Can You Name

Last week at First Ministers Questions Johan Lamont asked Alex Salmond to name one of the Chief Execs of companies that support independence. This was in relation to the intervention, and according to BP, selective quoting of Bob Dudley regarding Scottish Independence. Now at the time I just thought, here we go again, Johan Lament has been reading the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the FT and all the other right-wing rags that are the stable of Labour politicians these days.

However, on reflection, she hits the nail on the head. No wait, she does, don’t laugh. It makes perfect sense for Lament to ask that question because at the end of the day she is more interested in what the Bob Dudley’s of the world have to say than you or me. The fact that he doesn’t have a vote makes no difference to Labour, postal voting anyone. Tony Blair went to Libya to meet with Gaddafi, yes him who supplied arms to the IRA. Attending this meeting with him was a certain Peter Sutherland, the Chairman of BP.

So Labour have form in supporting anything that BP say, even to the extent of facilitating meetings for oil deals with the man who gave weapons to other men to attack and kill soldiers from the United Kingdom. Maybe that is the greater question, why is Lamont happy to quote executives from this company, a company who will do any deal in the name of profit, supported by Labour. Maybe Lament needs to look at her own associations before trying, and failing, to make cheap shots at the First Minister of Scotland. maybe she should concentrate on actually representing Scotland, go on, represent Scotland just once.



  1. bringiton

    All part of the Thatcherite policies taken on board by Blair,Broon and Darling when they formed the pretendy New Labour party.
    Their pretence that they actually represent working people is increasingly being seen through by Scots but they have put themselves in a corner with no way out other than to ditch either Middle English votes or Scottish ones.
    If you were intent on forming an administration in London,which block of voters would you want to keep happy?
    Could Lamont name any of the voters who elected her to office?
    Maybe they were all postal voters (Letters from America)?
    Thanks Grumpy.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Thanks for commenting. You make a really good point, who does Miliband choose at the next election. I think you are correct it will be the south of England and a further shift to the right making Lamont sound even more hollow.


  2. Irene Palagrout

    Poor Lamont hasn’t much of a clue. Reading a script she doesn’t really get. The world’s a lot more complicated. Once people would listen to her because she was a flaming red Clydeside firebrand, but now they laugh or sile. Someone told her she was the leader, but nobody listens to her. Stop speaking! All of you! Listen to me! Listen to ME! I’m in charge! Put me down! No, I won’t be sedated! I’m in chaaaa….. zzzzz….

    • grumpyscottishman


      Thanks for commenting. She does make you think of the Bonnie Langford chatacter who shouted ‘ stopbor i’ll scream and scream and scream ‘ . I so hope they keep her, even just for the banter factor.


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