First they Ignore You

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you,
Then they fight you, and then you win.
Mahatma Gandhi

Yesterday I was feeling pretty pissed off and down regarding September. The never-ending negativity from the Brit Nats was, as intended, just too much. First we had Cameron with his fake union speech from a place that most Scots would feel no identification with. Then it was Osborne, Alexander and Balls, with their now infamous no currency speech/agreement and then yesterday the good old propaganda arm of the British State, the BBC, rolled out President Jose Manual Barroso on the fake Scot Andrew Marrs show to tell us we can’t get into Europe. All of this intended to wear us down and tell us we are going nowhere, it was the theme of the week. So a big week for the quislings and the nay sayers, they fired the big guns.

But then I started to think about the very famous saying of Gandhi. At the start of the no campaign they laughed off the launch of the YES campaign, they sneered at it and slagged it off. We had Darling, Rennie, Lamont and Davidson supported by Jackie Baillie etc lined up to start their never-ending campaign of negativity of talking Scotland down. They were ignoring the YES campaign by implication. We very quickly moved onto to the too wee, too poor, and too stupid, something for nothing phase. Add in the bombing of Scottish Airports and the 500 questions they ridiculed the YES movement.

None of this has shifted the polls to the no side, if anything the moves are to the YES side and I suspect their private polling is telling them that the vote is a hell of a lot closer than they are comfortable with, maybe they are learning that as they have no positive case for the union their lead will continue to erode as we get closer to September so they will go with scorched earth policies. Then at the end of the week we heard that YES does not mean YES, the implication being that even if you vote for your independence, with support from the quislings of Scottish Labour, the Liberals and the lone Conservative, we will not let you leave, basically they will fight us.

How correct was Gandhi.

Well, I have a wee message for the no campaign. I’m still voting YES in September and many others will too, maybe enough to win this campaign maybe not. But let’s get one thing clear, Scotland has started on the road to independence and what history tells us is that once a nation starts down that road it will not be stopped. Like India, Ghana, the USA, Australia to name but a few, it’s over. Independence is coming what ever you say, the tide is turning and if not now then it will be soon.

You have lost all of the arguments and the debates. Scotland will not be told what it can and can’t do by wealthy uncaring posh boys and girls with the help of the never been socialist Labour MPs from Scotland. In fact Labour are over, it’s all falling down. Scotland will have its independence and the fact that you don’t like it just makes it all the more sweeter.

Bring it on, bring on the posh boys and girls, bring on the establishment, bring on the quislings because in the end we WILL WIN.



  1. grumpyscottishman


    It’s going to get worse would be my guess and a yes is returned it will get very messy. However, over and above all that it can only get better. It’s time for the empire to die off, we are that last part that allows them on all no sides maintain their superiority over the rest of us. A yes vote maybe the best thing that ever happens to england ,maybe they can then break from the country of London and get a political system that represents their needs and wishes and we can finally consign the worst aspects of things like class to the dustbin of history.

    Thanks for commenting.


  2. Illy

    I had a bit of a rough history lesson at the weekend. Look up the Kingdom of Northumbria, and compare it to the bits of England that London doesn’t care about.

    Amazing how far back some issues go, isn’t it?

    (I still find myself wondering what things would be like if Emporer Knut had had a better succession)

    • grumpyscottishman

      Thanks for commenting. There are those who would like to portray the referendum as Scots against English, nothing could be further from the truth. This is about democracy and Westminster and a yes vote may be exactly what England needs to also shift the power away from London and it’s vested interests , an establishment of privilege, of people from the windsors down who think they have a right to rule. Its time for change.


  3. Angry Weegie

    Much to agree with, though I would personally prefer independence to happen this time as I may not be around for the next vote.

    Cameron and Osborne are two posh Tory millionaires who don’t care a jot for anyone but themselves and their mates. Cameron and Osborne want Scots to vote NO. What further reason does anyone need to vote YES.

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