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Tories LOL

So the only thing that can stop Brexit is not Scottish independence or Irish reunification, it’s not the economy going back to the dark ages or the end of the Tory Party.

The only thing that Tory members fear more than any of that is a Corbyn Government. Maybe the remainder Tories need to threaten a general election, not stand, and vote for Corbyn so that their MPs vote for Mays deal to avoid it.


Something Different: Airport 77

I love a disaster movie, probably because I’m a miserable git, but anyway I thought I would watch Airport 77.

These films were full of Hollywood greats and b actor greats. This one had Jack Lemmon, Christopher Lee, the great James Stewart, Olivia de Havilland and George Kennedy. This was the third film in the series and followed a group of VIPs when their plane goes down in the Bermuda Triangle after a botched heist.

What then follows is a race against time as the Navy tries to raise the plane, while the clock is ticking water is slowly filling up and the plane sits on the edge of an underwater cliff. The film was a success earning around 33 million at the box office which made it a top 20 movie for the year.

As the passengers are being rescued the plane starts to sink again with Jack Lemmon’s woman on board, of course he jumps back on to save the day, which of course he does. While not the best disaster movie of all time a disaster classic all the same.

Scraping the Barrel

So a former Labour (Tory MP) who left to join the Tory off shoot Change U.K., left that Tory Party to be welcomed into another Tory Party The Fiberal Democrat’s, given its the party of Jo Swinson he will fit right in.

Chuka Umunna is everything I hate about politicians. Like Ruth Davidson he is an opportunist of the worst kind. He has no morals or beliefs but you have to laugh when he says

Change U.K. a major party and he’s not a careerist lol. Vince Cable has said Umunna

Deluded or what. The Liberals really are desperate and lacking in self awareness if they believe this charlatan is a serious and formidable politician. Umunna is just desperate for somewhere to sit and milk the system until Labour voters get the chance to get their revenge and dump him as their MP.

The only thing that Chuka Umunna believes in is his ego, and sense of self worth. He thought he would ride to the top of Labour and when he didn’t he spit the dummy out, he then though I’ll form a new party that will attract centrist Labour MPs and Liberals but only attracted his fellow Tories, and when he didn’t get to lead the party up and left to join the yellow Tories. I despise people like Chuka Umunna, they are exactly the reason the U.K. is on its knees.

Sell it Off

Here is the BBC excuse for stealing tv licenses from old folk, the very old folks that Elizabeth Windsor and Theresa May were lauding last week at the DDay celebrations.

The BBC is not fit for purpose. It provides below average entertainment at best and social affairs and news have a built in propaganda that would make Pravda proud. If they didn’t pay people like Gary Lineker millions a year and Directors hundreds of thousands they may have some money. They also send hundreds on jollies like World Cups to only cover England and the rest get patronised. Olympics etc are just the same.

The BBC also competes with the private sector which it shouldn’t and we shouldn’t be forced to pay for tv that many of us don’t watch.

It’s time to sell it off, if it wasn’t for my family I wouldn’t pay the propaganda tax at all.

Colonial Tweets

Sadly Scotland Women’s team lost 2-1 to England in the Women’s World Cup. Scotland played well, I thought were the better team but for a dodgy England penalty, but English commentators just can’t help themselves. Like Just Eat Gary Lineker just couldn’t help himself.

Now I’m sure Lineker will say he was just taking the micky, that Scots have lost their sense of humour, but that is the problem. This colonial mindset is no longer acceptable in any shape or form.

We are beyond this nonsense now even if people in England can’t accept it, we will no longer accept this shit. From Tories trying to deny Scottish democracy to the patronising colonial mindset of far too many in England it really is beyond the pale now.

It’s not just about football, Scotland is a cash cow and playground for shooting to these people. The days of ridicule are over and we have all got to stand up and call it out. The days of accepting this, as I said, are over. Unionists will no doubt say that we need to grow up, we’re in a precious union, well that will say more about them than us.

It’s time we left this union, it’s time we become a country again and we can be good neighbours, but equals, we can take the micky out of each other but as equals. The dinosaurs like Lineker need to wake up to the fact or just shut their puss.

When a Tweet goes bad lol

Now a few things that gets on people’s nerves is when Britain equals England and so called U.K. companies publicly support England over the other nations of the U.K. Well just eat did that today lol.

The response is hilarious and probably good for a certain Scottish firm. I also think a certain twitter team will be getting a wee telling off 😀.

Something Different: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Reformed.

Ritchie Blackmore reformed Rainbow in 2016 to play some Memories in Rock concerts focussing on his Rainbow and Deep Purple days and his desire to play rock music again.

Putting together a new band made up of musicians from Blackmore’s Night and an unknown singer in Ronnie Romero they embarked on a small tour. The concerts had some mixed reviews and sadly I couldn’t get to Glasgow but from this there has been a new Rainbow track and a couple of remakes.

Waiting for a Sign

Waiting for a Sign is a really good song. Romero handles the vocals really well and Blackmore is just a genius on lead guitar. I wasn’t expecting much after buying the live album and not being overly impressed with Romero’s vocals but the song was a pleasant surprise and I really liked it.

I was then intrigued when it was reported that Rainbow had re-recorded the classic I surrender.

One of my favourite Rainbow tracks from the Difficult to Cure album and sung amazingly well by Joe Lynn Turner, my favourite Rainbow singer. This version of I Surrender musically is excellent, Blackmore has changed the arrangement and kinda brought it up to date and musically it’s impressive. Where it falls down is vocally, Romero struggles with vocals on this one and you can really tell English is not his first language. He doesn’t pull it off for me sadly but again musically Blackmore is brilliant.

Next up was a cover of Blackmore’s Night The Storm.

I hadn’t heard this before as I’m not really a fan of Blackmore’s Night but saying that I’ve never really listened to them and probably should. However, I must admit I like The Storm. Blackmore is brilliant and Romero’s vocals are decent, some say the song doesn’t work with Romero but it’s well worth a listen and I liked it.

Now last month Rainbow released another cover of an old classic, Black Sheep of the Family which was originally a Ronnie James Dio song.

I was fearing the worst to be honest, this is such an iconic Rainbow song and I thought this could go bad. However this version of Black Sheep of the Family is excellent. Blackmore reinvents the song musically to the extent that I prefer this to the original and Ronnie Romero gets the vocals down really well. I really enjoyed this version very much overall and well worth a listen.

There are rumours that there might be a new Rainbow album in December this year. I won’t hold my breath but I would love there to be one but with Ritchie Blackmore returning to Blackmore’s Night it probably won’t happen.

Whatever Ritchie Blackmore decides to do will be interesting but it’s been great to listen to some new rock music from Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and I really hope there is some more.