My Plea, It has to be YES.

The more I follow the debate and try to keep on top of the news, the more I see how things are in Great Britain, the more I become convinced it has to be a YES vote. Cameron’s speech from the Olympic park made me feel even more removed from Britishness than I ever had.

The Olympics could have been anywhere in the world because no matter where they were my economic circumstances and where I live excluded me from them. Don’t talk about the patronizing couple of football games played at Hampden, it would have been better if they had been played in Sheffield because it told me all I needed to know about where Scotland stands in the United Kingdom.

For the last month the people of Somerset have been facing the worst floods in history, these poor people have lost everything and it took David Cameron a month to get down there, he stayed for 30 minutes, then went to give that speech. What kind of so-called leader does that. What kind of country allows those people to suffer like that and can’t even go down there and share their devastation.  Cameron is more interested in asking English, Irish and Welsh people to phone a Scottish friend because wouldn’t it be terrible if our great union was to end. Maybe he should have just said we can’t afford to lose Scotland’s wealth and you know what, those bloody jocks might just vote yes as the fear is not working anymore.

When I look at the cuts which have happened to this point, the rise in food banks, the fiddling of the unemployment figures, sanctions, the bedroom tax, the cuts to come I think to myself that there has be a different way, a better way than this. A NO vote means that all I have to look forward to is an ever decreasing income, possible redundancy in the longer term when the Scottish Government can’t make any more efficiency savings, a life of just getting by with little to get up for in the morning. A NO vote will mean the continued erosion of services, the continued increase in fuel and food poverty while London at the top end get fatter and richer.

Even in Scotland you just have to talk to the average middle class adult to see that greed is as alive in Scotland as it is in London. In Scotland when I hear it it makes me sad, this total lack of concern for those at the lower end as long as they, the middle classes, are ok makes me sick. There are now people I know whom I cannot talk to about the referendum due to their middle class I’m alright jack attitude, and while they pretend to care they don’t really because they have no interest in anything but their car, their house, their kids tutor or going to the golf. I will happily be poorer if Scotland becomes independent and we can create a fairer society.

As I tell people all the time, my YES vote is not for me it is for my children and all the other children, it’s for the future not for the now, it’s for a chance of something different and not this , not what we have now under the three Tory parties. Why can’t the NO voters see that Great Britain is dying and has been for a long time, those at the top are stealing as much as they can from those at the bottom to maintain their illusion of power and fear that they might lose their money, it’s just greed. They are so afraid they lash out at the weakest, the most vulnerable.

So my plea to you all is to think about your children or grandchildren then tell me it’s a NO vote.





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