The first real gun is fired in the battle for Scotland

Today George Osborne, posh boy Chancellor of the Exchequer of the Tory Government in Westminster, fired the first real bullet in the battle for Scotland and chose the bullet being that of the currency.

He has said “ if Scotland walks away from the UK, it walks away from the pound”. There will be many many words written today and I am sure the rest of the week regarding todays events. This is just my opinion on where we are and what I would suspect we will see over the next week, supported by the BBC in Scotland.

I suspect we will now see a concerted effort to plant real fear around mortgages, pensions, currency transactions, cross border trade, inflation, interest rates, lending, social security etc etc. All of this is propaganda warfare; this is designed to make us all afraid and to abandon our right to self-determination. It is bad enough that many Scots have been brainwashed into thinking that for some reason Scottish people, from all the people all over the world, cannot manage their own country. It is shameful.

The Liberal Democrats and Labour, it would appear, have fallen into line over this issue and are now more comfortable supporting the Conservative Party than the people of Scotland, firstly they should hang their heads in shame, they are quislings, of that there is no doubt. They have been shown today to stand for their own personal greed than what is in the best interests of the Scottish people. I don’t think I have ever been more ashamed of the Labour movement than I am today.

Personally I don’t really care which currency we use, this is about democracy for me and today highlights our complete lack of it. We live in a country that will bully and lie, cheat and blackmail, and threaten Scottish people to get what it wants. The fact that it is aided by the Labour party in Scotland should make every labour follower stand up and take notice. Your party are more comfortable supporting the elite and the wealthy than the poor and down trodden. How low can you people go, whatever the result in September the actions of the three main parties today will never be forgiven and nor should they.

I have never thought I lived in a democracy, today showed that I have been correct all along, I do not live in a democracy. Cameron stood up last week to love bomb the Scots, we all know it was hollow and it wouldn’t work, so this week through his poodles he declares war against the Scottish people. Take a look at some of the comments on the BBC and you will find things that demonstrate that we are not equal, we are not loved, we are not valued, only our money is.

I know that if it’s a no vote in September there are people I will never talk to again unless I absolutely have to, I know that I will no longer take an interest in what happens to Scotland because a no vote means we accept that we are second class and that Scotland truly died in 1707. The lines have been drawn today and we better be up for the fight because this is for the future of our souls let alone the country, but this battle is also for our children and we better be ready to fight for it. My message to the YES Campaign, the gloves came off today, you better have yours off and get down and dirty from now on, because it’s all or nothing.

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2 Responses to The first real gun is fired in the battle for Scotland

  1. erchie bloggs says:

    I agree totally with everything you said and yes…. Like you, I will be so ashamed if scotland votes no and shows itself to be a nation of cowards, brainwashed minions or outright quislings. If only people would remember that this fight for indepedence began in the 13th century and has actually just never ended

    • Anonymous says:


      Totally agree, we have this one chance to do it all differently and try to actually design a system that really respresents all of us in Scotland in fairness and dignity.

      Thanks for commenting.


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