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When Turmoil is Good

There are a lot of headlines today again saying that Theresa Mayhems time is up, or as near as.

I appreciate we have been here before and like a lingering fart she seems to hang around longer than we want. But today it does look like

Now in the main turmoil is not so good but with this Government it is maybe not so bad. This government is just absolutely useless across the board. Now I’ve never really cared about how PMs are viewed across the world but Mayhem is a total minter, I really hope they replace her with Johnson or Mogg.

Anything that brings a return of Scottish sovereignty is fine with me, plus it would be amusing watching the Tories fight like rats in a sack and Labour’s Red Tories try to save her.


A sense of humour, or just taking the piss

Beard picker David Mundell , The Secretary General of Scotland, and Tory Cabinet tea boy, needs to make up his f mind and put us all out of our misery. On Sunday 14th of October we heard the good news that

Scotland woke up to this story and the bacon rolls were on overtime. People were happy, smiling, Scotland was finding some peace from having to put up with this mans incompetent representation.

Then we heard on Tuesday

when most of were moaning about it only being Tuesday and we were at work but still glowing in the opportunity of the Governor General, and maybe even Tankstraddler herself going, the f BBC reported it was all rubbish and the nations happy rating plunged by 20 points in 2 seconds. Shit, it was all a cunning plan to really piss us all off. In fact it was even worse as the Torier in Dundee reported that

Not only was the Governor going to stay, he was going to fight us to the death to defend universal credit, zero hours contracts, goose stepping over our parliament, the continued growth in food banks and the Windsor’s , he would do this to his very last breath. Mundell has declared war on Scotland. But don’t run, don’t hide, don’t plan your 50 + funeral plan with a free m and s voucher, the fishermen have had a word and today

Mundell may still quit, so while the man doesn’t seem to know what he is doing there is light at the end of the tunnel, people there is hope,  or is this just taking the piss to ruin our weekend when beard picker announces tomorrow what he overheard in the kitchen at Downing Street, Mayhem has a cunning plan and it will all be ok in London, he will still get to make the tea, he’s staying.

Why is this not the news? It bloody should be!

I was watching the news when it went into Windsor baby mode, the newscaster swooning over another privileged addition to a future civil list, when I came across the four day old story below.

I read the article, had a wee surf around to confirm, and could not believe why this is not front page news, and all over the tv. Marion Fellows, SNP MP for Motherwell, raised the issue of her constituent who had his benefits refused and when he asked for a copy of the nurses report found that her report had been altered. He had been assessed by the nurse as needing care and could not do many things that we take for granted due to his MS, but when he was looking at the official report the decision had been based on he found that the original had been altered to award him zero points thus stopping his benefits.

What the f is that about.

Marion Fellows of the SNP, said: “The tampering of a health assessment report by someone who wasn’t even in the room is utterly disgraceful and deceitful. “It shows that, for many people, the system is rigged against them and the outcome is a foregone conclusion.” It isn’t half is it, how low will this Tory Government allow people who work for DWP to go, how could someone even do that is absolutely beyond me, are they inhuman. When challenged about the story the DWP wrote in their reply to the MP: “If a health professional’s advice is of poor quality which could result in an incorrect decision, the case will fail the audit activity.”  The original report stated that the man had “regular specialist input” and took regular medication for mental health, the “audit” baldly stated that he “has no regular specialist input”. The MP noted that “It isn’t even clear who carried out the audit, as Atos say it was the DWP and the DWP say it was someone independent from them.

Why is this not all over the news, I have read and heard some really disgusting things that people relying on social security have to go through, we have also all seen the rise in food banks as a result of austerity and Universal Credit, just think what will happen when UC is rolled out in Glasgow next month, riots anyone! just like the poll tax in the 80’s.

This Government are bereft of humanity, of decency and we have got to highlight these stories. This is the UK that some no voters were conned into supporting, this is the future we all face if we remain a part of this disgusting country. Just when I thought I could not be shocked by the shit that people get put through in this hellish union along comes this. I applaud Marion Fellows for raising this, I hold the media in contempt for not having this all over the news and I wish the SNP would playing by their rules, their rules rob people, their rules starve people, their rules kill people. Enough of this shit.

Bluff and here’s Hoping

Brexit seems to have went a bit mental last night. Allegedly Ruth ‘ Colonel Tankstraddler ‘ Davidson and the Governor General for Scotland David ‘ beard picker ‘ Mundell have threatened to resign if Irish voters get what they want, as in a deal with the EU, because Scottish voters might expect that they would also be entitled to get what they voted for. They also fear that Scotland becoming a sovereign nation again in its own right cannot be an idea allowed to grow, colonialism got to love it. Now however much I would like to see the gruesome twosome gone I think they are full of shit and won’t do anything other yes Theresa, more Theresa, have I bent over far enough Theresa.

Then we heard that there was a deal on the table that would be finalised by next week.

Then we heard this morning that in fact there was no deal because the mentalists in the Tory Party and the DUP have decided that Armageddon is better than a customs union and single market agreement.

So this scumbag, shambolic, useless, right-wing nut job of a government is, as always, all over the place. This is not even the blind leading the blind anymore, that’s too insulting to blind people in every way, these people are not only useless but bereft of ability, honesty, decency, intelligence, skill, they ain’t even human beings. However, there might be some good news.

Please let the above be true, how much longer do we have to put up with the most useless and incompetent Government in my lifetime.

The Grim Reaper Returns

Just when you are getting over seeing Tory MSP Annie Wells in the media confusing herself saying the same things the Scottish Tories have been saying for years the Grim Reaper returns like something from a bad Hammer House Horror Movie saying things he has been saying pretty much for years as well, he has only added the words Universal and Credit.

The difference though, Reaper had a chance to make things so much more different but he didn’t bother his arse. Brown is going to say in yet another speech that Child poverty in Scotland is climbing rapidly by 130,000 over the next decade. The rise of more than 55 per cent will put four out of 10 children in poverty. Reaper you started the attacks on the poor and vulnerable when PM with your disastrous austerity programme and pitiful raises in social security, you brought in the private sector to assess those on disability benefits to bring the budget down, you gave pensioners 10p a week. Reaper is saying a lot of things that just show how self aware he isn’t and how much he has forgotten through dementia or his own lop sided view of social history in Scotland under HIS Labour party, the gems from his speech include:

We used to be told that the work-shy were the main cause of poverty. In fact, those who have a working parent and those where there is a disability  in the family now make up 80 per cent of Scotland’s child poor.

In my home area of Kirkcaldy, food banks are running out of supplies. Requests for help have doubled as a result of the harshness of Universal Credit.

Charities struggle to cope when Giros that used to run out a few days before the next one now run out after a few days of receiving them.

I’ve visited families who don’t even have a cooker.

During the school summer holidays, I’ve seen children going for a whole day without a square meal.

Is it just me or have we not heard all of his shit before, the man really has no idea. Reaper and his Scottish Labour Better Together bunch haven’t suffered have they, most of them now sit in the House of the Dead (Lords) on £305 a day plus expenses. The best bit though is that he goes on to say,

The Scottish Government should say that if London won’t act, they will introduce an emergency budget of their own.

They can top up child benefit and child tax credits with their own money.

We cannot let children suffer when we have the powers to do something about it.

So Reaper basically wants the Scottish Government to tax even more to pay for the abject poverty and suffering that was started by Reaper Gordon Brown himself, so willingly followed up by the Red and Yellow Tories, so as far as Reaper is concerned there is obviously a magic money tree in Scotland that we didn’t know about. Where does this man get off, I am so sick of people like Brown stuff telling us that we have to pay more, more that the vast majority of us don’t have, to fix his mess. These people disgust me, they make me sick to my stomach and how people can even consider voting for the scumbag unionist parties is beyond me. I know Nicola Sturgeon wants us to be nice, be fandabbydozy ambassadors for Scottish Independence but I’m sorry Nicola not me, these assholes are driving us back to new Victorian Age and I will not hold fire and will say how I feel. I will not give people like Brown, Darling, Rennie, Davidson, Fraser, Cable, Wells , Corbyn and Mayhem any respect at all, these people don’t care about those in need, they don’t even understand the f concept.

If the things that Reaper Brown is saying don’t make you angry then nothing will, but I should thank Reaper in a way, he has reminded me this morning how much I despise the Scottish Labour Party, how much I despise the Scottish Conservative Party, and the Scottish Liberal Democrats. He has reminded me how different it could have been if people like Brown hadn’t been bought and sold for overseas tax evaded gold, he has reminded me how much I hate being called British and being a part of the United Kingdom.

Is the tide turning?

Over the last couple of days we have seen, but not if you watch BBC Scotland or STV News, the incredible march that took place in Edinburgh where as many as 100,000 people marched for independence and

a few polls are reporting favorable numbers for the yes side of the argument. A Survation poll found that 59% of people want the powers to hold an independence referendum to lay at Holyrood with only 30% wanting it to remain at Westminster. We have also seen that 50% or 52% depending on the situation with Brexit now support Scottish independence, or the return of sovereignty as I prefer to think about it, we didn’t agree to give up our independence in the act of union we agreed to share sovereignty, it’s just that Brit Nat’s and those suffering from Jockholme syndrome don’t understand the concept.

The poll even showed that 56% of those still supporting Labour agree that the decision should be up to Holyrood for when to hold another referendum so is the tide turning? I would love to think that it is and with the march the direction of travel is appearing to start to shift in our direction, all be it very marginally. I have watched a little of the SNP conference and while you can sense an urgency in some members the leadership are playing it close to their chests as you would expect I suppose. Nicola Sturgeon in her round of interviews over the weekend probably did enough to stem the tide of people like myself wanting a bit more direct action on the indy2 front so maybe they are right and we are wrong. I certainly hope I am wrong and it is a balancing act when the time will be right but this weekend has certainly been a shot in the arm to the yes side. AUOB should have our gratitude for that and I agree with Pete Bell also that AUOB need to be clear to the media the marches are for independence not the right to hold another referendum, that does matter, especially given the zero trust we have in the media.

Overall a good weekend for the SNP and for YES, long may that continue.

I agree

So Joanna Cherry MP has put the cat amongst the pigeons and the shits right up the unionists.

And I couldn’t be happier. It’s about time we were on the front foot and the unionists are bricking it lol. Joanne has suggested that Scotland could become independent via a general election, and I agree, and so did Thatcher.

Let’s just put that fact into the next general election manifesto. If Scotland returns a majority of SNP MPs at the next general election that will be seen as a vote for the immediate end of the Act of Union and the start of negotiations to become independent.

Now the unionists are obviously going mental, as they do with any mention of self determination, they prefer servitude. Responses have been predictable

A Scottishs Conservative spokesman said: “Every political party agreed in 2014 that a referendum was the only way to decide on Scotland’s future. 

“Not only is the SNP refusing to accept the result, now we have senior MPs suggesting they’d declare independence as and when they please.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of the Scotland in Union campaign group, said Ms Cherry’s comments were “dangerous and ill-judged” and accused the SNP of “concocting ways to bypass the views of voters.” 

“We know that Scotland does not want a divisive and unnecessary second independence referendum, so SNP politicians are concocting ways to bypass the views of voters.

Why is it that the referendums they don’t like are always divisive and unnecessary lol. I agree we won’t have one ever again, if Scotland returns anything over half of Scottish MPs being SNP we take the Thatcher view and say ” see ya” shove your Westminster up your arse I’m off for something better.