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The Real Scottish Labour Party

The Labour Party in Scotland, for years, have portrayed themselves as being the party of the people, of being socialists, of being for working people but this is just not true, if it ever was. The Labour Party in Scotland … Continue reading

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First they Ignore You

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, Then they fight you, and then you win. Mahatma Gandhi Yesterday I was feeling pretty pissed off and down regarding September. The never-ending negativity from the Brit Nats was, as intended, just … Continue reading

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The first real gun is fired in the battle for Scotland

Today George Osborne, posh boy Chancellor of the Exchequer of the Tory Government in Westminster, fired the first real bullet in the battle for Scotland and chose the bullet being that of the currency. He has said “ if Scotland … Continue reading

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Can You Name

Last week at First Ministers Questions Johan Lamont asked Alex Salmond to name one of the Chief Execs of companies that support independence. This was in relation to the intervention, and according to BP, selective quoting of Bob Dudley regarding … Continue reading

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My Plea, It has to be YES.

The more I follow the debate and try to keep on top of the news, the more I see how things are in Great Britain, the more I become convinced it has to be a YES vote. Cameron’s speech from the Olympic … Continue reading

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They’re at it again

One of my pet hates since I started to understand a little about politics is the House of Lords. Unlike many it would appear in this country, I actually like the idea of democracy, you know the kind where you … Continue reading

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