The Real Scottish Labour Party

The Labour Party in Scotland, for years, have portrayed themselves as being the party of the people, of being socialists, of being for working people but this is just not true, if it ever was. The Labour Party in Scotland has become the Red Tory Party in Scotland, they are more comfortable talking Scotland down and working with the Conservatives than they are for defending the weak and the vulnerable. Below are some of the more recent comments by the so called people’s party:

Johann Lamont (Leader Scottish branch of Labour)

The Scottish Labour leader accused benefit recipients of living in a “something for nothing country” and claimed it had to end. On the issues of the bedroom tax, transforming childcare, weapons of mass destruction and the option of not participating in illegal wars, she said these are a list of wee things we could do if Scotland were independent.

Anas Sarwar (Deputy Leader Scottish branch of labour)

When talking about Holyrood and the Scottish Government, elected by the Scottish people in a Scottish election he said “ Holyrood is not a democratic place”, and said it was “a dictatorship”.

On the bedroom tax he said “If we had a UK Labour government, we wouldn’t have the bedroom tax because we wouldn’t have introduced It” . Labour introduced the bedroom tax in the private sector and when given the chance to vote it down in Westminster Anas Sarwar, along with Gordon Brown, Iain Davidson and Jim Murphy, decided NOT to turn up and vote at all.

Iain Davidson Labour MP

On voters considering a YES vote in September, “The debate will go on in the sense there is a large number of wounded still to be bayoneted …”
On the bedroom tax QUESTIONER: “Mr Davidson! You abstained from the [bedroom tax] vote?”
DAVIDSON: “No I didn’t.” Q: “You didn’t abstain from the vote?” D: “No.”
Q: “How did you vote?” D: “I voted No.” Q: “You voted No?” D: “Yes, I voted against the government.” Q: “Did you?” D: “Yes. So you’ve got that wrong. Thank you.”
Iain Davidson did not turn up to vote.

George Roberston Labour

On Flanders and Catalonian independence compared to Scotland “There’s no linguistic differentiation, no great cultural, eh, discrimination that might argue for it, like it does in some other countries, you know, in Flanders in Belgium they say “Why can’t we become an independent state?”, or Catalonia and Spain, where a million and a quarter people marched in the streets. They say they want to become an independent state, but they’ve got language, and culture, and all these sort of things. We don’t have any of that.”

Ed Balls Labour MP and Shadow Chancellor

On currency “I am clear that the next Labour government cannot enter into a new sterling monetary union to share the pound with an independent Scotland”.

These are just a few of the comments that show the real views of Scottish Labour and Labour on the whole. We get everything for nothing and our issues and concerns are wee things. The Government we elected in Scotland is not democratic but is a dictatorship and the bedroom tax is something you don’t bother to turn to vote to remove. YES supporters should be bayoneted , that might explain the reasons for not turning up to vote against the bedroom tax. The people it affects have been killed by the unionists of Labour. We have been told we have no culture and Labour will not share the pound, with people who part own the pound.

So when a member of the Labour Party Scottish branch tells you they stand up for Scotland, remember a few of their quotes and actions, and you will see that they never have.



  1. bringiton

    Once their umbilical cord to London is cut,they are going to have to stand on their own two feet and start to represent Scottish voters instead of the party whips in Westminster.
    After independence,since it appears that initially there will be no increase in numbers of MSPs,there is going to be a monumental scrap amongst Labour to grab positions at Holyrood.
    Just another wee thing for them to consider.
    Thanks Grumpy.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for commenting. I agree with what you say, once they have to think about only Scotland there will be a real scrap trying to get elected as these people just won’t get a job any other way. I also hope that the unions stop funding them so that they are forced to actually represent working people if they want working people to fund them.


  2. Iain

    It’s also worth mentioning political titan, Jimmy Hood MP, who announced that he didn’t care if independence meant his constituents would be better off – he’d still be against it.

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