, when you decide you want to live in an Independent Scotland, and you vote in parties that believe as you do the Liberals of course will respect your right to choose , oh no they won’t

Fanny goes as far as saying

I was a member of the party once and I think of myself more of a social liberal rather than a socialist but the Liberal Party are just Liberal in name. The likes of Rennie and Jo Swinson are Tories end of. A party that spouts we have the right exercise our power

that we have the right to choose, the right to make our own decisions,

What a lot of shit.

The real liberal agenda comes out in Fannies interview, the freedom to choose, yeah right, and when we choose to give that mandate to independence supporting parties Fanny supports our rights, well maybe not, Fanny is a Tory after all

Unless of course it’s about another EU referendum, the Liberals find their democratic credentials when it’s a referendum they like

Willie Fanny also has his finger on the pulse of Scottish opinion as always

However the majority know that Willie talks the biggest lot of shite

All this talk of the Liberals forming the next government, of Tory Swinson becoming PM is just that , talk. The Liberals as we know are just Tories , they lie like Tories, their deluded like Tories and are slowly being taken over by the Tories with 6 Tories having moved to be beside their pal and fellow Tory Swinson and lets not forget

So when Fanny Rennie speaks he’s speaking for the right wing, undemocratic , hypocrites of the Liberal Tory Party.

Something Different: Phil Collins No Jacket Required

I listen to this album off and on in the car to work and this was one of these on days today.

Now I’m not a huge fan of Phil Collins, I like some of his Genesis music and I have his Greatest Hits and No Jacket Required. The album was released in 1985 so an album of my youth and his third solo album I think. The album got really mixed reviews but it was a number 1 album in the USA for seven weeks and sold 2 million copies in the UK. It doesn’t feature in the top 100 albums of the 80’s but I actually think it is a good album and for me Phil Collins best one.

There are far more drums on this album on a few of the tracks and I liked that as Phil Collins is an excellent drummer. The stand out tracks are Sussudio, Take Me Home, One More Night, and Don’t Lose My Number. However I Don’t Wanna Know, A Long Long Way To Go, Only You Know and I Know, Who Said I Would, Inside Out are good to very good with only Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore being the only track I am indifferent about on this album. One of the interesting things about the album is that Collins himself said that ” in retrospect that it is among his least favourite records he had made: “At the time, I wasn’t being me. I’ve grown up a bit now and much prefer to play songs that are me. I only play a bit part in that one”. I don’t really get that at all but then I am neither a musician or a song writer.

If you haven’t played it for a while, or haven’t listed to it give it a go, it’s worth the effort.